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MoccasinJune 21, 2010

About a month ago, I finally decided to get a platform bed that was also a storage bed. Queen size, a notch up from the full size bed which was painfully small for both of us.

And the one I chose?

Room and Board's HUDSON PLATFORM STORAGE BED. I chose the natural cherry wood, not the maple or the walnut. I really loved the walnut, and agonized over it the longest time. But eventually I opted for the warm honey tones of the natural cherry. I like chocolate or expresso sheets, and the cherry gave more definition to the shape of the bed.

The Room and Board truck arrived Saturday morning 7am sharp, and began unpacking and assembling the bed in my room. What a thrill knowing they were taking special care of my new piece of furniture.

Since it is a platform bed and no foundation/box spring, a total WASTE of space and money IMHO, I wondered about the eventual height of the sleeping surface from the floor.

Let it be known that it is not too high and not too low, it is JUST RIGHT, and our dear little dachshund girl can jump up on it quite readily.

The mattress is a reversible natural latex, soft on one side and firm on the other. To make sure we had a little extra thickness, I also ordered the 50-50% feather/down mattress topper. One night on it does not give good enough testing, but first impression is that it is a winner.

The bed has four drawers which now hold out of season blankets (won't need those until December), extra queen sheet set, beach towels and bath sheets and bath mats--at least until the bathroom linen closet is built! And my boots and big purses. Two of the drawers are only half full so far.

The queen size fit nicely in the same spot as the full bed. Nothing else in the room was moved even by an inch.

A few details about the bed. It was built by Gat Creek Furniture in West Virginia for R&B. I wrote the company and asked for information about the bed, and the owner wrote back, with pictures of the folks who make the beds. Mine was made by Steve Fischer on October 13, 2009. He did a fine job. His name is burned into the wood on the bottom back side of the headboard. Also the date, and the # of manufacture, which was #679 I think. (I'll have to look again to be sure.) I will treat this bed kindly, and one day pass it on to one of my granddaughters.

Here is a picture of it, and the truck which brought it to Alabama.

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What a great looking bed. Curious how you open the two front drawers. It looks like the end/side dressers are in the way. Sounds like a lot of things to get into four drawers. Wonderful storage solution. A friend of mine, LOL also in Alabama, has one. She loves it.


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Chris, I turned the bedside tables 90 degrees to the side wall, and then stowed my stuff. In the two drawers nearest the headboard, I put REAL storage stuff which I won't need again until winter arrives. And in our climate that won't be until late December! Then I'll put something else in there when I take out the blankeys--who knows what at that time, because HOPEFULLY my walk in closet will be built and there will be no more plastic totes lining the wall of the back bedroom.

It is driving me crazy that the bedroom is the ONLY room in the house which is peaceful and put together. In the living room, I have porcelain tile under the love seat. I did have the Closet Maid wire closet parts under the sofa but took them to the storage shed (now that DH is not here to prevent me from invading his space). The clawfoot tub is in the dining room. The tub hardware and paint cans are in the unfinished master bath. The back bedroom is full of plastic totes and now the bird cages--since the sunporch temps and sunlight is hard to moderate for the parrots. I am not going outside very much because my sinus fogs up and I cannot I'm working on a case of strept throat, and I hope I can prevent it from becoming full blown and debilitating.

Having the fine bed to sleep in is my most pleasant thing to do right now. Even picking squash, corn, tomatos, okra, cucumbers, and peppers from the garden wears me out.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Love the storage bed, or any furniture with storage! It's so nice that you have a relaxing, organized bedroom. I can say that you will probably never see pictures of my bedroom. My husband does not enjoy home decorating, and since that is not a 'public' room, it's his safe haven--for his paperbacks, his guitars, amplifiers, etc. And, of course, all the junk that I've stowed, thinking that I'll get to it SOME DAY...

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LOL ML You want me to sew you some cushions for that tub to make is a comfy snuggle space.


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Beautiful bed. Your DH is not going to recognize the house when he comes back! I also love those night stands.

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Shades, I might just put some of my extra cushions in the tub...why did it not occur to me to make it WORK for its spot of honor in the dining room! GREAT idea, luv.

When DH and I chatted last night, he made sure I understood his desire to get all current projects finished before moving ahead on anything new. I know what he means. Plus, right now I'm still on edge with a touch of strept throat, and my energy levels are not up to snuff. In my weakened state, I resist less. He should consider himself fortunate.

And as you say, Loretta, he probably won't recognize the house. I talked with a new contractor yesterday, and he will "work us in" between a job for a large company doing business with BP and doing a new house construction. Thank heaven we DO have a really small job compared to high dollar redos. My little tub and closet bumpout is barely a blip on a busy contractor's radar screen, but it is super important to us. Until it gets done, our house is in disarray.

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Never too much storage

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The table guy is back.

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Oh, that is a lovely bed, and the storage, how wonderful! Most people in big houses will never appreciate the joy us "small house people" feel when we get extra storage :)
It is great to hear your contractor will soon be putting your bathroom and closet together...ah a walk in my dreams LOL
I hope you are feeling better, strep is nothing to mess with!

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ML I am so sorry you are feeling under the weather. Hope you are feeling better soon.

I think cushions in the tub would work nicely. :^))


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mama goose_gw zn6OH

moccasinlanding, hope you feel better soon!

Shades' offer of pillows for your tub reminded me of something, and you'll appreciate this memory, too. An elementary-school teacher in the building where I went to high school (yes, it was all ONE small-town school building), had a clawfoot tub in her class room. She had it outfitted with pillows, and the 'student of the day' was allowed to spend recess in the tub, reading a book. What a way to make reading special! The old school building is gone now, replaced by a beautiful new complex. I'll bet every child who was ever in her class remembers that old tub.

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ML I hope you feel better soon! getting extra storage is such a great thing in our smaller homes, so much you could fit into those drawers too! I love your nightstands :)

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Ahh, Mama, what a delightful image! A reading tub. Well, it was a nice place to let the imagination run wild. I have allowed for reading in the tub, but I envision WATER in it.
My DH reads everywhere else in this house and outdoors too, so why not in the tub....To allow for that, I bought the chrome shelf (?) which spans the tub and has a thingy which holds a book at the right angle.

Thanks, Trance, those nightstands are really wicker chests. One is smaller than the other. I bought them about 3 years ago at different times. Even then I was planning for the floor/ceiling curtains on the two window walls, so less space for the chest on MY side of the bed. Not a problem though, because the contents of BOTH chests are MINE ALL MINE. The chest for DH is this one:

In the photo, that dark brown object is an African Black Venus, carved from one piece of tree trunk. It was a gift brought back from Africa by the man who worked alongside me when we were both captains in the Gulf of Mexico oil field.

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