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khspwOctober 10, 2009

I have the following I want to trade:

How to Paint Roses and Other Flowers by Lola Ades

Ardi's Country Painting Book 2

Ardi's Country Painting Book 3

Ardi's Country Painting Book 4

Tole Yellow Two by Annie Richardson

Christmas Fun by Linda McFadden

Mufflers and Mittens by Kay Quist

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Khspw, If you've read the posts on here, you probably know that I love roses, so the first title really caught my eye.

Would it be possible for you to post pics of the front and back of the books so we get some idea of the style? I'm not familiar with all the artists.

Please take a look at the books in my post on here and see if there's any there that I could send to you.


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Luvs, I have tried to reach you by email and NO luck. So it you'll tell me where to send the paint flowers book I send it to you. I want you to have it. Linda

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Hi Khspw, my spamblocker always stops emails until I can check them and add the sender to my contact list. I did get your email and the pictures. That book has gorgeous roses, but they look really realistic. I imagine Punk or Bebe could paint them much better than I could!

Tell me a little about the Annie Richardson and Linda Macfaden books--maybe post a couple pics here so everyone could see?

I've painted a couple of Ardie's designs before. Her's are cute but very country. I did a sitting cutout of one of her grandpa and grandma, and a little canvas flag for our motor home of the two that says "Howdy" on it. I don't do too many country designs anymore.

Did you look at the ones I posted? Anything there you might want? Just let me know.


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