I'm getting so good at fixing stuff - anyone need help?

desertstephJune 21, 2012

lol! just kidding. you'd probably just kill me...

I tried to put another shelf over the last one I put in one of my closets. I ended up moving the back wall brace for it twice. Then I tried to put the shelf in. It had to go up to about my shoulders (not easy with 1 bad arm) - I had to angle it to get past the side wall brace - and got it stuck between the 2 end walls. I couldn't get it to budge - so I beat on it (tore up some drywall too). Then it went kkkker-plunk! It fell hitting the side wall brace for the shelf below it which then fell and all the stuff on it slid off.

I had a heck of a time getting that shelf loose enough to get it out of the closet!

So this morning I decided to use my little 'do everything' hand tool and sand the ends down. The little sander attachment thing kept unscrewing itself from the tool w/in about 15 seconds of being on. Read instruction booklet... didn't help. Took attachment off (well, it fell off) and used it to sand the shelf ends BY hand.

later in the day I did manage to get the fallen shelf (and it's side brace) back up. Then I realized that the braces for the shelf above it were too low to allow for some of the things I wanted on the shelf below...so I moved it back up an inch. again.

then I gave up on that one for now. Went to another room to put up another shelf and found I really don't have the right size pieces of wood for the wall braces it needs. So I'm scrounging around looking for bits of wood to makeshift it.

other than that it wasn't a bad day...

did I mention the curtain rod I put up Mon night is crooked?

you need any help?

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mama goose_gw zn6OH


We all have those days. With my 'frozen shoulder,' and your one good arm, you and I together would equal a whole person. We'd be unstoppable!

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well, hop a plane and get out here - lol! you'd love 110 degrees outside - right? don't worry tho, I'd keep ya busy inside being my left arm... I 'spect your thought process works too. mine? not so much!

I haven't been brave enough yet today to take a look at the mess I left last night.

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I feel for ya, and understand completely. There are some days I wonder why I even got out of bed. But you got it done, and that's the main thing, right?

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(((a big gentle hug))) being sent to you. I wish part of our "education" had been simple home repair/maintenance. If you don't have a "handyman/woman available you must pay exorbitant fees or do it yourself in a trial by error fashion. It's so frustrating when you know many of these things are easy with the proper tools/knowledge.

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marti- yeah, I feel that way most days. It takes me a few hrs for my meds to get in me for me to get moving around here anyway. I did get the 'fallen' shelf back up late yesterday - and half the shelf above it this morning. Instead of the long shelf (wall to wall) I used 2 smaller pieces I had here (the ends from when they cut my shelves to size) for the higher shelf - nothing else to use those for anyway. There'll be a few inches open between them but I won't have to fight another 5' long board either. I did one side, will probably put up the other side (half) shortly. After pup gets her walk. I'll save that long shelf board for the shelf I want put above the normal shelf (over the clothes rod) in that closet. Someone else will have to do that - it's way too high up for me to try. It's going to be a storage/linen closet.

I did spend a good amount of time looking for the level. I looked in the back room twice for it. the 2nd trip there I 'saw' it. right out in open space waiting for me!

eatrealfood - that'd sure be a good idea - a girl's shop class. I would have loved it. Learning to patch drywall, put up a shelf, fix a squeaky floor board, wire a lamp, etc would have been good things to learn back then.

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Aw Steph. You will get there. Sorry the shelves were giving you fits.

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thx shades! I got 1 of the 2 left to put up done today. might work on the other one yet tonight.

that'll be it for me putting up shelves for a very long time!

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