Happy Monday To All

phonegirlDecember 13, 2010

Seems like this side has been aliitle slower lately. It is good to here from everyone here when you have time.

Christmas is not far away and I'm sure everyone is busy with last minute things to do.

Cali, computer issues are never fun and I can relate with having company and home computers to deal with. Sounds like you had more than your share with problems in that department.

Belle, I sure hope you don't end up flooding. Most of our snow is melted and it has warmed up lately. Sure hope it stays a little nicer here for awhile.

Your snowmen are so sweet and I bet you are excited to be painting more than santa, santa, santa and more santas! This is a special thing for you to paint all those ornies and share every year.

We are having Christmas dinner at our home. DF is cooking Prime Rib for all of us. I haven't decided for sure what we will have with it. Was thinking several salads, rolls, relish and fresh veg. tray and desserts. If not will bake red potatoes for lunch and then make pot. salad to add to the salad for dinner.

Luvs, Anj and Bebe, have you been painting lately? Going out to dinner? Need to know how your spending your days now.lol


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Hi Punk!

I haven't been around much, too busy with the holidays and more projects.

Thanksgiving was OK. I found it to be extremely stressful this year (I had guest issues), so I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as last year. Got lots of great compliments on all of the decorating, though, so that was nice.

I'm not nearly done shopping for Christmas yet! Yikes! And some of the gifts I've ordered online haven't been shipped yet, so I'm getting nervous. I'm going to try and do a little shopping later today.

Still working on lots of projects for the house, too. I found a bedskirt to go in the guest room, but it only came in King size, so I'll have to alter it to fit, and I bought a small table that needs to be painted for that room, and a chair, and...on and on. I'll be glad when this decorating is mostly done, and I can just sit back and enjoy it!

It's cold here already, but it's been so dry, I may do some watering today. My poor flower beds look horrible! I haven't had the time to get out there and trim back perineals, or pull out the dead annuals, so it just looks tacky! I like it to look neat even in winter.

I hope everyone is doing well, and not having bad weather. I'm sure everyone is busy with the holidays, too, but maybe they can drop in and say hello.

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Gosh! It's Tuesday...where did Sunday and Monday go? And only 11 day to go to the big event. My coffee table is still loaded with decorations that I want to use but, haven't found space, and I still have the Yew, Holly and Cedar to place in my glass basket. Today!!!

DGS is here for a visit. I feel kind of sorry for him, he gets go bored. He rarely watches TV and not the "old People Shows" we watch, we even give him the controls and still not happening. He does like "old" movies, especially John Wayne. I have an awful habit of pointing out things like old file cabinets and tools and such and he just says, "I know Grandma, another history lesson" and we all laugh. He just finished his finals and is waiting for his grades and is out of class until after New Years. He tried to find a part-time job, nothing.

DH has taken charge when it comes to Christmas Day, as he says "he laid down the law!" So it "Over the river and through the woods.....this year. So now, I need to plan the meal.

The rain has tapered off and has left a lot of damage behind, but mainly in the North. The weather has slowed down the opening of one of the replacement bridge which I am so looking forward to, it will decrease our traffic by at least 95 % as the majority of our community live up river and have to go by our home in order to use the "bailey" bridge to make it to the outside world. AH!

Well, better get to something, maybe a bubble bath! That sounds so good. Nah! A quick shower is more practical.

Hope our missing friends are all well!!!!!!!


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Hi Ladies,

FM, having guest issues is never fun. Soryy to hear this happened. Been there, done that. I solved this by not inviting them back and they know why.

Hope your shopping went well today. It is stressful when gifts are ordered and not shipped fast. I have an appoinment next Tues. so will wrap all the last minute things up then and also do some shopping for Christmas dinner.

I wish I could get in the mood to redo something at our house but will try to get on top of that next year.lol It's amazing that you need to water and still have plants. Ours is starting to show but don't have any yard to tend to till next spring here. We are getting lots of hard rain so snow is almost gone.

Belle, hope DGS ends up with some great grades. He is probably fine just being at home with G & G. So nice that you are concerned for his happiness tho. Laughed about another History lesson. Jobs are a little hard to come by at right now.

Bet you will be happy when there's less traffic going by. A bubble bath sounds wonderful but I'm like you and opt for a quick shower.

We have had alot of tragedies here lately and it makes it hard to think about the Holidays. One little guy just lost both legs and an arm last weekend in Iraq. Makes one wonder what we are doing over there, huh? Lost another friend who was only 62.

We are going to a birthday party for another friend on Sat. so that should take some of the stress off.

Still working on the lease for the new location so have to get that all ironed out before moving in. Sure hope it all works out as we've already spent alot of money in redo's.



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Punk, especially when we "know" that there would be very few countries to come to our rescue, who besides England? I am glad that we can relieve the people of their oppressors but at the same time, it seems we stay way to long. Oh no, I hope the lease works out, a lot of time and expense in redo's.

I have decorated for Christmas:I have golden swan filled with artificial poinsettias, holly and white "cedar" branches. Yep, that's it,LOL. DH put up some outside lights just before we got this winter blast. So we have some welcoming signs!

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