WANTED: Books To Trade

phonegirlNovember 18, 2009

I had a wonderful surprise when I got home from work last night. Belle had sent me a package with books. I don't know how she found my address but I'm glad she did. I took some pictures to see if anyone would like any of these books. Some are brand new which I received as gits that I should have returned and picked out something I didn't already have and others are quite old. So let me know if you would like any sent your way.

Snowtimes Smiles - Kay Quist

Home For All Seasons - Debbie Toews

Boo To You - Shirley & Ed Harris

Just Roses - Donna Dewberry

Down Home Thru The Seasons - Betty Bowers

Joyful Noise - Cheri

The Pleasures of Country Life - Chris Stokes

Finders Keepers - Pegi White

Friendship Garden - Shirley Wingert

Snickerdoodles Tea Party - Ursu;a Wollenberg

Friendship Creek - Katherine Smith

Multitude of Blessings - Chris Thornton

Tin Terrific - Delores Frantz

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I know how fun it is to find a package with painting books! Glad you found some of Belle's that you could use.

It looks like your Snickerdoodles and Friendship Garden are ones that I would enjoy. I already have a few of the other ones.

I need to go back through more of mine and get some more listed too.


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Anj must not have seen these--I was sure she would want the ones with fishes and bears and such.

Punk, your email hit my junk mail folder for some reason. I'll try emailing you.


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Punk~ I'd love to have Home for all Seasons and Friendship Creek, but let me look thru my books and see if I have any to post that you may want first. ~Anj

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I'm so SORRY, I no longer have any of these books. I traded of all of these for Tienshan Christmas China and ice skates. I thought if anyone else wanted some they would of let me know by now.


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