We painted our bottoms!

fourambluesMay 13, 2013

Cabinet bottoms, that is. Before:


I was fretting about how difficult it was going to be to make the view from the dining table more aesthetically pleasing, but got the good advice from wise GW folks that painting might be all that's needed (besides light rail). I'm very happy with it now, and will be even more so once we get the light rail. Thanks, friends!

(Next step: scribing that last row of tile at the top...)

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Much better! Can't wait to see all that tile finished. Wowza!

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Thanks, breezy! I can't wait to see the tile finished either! My back isn't looking forward to doing it, though. The motions required to work on a backsplash are very awkward for me. The good news is that it'll be about a day's work only!

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I like it!
Nice job!!
Take care of that back - I am recovering from a sock fight that knocked my back out of place. - just leaning over to put on a sock nuked my back.
I can't wait to see the "final reveal"

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I'm sorry that you're not 100%, a2! Isn't it strange that as we age the simplest things can throw us out of whack? Hope you recover quickly, and that you saw to it that after the battle the sock looked worse than you did. ;)

I suppose I shouldn't have used an indecent title for this post, but I couldn't resist! I put it out here because how the cabinet bottoms would be finished never occurred to me until everything was installed and I saw how unattractive they are. Funny, I never noticed them in my old kitchen, unfinished though they were. They were the same color as the rest of the honey oak kitchen, that's probably why.

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Hahahahahah! Great post title! And a great idea, as well. It looks really nice.

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So I hadn't followed your earlier posts and when I read your subject I assumed you meant "lowers" and I was really struggling to see the difference and thought everyone else was just being nice saying how nice it looked. Kinda like not pointing out that the emperor has no clothes :)

Now that I've gone back and actually looked - I agree - Wow! It does look so much nicer and "finished".

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Great idea. I need to consider this as our bare bottoms are rather unsightly. never noticed it with my old maple cabinets but with the white, it's very obvious.

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Me too, chiefy! I was looking at the lowers. I need to read more carefully and quit skipping ahead to the pictures!

Looks great! Love your backsplash!

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You people crack me up (pun only sort of intended): emperor's new clothes, bare bottoms!

Isn't GW terrific? I was trying to psych myself up for a complicated ordeal, and the advice here was simply a nice coat of paint. Much better. :)

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Second one is better. Looking great.

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What did you use to conceal the lighting wires? Also are your lights mounted directly to the light rail? Thanks for the info. BTW Your kitchen is one of my inspirations :)

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Really nice job of tidying things up. Looks great!

I've done this in every kitchen I've owned just because it helps with lighting...the white bottoms reflect light rather than soak it up.

Sumac, it looks like the lights are mounted to the bottom of the cabinets...framed cabinets rather than frameless. With frameless cabs, you have to add a 'light rail'. Generally speaking, with framed cabinets, the bottom of the cab is 'recessed'.

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Thank you, 2bedhomewares! :)

sumac, I went to Home Depot and picked up a Wiremold Cordmate cord cover kit, plus a few extra elbow joints. It's paintable, but I didn't bother. Under the cabinets the white/ivory distinction is lost. It makes my day that my kitchen is one of your inspirations!

ci_lantro, thanks!! And, yes, the cabs are framed, so the lights are mounted to the cabinet bottoms. A very short light rail will go up at some point, but I'm in no rush, exactly because the recessed bottom covers the UCLs up fairly well.

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