Marti - did you post a 'reveal' on your kitchen?

desertstephJune 24, 2013

if you did, I missed it. Can you link me to it?

If not posted, why not? Is it finished yet?

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Funny you should ask. No, we're not finished and had additional setback yesterday when plumbing under the sink came apart and soaked a good deal of flooring and went under the cabinets.

I'm tired from sleeping on an air mattress in the garage office last night, depressed from seeing this mess, and my nerves are on edge from listening to the noise of all the fans in the house.

I don't know if we'll ever finish this house, or if something will always keep us from finishing.

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oh darn! didn't know if I was being my normal 'blind' or not... I looked back several pages (going back a yr or so I think - lol!)

I knew you'd posted sometime back on kitchens and was wondering. and wanting to see the fruit of your hard work!

ah - the problems, the distress, lack of sleep, decisions and being sick of decisions etc. I know it all well. Sorry to hear the plumbing came apart letting water escape like that. such a bummer. I take that it was the new floor too?

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Marti- I'm so sorry things aren't going well. Hopefully the water damage won't be too bad. Sometimes it seems like things just won't work out, no matter how hard we try!

Keeping my fingers crossed that all will calm down and the rest of the remodel will be finished quickly...and stress free :)

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Thanks both of you.

It wasn't the newest floor, the tile. Well, it was, but the restoration guy said today that it seems to be drying well. It's the wood floor that is toast.

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So sorry, Marti. That stinks. :(

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So sorry about this Marti, OUCH on the wood floor. And you are sleeping in the garage because of the odors from all the new things you are putting in the house or did I miss some thing there? I remember your aversion to noise. I think one of our kitties has that. If I leave the fan on in her room she lets me know about it. LOL IN THE MIDDLE of the night.

I feel for you on the floors. Even though I am excited to get the new vinyl in and I held them up months getting the carpet ripped out. I am getting tired of looking at and walking on the subfloors waiting my turn in line fr the install.

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It's the noise, but it's not just my sensitive hearing. There are about 18 high velocity fans and dehumidifiers running in the house. We can't even shout over them and hear each other. We slept in the house last night though, in the family room. With the doors shut, the fan noise isn't any louder than the window a/c in the garage.

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