WANTED: Trade or sell

pezabelleApril 15, 2009

Well, at last here they are: Not having any rules or anything, I will list these as trade or sell. Sorry the inside pictures come before the covers but time and practice will improve the out come.

Thanks for looking, Belle

Trade: we pay the postage for our outgoing package.

Sell: for price listed plus exact postage.

Trade or $1.00 We've Just Begun by Barbara Lloyd

Trade or $2.00 Special Welcomes by Corinne Miller

Trade or $2.00 Share a Little Kindness by Sandra Malone

Trade or $2.00 Saltbox Seasons Bonnie Demers

Trade or $1.00 The Great Stake Out by Sharon Cook

Trade or $1.00 B is for ...Baskets, Birdhouses, Bunnies & Bears by Sharon Saylor

Trade or $1.00 Andi's Summer Package by Andrea Lyness

Trade or $1.00 Autumn Has Just Begun by Barabar Lloyd

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Belle, I have a couple of the same books, "We've Just Begun" and "Andi's Summer package".

I would love to have the Sandra Malone book. I like that picket fence with flowers idea and I have two small picket fence pieces already.

I can just pay for it this time, I'll have to get more organized so I have items available to trade!


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I have some of these too, but I'd like to purchase the Saltbox Seasons one please! Let me know where to send the money and the total cost or whatever I need to do ok! Thanks!! ~Anj

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My Bad!.....went back and read the rules and nothing is for sale! They are all free and someday you will post something I want. So....I have enclosed my email addy, please send along a note letting me know your info and what you would like and I will send them out!



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Oh Belle, you are right! I had forgotten that already. I'm emailing you now, and I'll find some things to get posted so you will have some choices too. Need to figure out whether I need to scan them or just snap pics of them.


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