Christmas box

anjabeeJanuary 1, 2009

Hey Gals....

Here is a pic of a box I painted for friends for Christmas. Forgot to take a picture in the rush of gift giving and then they couldn't find their camera and then their computer crashed. ha So it is. It's a little blurry and the colors aren't true, but it's better than nothing, right? ha I filled it with soup mix and a bag of smiley Ritz crackers with a little tag that read: "Though this gift may seem a little quirky....Here's something to do with your leftover Christmas turkey." ha Kinda dumb, but it's all I could think of. =) It's a Karen Wisner pattern from the book Country Seasons Fall & Freezin'.

I think I already showed this one, but it's the other one I gave. They both had tree cutouts in the back.

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Anj, they are darling. I bet your friends just love you. I love all the little strokes in his beard. Where did you find the box with cutouts?

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Hey, my brush strokes aren't nearly as good as yours Ms B, but I'm trying hard. Wish I had you near to teach me how to use that rake brush!! I found the boxes at the thrift store. Luvs told me they are candle boxes, but I love to use them for gift giving. I was going to put some rusty tin over the cutout, but just ended up out of time. Maybe on the next one.

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I love the way you carried the beard around the corner of the box! And you do speckling so well. Bet these made you smile even while you were painting them. Dontcha just love Christmas items? I think your little saying was cute, and I know your friends loved the gift. You are very thoughtful as well as very creative. Luvs

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pezabelle chance are there any houses near you that are for sale? Would really love to be your neighbor! Both are so great and I love your saying. The snowflakes are super and I like Santas that are not the traditional red. You are really thinking "out of the box"


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Wow, you women are on top of posting today. You have already said it all and I agree. Must be a sign that this will be a great year on here!!!

I think the candle boxes are very cute painted and I need to come up with some more unusual items to paint on. It's great to see the different ideas, keep 'em coming, I love it.

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Well, I'm glad ya'll liked them. The friends who received the first box are on me to start painting them to sell. Don't they know that takes all the fun out of it?? ha The Santa pattern is from Blessings in a Jar 2 by Chris Thornton.

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