2 windows - 1 pr of curtains or 2 pr?

desertstephJune 30, 2012

I have double windows in the front - it's the DR/LR area. I have no idea yet what I'll use it for or put in there.

the windows are about 4' wide each separated by 7" of wall space. Each has about 1.5' of wall space on the outer side of it.

here's the best pic I have of them. you can see them thru the 'doorway' to the left of that laminate counter thing.

I just don't know if I should do 2 separate rods/pairs or make it 1 rod and 1 pr with a 3rd panel in the center over the 7" wall space.

any ideas? have any of you dealt with double windows like this before?

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What direction do the windows face and what is your purpose of curtains? To block the sun, to give you privacy, or just for looks?

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Steph we have the double windows with the narrow wall in the center. I am not sure this is the right way but it is the way I did it. One long rod. I have four panels sheers.Treating the two windows as one. They are not as full as I would have liked but it was all the store had on close out. There is the center support bracket for the rod. I think our windows are 46 wide each.

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marti - it faces N. they'll mostly be open. probably looks is the highest on the list. Could be the time i'd close them for privacy. they are right next to my front door. Maybe I should close them when I'm gone? - otherwise anyone could look in and see anything. not much in the room now. a stove, 2 dws, a few bins and bunch of boxes - lol! No one usually comes around but ya never know about these things. It's so different being in here than my old place.

did you get an email from me? I sent it last night.

shades - that sounds like mine - even the size. I did figure if 1 rod I'd need a center support on that 7" strip.

I have curtains in the old place I can bring over here I guess. For now anyway. They aren't what I'd want in there really. But until I find out what I do want, they'd do.

I might try to go to the GW this next wk (cool wave - down to a high of 103-105!). I should look for more sheets (bottom) - the last 2 I got there that said 'Q' on 'em -weren't. Next time I'll measure them. I used to have more sheets but I guess a few sets bit the dust this past yr or 2. The bottom one on here now is about 20 yrs old, very thin. but it was really fine - until puppy. several holes in it now. She doesn't know a sheet from her paw when chewing. or maybe she does and has me fooled - lol!

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Steph. When we first moved into this house I put tension rods in each window until I could find what I wanted. I even used short curtains in two layers. Was kind of dorky but it worked and was cheap because I had the curtains and tension rods. Then I treated each window as just one. This might work better for you and be less expensive.

And you could leave the bottom part closed and only open the top. You would then have privacy and still be able to see out. I think that is called the cafe style.

The long rods cost so much. I bought two heavy short rods and extended them with some copper tubing I had in the garage. Does not really show since the curtains cover it.

This is what it looked like when I first moved in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Making do with curtains

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shades - what a great idea! it looks so cute too.

I'll measure my windows and check at the GW for 2 extension rods this week. I might even find a sheer or other lightweight curtain to use temporarily. They often have fabric panels - I'm never sure what they are supposed to be.

I have very long regular rods in the old place - the kind for pull drapes - 3 of those and 2 very long non pull rods. I'll eventually take them out of there. Guess I can use a few of my tattered sheets and staple them to the windows in there (so the sun doesn't beat into it more than it does now). The curtains in there will need washed and then I have 3 pr there I can put in the back rooms here.

my sister gave me a nice pr of curtains I can use at my patio door for now - I'm hoping one of my old pull rods will be long enough for that.

I didn't really want to worry about getting new curtains now - not til I'm settled a bit and can decide what I want. right now it'd be a waste of money to just 'have' something up at the windows.

It feels very naked and bright in here. I'm not used to that! The summer sun, big windows, no curtains and off white walls everywhere.

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LOL Steph. Not Extension rods. Tension rods. Those springy ones that just fit inside the window frame.No screws to make holes.Easy to get straight.

I have long shears on the windows now but the others were cute. I think I had enough to do both sets of the double windows we have in the living room.

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dang! I knew what you meant shades! my mind was saying 'tension' and my fingers typed extension! duh.

like a shower curtain rod. i need one for between my bdrm and bath too. There isn't a door so I'm going to hang my new shower curtain there. I bought it before I found out the shower here has a door on it.

oh and that's what I'll use for my other bdrm window! for now anyway. That'll go up so easy compared to measuring and pounding those nails in - with the end of my screwdriver.

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Yes, I got your email and replied. Did you get it?

I like the look in Chris' photo. What I'd probably do for now is put your old ones in. Once you've got all the expensive stuff done and have time to think again, do the curtains.

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