Wanna see my Snow Buds?

phonegirlJanuary 10, 2009

Just finsihed these up this morning or at least I'm stopping here. These are by Jamie Mills Price and there is alot of detail in these. I plan to let my children pick one and I'll keep the other for our home. We have been working very long days and for that I'm thankful but it sure has cut into my painting time. lol Hope all of you keep painting and posting.

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These are sooo cute. I like JMP's faces. You know, I don't usually like orange, but I think I like that one the best. So colorful. You did a great job on the bear fur and all the details. I bet your kids have a hard time picking a favorite. =)

I am trying to paint today, but have a bad headache so don't know if I'll get anything finished. ~Anj

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Oh no, a headache? I hope your headache runs away and forgets to come back! What are you painting on now? I just started a bear for Valentine's Day and it should be a quick project so maybe I can get more done this weekend.

I didn't paint any of the above like they should of been. I paint and then go back and look at the picture and it's to late. I've already painted something different and I'm not turning back. ha ha I kinda like the multi colored hat too.

Get Well Hugs to U, paintin' bud.

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PG, these are wonderful. JMP's faces all seem to be a little be mischievious, don't you think? I like them all but I am with Anj, I really do not like the color orange but I like this one. The highlights are great. Now, remember I said I have old eyes so are these real stockings or wood? I can't tell from the photo.


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Very cute, PG. All three turned out so sweet. I agree with PF, they do look a little bit mischievious. ;o) Glad your business is doing good, something to be thankful for if the news reports on the economy are correct!


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JMP has the cutest faces and that's why wanted some new painting books for Christmas this year, and I got em. I started on these stockings right after Christmas and thought I would never finish. lol That's why I ended up with the multicolored hat. Just needed a bright change. I would start another project just to take a break from them. So glad they're done and you two like them also. They are in her Between The Vines 8 book.

Mischievious little faces, yes, I like different expressions and that's what I liked about your pouty little snowman.

These stockings are wood and I can relate to old eyes. I had lasik surgery in 2002 and they told me aging eyes was coming. This doesn't mean we have to like it, just accept it. lol I have all kinds of fabric paint and medium but no desire to paint on material right now. I used to paint fun things on my tank tops and t's.
Later, Punk

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How funny, once again we must of been posting at the same time, last night. Glad you like the stockings.

Where are you and are you having fun? Have you found anything special we would like to know about? ha ha

I started to paint on this tin but decided I need to sponge a couple more coats before I try some flowers on it. I'll work on it today and see if I can get something posted.

Most of the business's here, are not doing well. Radio Shack closed it's door a few weeks ago so we are very fortunate with our business and I thank my Savior and Heavenly Father daily. We all need to remember that Prayers go up and Blessings come down. I was concerned because most could live without what we sell but this seems to make them want it more.

Hope your trip is fun, find lots of goodies to share with us.

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Yes, PG, we seem to do that allot. Since I live in California and am in the Pacific time zone, some of you are an hour or in PF's case even three hours ahead of me, so I'm often the last one to see a post on here!

Today we are in Laughlin, Nevada visiting friends. It is cool but the air is so clear and the full moon looked so huge last night out here with no city lights competing with it! We hadn't seen these friends for a few years, so we all talked and talked and talked over dinner last night! Tomorrow we will visit another couple in Lake Havasu, and then on to Phoenix, Ariz. to meet up with a new friend there. It is a nice break from the normal routine at home. So far, I've found some bargain christmas plates and a few new craft books. Will be going to a big antique mall in Phoenix, so hope to find some treasures there too.

I have some items with me that I can paint on, but so far haven't really had time to break them out and work on them! I like to bring them along just in case I do have some free time.

When I get home, I plan to follow Anj's example and sit aside at least one day a week to paint. I can probably do more than that if I just decide on some projects I want to do and get the wood piece or item ready to go. That's what always takes me the longest.

I'm still amazed at how many projects you are getting painted and you are working too! I imagine the painting is your "relaxation". I used to use it that way to when I worked, it was good stress relief and I often thought through many problems and found solutions while painting.

Keep these wonderful projects coming, I'm sure enjoying seeing them.


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Just love your stockings! And that you moved away from the "traditional" colors. I too like JMP and have most of her books and some packets. And I like how she saves me time by drawing what I want to paint.hehehe!

I like the detail work best and your is fantastic! Sure wish I could find someone to do the base coating for me.....

Thank You for sharing!


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Luvs, I am so happy that you are traveling and enjoying your friends. That's the way life should be.

I hope you follow Anj and both take at least a day a week to paint. I stay up late to get some of mine done or if you notice if I'm home on the weekends that's when I finish alot of mine.

I would be on 34 years with the bank if I had stayed but oh no I had to have other jobs and now my own business. My mom tried to tell me but I didn't listen. haha I think this is for the best as this way both of our children own their own successful business and they are very young. I just turned 53 so it won't hurt me to work a few more years.

Belle, thanks and what are you working on? Are some of the tags you painted from JMP? I only have 2 of her books but I'm happy with that. I'd love to see your projects you've painted from her books. I don't mind base coating as much as sanding again. I always want to start painting.

It's always good to hear from you as well as all the others. We have such a wonderful forum.

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Gorgeous! They sure are cute and looks like a lot of detail.

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Diarich, Thanks so much for your sweet comments. I tried to reply to your comment on the Love Bug but it wouldn't let me. We must of been posting at the same time so yours wasn't there when I started my reply.

These took me forever to paint because of the detail. Please post your items for all of us to enjoy.


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