Christmas Week Is Here

phonegirlDecember 22, 2009

Good Evening,

It won't be long and Christmas will be here. Time doesn't wait for anyone and so I need to tell all of you how grateful I am that you are part of my life.

I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas.

We have the parade of lights tomorrow evening and then the next night is Christmas Eve so don't know how much time I will have to play on here.

Thanks again for all the fun and hope you all stay Healthy. Punk

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Oh my goodness ya'll. Feels like it's been a week since I've been here instead of only a few days. I can't even begin to tell ya the busy-ness of it all. ha I'm just going from one thing to the next until I fall down exhausted at the end of the day. I've decided I'm not going anywhere or doing anything from Christmas until after New Years. I'm barracading myself in the house. ha
I can't even begin to think about painting anything. For one thing my desk is piled high with mail, boxes, gift bags, excess ribbons and bows, recipe books, Christmas cards, extra batteries both dead and alive, scrapbooking name it it's piled there. ha Will have to start the New Year off by buying a new filing cabinet and purging my office/painting area.

Hope you all have a very wonderful and Merry Christmas. It's been another great year here with you all. Stay Healthy and Happy and enjoy your time with family and I'll be back to painting with ya'll after Christmas! Hugs and Candy Canes! ~Anj

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Merry Christmas!

This year has been a year of fun and joy here on the forum! You are all so supportive and fun to chat with, I am so very glad I found you!

This "I don't like to bake" person has only one batch to finish and WHEW! Some of them don't look as pretty as the ones above but will pass the taste test. DH even got involved with the process, which was fun. Today will see the house getting it last bit of spiffing up and a couple of loads of laundry done and some veggie chopping for several dishes for Christmas Eve.

Really got a "steal" while out shopping for DGS girlfriend, we were looking at a heart shaped brooch with very small rubies and diamonds all around and asked to see it close up. It turned out to be reversible and has sapphires and diamonds on the other side. I asked to see the chain and the sales girl removed it from the box and I noticed price tag attached to the chain said $229.99, but the price attached to the box as $49.99. Guess what price we paid for it? YUP! $49.99 The sales clerk call for the manager and although they were not happy they didn't put up a fuss. you really think you can carve out a week of "doing nothing" NAH! I have three small filing cabinets and still run out of room before the end of the year and I'm a filing nut and I still have to clean a space on my computer desk if I want to write a note. Just don't know where everything comes from or maybe the real problem is I don't know where to "stick" yet another piece of paper! sounds like fun seeing the lights. When DGS was small we used to go drive the city streets looking at all of the lights but as electricity prices have gone up the number of light has gone down and then we live in a very "financially challenged" area and people just have to cut back here and there. We still put up light but only have them on for a couple of hours.'s time to get started so I am Wishing to All of You a Very Merry Christmas and the Best in the New Year!


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Glad to see all of you on here today. Imagine we are all busy doing those little last minute things.

I made three batches of peanut brittle today and bagged it all up to go to neighbors along with their other little gifts and to take to DS's house. We did the Christmas light tour last night--was windy and chilly so we had to bring out our coats, gloves and scarves! We parked the car and walked the two streets that were all decorated--so very pretty!

We played Santa and delivered gifts to our neighbors. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful,friendly neighbors! We will be at DS's for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, then a neighbor has invited us for a get together at their house on the 26th to celebrate their two son's and DIL being home safe and sound from Afghanistan.

After Christmas, I need to go to Lowe's and get some more of the thinner wood. Went to trace a pattern and discovered that I am out of it. DH says I need to do more painting and crafts this coming year, says it's good for my morale. I think he just likes for me to be busy on a project because then I don't bug him with any "honey do" requests! LOL

Belle, I think you got the bargain of the century! And it sounds so gorgeous too--and it's for a "girlfriend"? I think I'd be tempted to keep it for myself, not just because it is so pretty--but so I could show it off and brag about the great deal I got! LOL

Anj, bless your heart, there's no way you will manage of week of "doing nothing" and "going nowhere". DH or the little ones will see to that! LOL But just maybe you can sneak in an extra hour of sleep a couple mornings, or maybe curl up in the afternoon for a nice nap--I love doing that! You always work so hard to make things just right for everyone--you're such a sweetheart. ;o)

Punk, thanks for starting this post. I'm glad you are busy and having some fun. It's wonderful that your business did so well this year, and I know you worked long and hard to make it that way. Hope you will also have a few days off to be able to "rest up" a bit after the holidays.

We heard from Bebe today too, so know she is doing okay and has been a busy bee making ornaments and such this year. Know they are looking for a Christmas miracle for their precious GS. I pray their wish comes true.

I feel so good that the presents are wrapped and ready, neighbor gifts are delivered, and only a little more baking to do tomorrow. I think I'll go sit and enjoy the lights on the tree for a few quiet moments and then go to bed.

Merry Christmas to each of you and to any other "sometime posters" and all our "lurkers" out there. I'm really looking forward to all the projects we will get to share on here after the holidays!

God Bless Us Everyone!


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Good Morning to All,

What a week and so glad I can come here this morning and read and post while drinking my coffee. I'm trying to decided if I want to run to town and see if there's anything I can't live without.LOL

We have such a great bunch here. Wish there was some way we could all meet for a weekend. Would we paint or relax? Probably both!!!

Thanks for helping me with Photobucket. I broke the links to alot of my pictures when I put them in albums. So much for trying to organize.

If I make an album when I first download will it keep have time for these issues.LOL I didn't save several pictures so couldn't go back and down load again.

Thanks again for a wonderful year and hope the New Year brings all, Health, Wealth and Happiness.


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Anj, forgot to tell you your sign is darling! Wow, I should start proof reading my posts. I meant to ask if I download pictures to an album will they always be available to view from the posts here? Punk

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