Breville smart oven - convection also

desertstephJune 4, 2010

There's another small oven thread over on 'appliances'. the Breville smart convection oven.

I've been reading reviews on Amazon and it sounds like something one of us with a small kitchen and only 1 or 2 to cook for could use. It is called a toaster oven - I'd have to check the inside measurements against the Sharp and Panasonic. It isn't a mw tho - but is only about 250.00. cheaper than the Sharp or Panasonic.

It comes with a pizza pan, a baking pan and a broiler pan. It also has a crumb tray that pulls out to clean (covers the bottom of the oven). my little oven I have now has this crumb tray also and I really love being able to pull it out, dump any crumbs and clean it in the sink.

Amazone site reviews:;filterBy=addFiveStar

Here is a link that might be useful: appliance forum

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I really like the Breville line. I can definately recommend the following 2 items if anyone is interested. I have the single cup coffee maker and the jucier, it is really quality stuff. I got the coffee maker from Bed Bath and Beyond and the Jucier from Macys. I would not mind having the small oven, but according to the reviews it looks like it gets pretty hot, and since I have such little space in my kitchen it would be a problem. I do have a Maytag Gemini range, it has 2 ovens, one "skinny" oven on the top, and a full size oven below it. I really love having the 2 ovens for when I need them, but mostly only on holidays when I am cooking alot of things. The rest of the year I just use the upper skinny oven, works great for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Coffee Maker

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I read that on numerous reviews but some said that it wasn't any hotter than other toaster ovens they've had. my small oven gets very hot also.

do you like your gemini range? it's good yours has the small oven with it!

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Yes, I really like my Gemini range, it has 4 burner glass top, and it also has the convection in the larger oven on the bottom. It has toasting, and warming choices too. I am sure I have saved a ton of money on using the small oven on a regular basis instead to the full size oven. The small oven heats up fast, and I use even it to cook cookies, cakes in it, and it does just fine. My range is in the black color, it looks as new as I got it 7 years is apparently very forgiving on looking aged as compaired to the white appliances.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wow, prices sure have gone up, but still great stove for tiny kitchen

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Love these "smart" appliances. My DH is cooking away in his Father's Day present, the Sharp R-820 in silver/stainless interior. It is like our larger R-930CS in features plus it has the ability to grill top and bottom of a burger or steak at the SAME TIME. He LOVES IT. And, it also cooks a mean turkey breast, even in the smaller oven.

He told me this morning that when he used it to do his dinner last night, THE OVEN TOLD HIM HE NEEDED TO COVER THE EDGES A LITTLE MORE. I think that REALLY impressed him! He said he would carry on a conversation with it, but someone might overhear and not understand that it was such a smart appliance. This is my third such Sharp appliance, and I really like the convection, microwave, and the automatic MIX feature where it combines the two styles of cooking.

I'm not much into baking, except for cornbread and cinnamon rolls and Grands biscuits, but the stove I want is a 24" Bertazzoni with a convection gas oven about the size of my Sharp oven, but without a turntable. I cannot wait to get a real gas stove so I can stir fry in my new Lodge cast iron wok and use all those heavy pans on the stove.

Another small appliance that I have is a submersible hand mixer. It is a great buy from I use it to whip up the eggs for omelettes, then just take it apart and stick the two pieces back in the silverware drawer. I have a hand mixer, but it is awkward to use and I've forgotten where I put it, to be honest. It hasn't been all that long ago that I finally let go of the wedding present hand mixer which had been around since 1958. They sure don't build them like that anymore, do they!!

I also have an old Kenmore blender, which has endured for years. The new high powered Braun quit working for some reason, so DH tossed it. Too bad, never knew what happened. It looked like a dream machine, used it to make frozen drinks.

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judith - I do like those ranges w/ the small oven on them. they should make them convection - and they should make just the top oven w/ the cook top for singles and older people who don't cook much anymore. one could still have a drawer or 2 below it. it is such a waste to heat up a big oven for a 1/2lb meatloaf, or 2 chicken breasts, 2 pieces of garlic toast, etc.

I also would rather not have the knobs along the back. I think I'm safer having them along the side or front. I do have a lot of things to balance out because of my problems.

moccasin - gee, if my neighbors hear me over here they'll vote to put me in a loony bin. I talk to my dogs - a LOT! lol! I've been known to go out in the middle of the night when they are barking and yell 'mr monster get out of here - my boy wants to eat you'. and other things similar. I've taken to yelling at the dogs across the road when one of them starts whining at 2 or 3 a.m. My dogs go nutso when he does that! I yell 'that's enough you guys - the party's over!'

I'll have to actually look at the breville, sharp and panasonic in person before I decide. I don't know if I can combine mw and convection without screwing it up. or even why you would use both together. I do like that they shut off - I'd rather my food be under cooked and have to turn it back on for a bit than to keep cooking if I forget about it. I'm good at forgetting something is cooking... I'm a danger that way!

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'mr monster get out of here - my boy wants to eat you'.

Steph, you are a TRIP, Lady!
Our Sharp m/w-convection oven DOES combine both cooking styles in what they call a MIX. Don't ask me how they do it, but when the Sharp I gave my DH for Father's Day told him that he "needed to cover the edges better," I knew it was a SMART OVEN. Yeah, DH says he now talks to the oven. That is the cooking style, the MIX, which does the turkey breast so nicely, The Sharp 820 is smaller than the 930, but has the same features--plus it can grill things top and bottom at the SAME a burger or a chicken breast. I bet my DH is saying Thank You when he takes it out of the oven.

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"'mr monster get out of here - my boy wants to eat you'.

Steph, you are a TRIP, Lady!"

haha! remember me when my neighbors send me on a free trip to the looney bin!

yeah - friends and relatives would call me a nut! lol!

i'd want the bigger one - but sure would like that grill function!
does using mix cause food to cook faster?

would you use that for baking things also?

not sure i should have an oven smarter than i am. not that it'd take much... i should rethink that - having an oven smarter than i am would be a GOOD thing! like having a computer smarter than I am.

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