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gwtamaraMarch 20, 2009


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Tamara, you are just the greatest! Thank you so much for your fast action on Belle's request.

Belle, if you are reading this, would you like to establish a few guidelines for all of us?

This could be allot of fun, and a good way to trade or give away things we are no longer using. Nicer having it go to an online friend that just to TS or trash.


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This is the response I received from Tamara @ Gardenweb. I have a thank you note is on the way.

As you all cans see I kind of promised that we would "police" ourselves as to the copy right infringement problems. And I truly believe that we can do this with any problems.

I am more than happy to suggest a few guidelines at Luvs suggestion but it needs to be all of our suggestions and decisions as to our "policing rules"

My first suggestion would be that no painting instructions from any packet/book be posted at anytime and no references to exchanging instructions between members be allowed here.

I think it would be nice to not only list the book title and author but include front/back and center fold pictures.

As to the postage of exchanging books, I guess that would be between the two parties? I personally do not mind sending something to someone without expecting to be repaid the postage, but also do not mind paying for the privilege of receiving something that is free.

So....there is my .10 cents worth (inflation and all) so lets get this thing going and have some fun!

Hi Claudia,

We've now added an Exchanges forum. I certainly appreciate your diligence to making sure that rules will be followed -- they would be the same as on all of our other forums. All swaps must be made with the intention of trading. No selling is allowed.

I also share your concerns about copyright issues. Many people do not understand, or choose to ignore, why this is so important. Thanks for helping to keep our forums clean and well-lit!

Let me know if you have any further questions.

With best regards,

Tamara Amey
GardenWeb Community Manager

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