Requested Kitchen Reveal

Shades_of_idahoJune 27, 2012

Thank you Mama_Goose, I thought I had posted some pictures here but I have forgotten where.

This is our smallish kitchen 11 by 12 1/2. It is fine with me at this size. I have lots of cabinets counter and pantry all handy to use. I love the open to dinning room, which I mostly use as a sitting room or company sits on the love seat while I cook.The whole space is also open to the living room. I use the small gate leg table with just one side up when I need to sit down with a chore or some times I do city books there. I can also pull the shelf out on the Hoosier for more work space when needed when I am doing lots of baking. Love the enamel top for baking as I can set hot pies or cookie sheets on it with no problems.

This is the sink stove side with new back splash.

The coffee pot and microwave side and pantry is to the right of the microwave.

Standing in dinning room looking to kitchen.

Dinning room showing new kitty window seat. I need to paint that cabinet under the pillow soon.Also showing Hoosier and china cabinet.

Love seat with kitty covers on it and kitty. LOL

The back splash was a fun project.

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Looks good! You have any close ups of the backsplash?

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Thank you Mary_Ruth. If you strart at the link and keep clicking the thumb nails to the right they will show many close ups. There are a few regular pictures in between. Just over look them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Close up pictures.

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ah - so that's where you put those pretty pieces I saw earlier. I love those with the shapes in them that look like curved triangles.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Thank you for posting the pictures--I remember seeing the hoosier 'bling' on another thread, but don't recall seeing the completed backsplash. You must smile every time you walk into the kitchen!

I love the piece above the stove, and love the way you've tied in the accessories. I've said before that I admire your patience, and that was before I saw the pics of the room divider, as well as the kitchen.

LOL about the kitty window seat! After you paint, does it get bedazzled, too?

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OH MY Mama_goose. WOW Maybe I will just bedazzle the small cabinet instead of painting. YIKES GREAT idea!! I did not think of that?? There are three extra sheets of the small square tiles left. I could do a few of my grape tiles done up. I have some left over leaf shapes. Hehehehe Perfect idea!!! Hahahahah already a vision is happening. Thanks.

The little cabinet is part of an entertainment center I cut up and re-built into two cabinets. I keep my house tools in it.

As far as the end walls.............. Well some day my hall way might have glass wainscot. Only one side of it. Never measured how long that one wall is. I would like to replace the carpet in the hall to vinyl before I do the wall because I want the bottom trim in place first. BUT I could make the glass sheets any time and just store them. OMG M_G You be getting me in trouble.

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Thanks for the link, wow, lots of work! I have never seen anything like that! You really have personalized your space!

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Mama_Goose. The piece behind the stove was the first piece of the back splash I did. I was not sure I could live with a full kitchen of those colors and when I decided I could it was full steam ahead.

Mary Ruth I think I just opened up a can of insanity in our kitchen.LOL I know it is insane. I love it every time I walk in there or view it from the living room. I also know most people can not handle this look and that is ok too. This is the first time I did not have to worry about resale of our house. I have held myself back for 25+ years.NOW is my time to do whatever I want. When we are gone the house goes to the animal shelter at Best Friends. org. Let them worry about dealing with it.

I did measure the hallway wall and it is 12 foot. Good thing we have a strong foundation under this place. :^)))))

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We need closeups of the backsplash. Love the hoosier(but I always tell you that). The small table and two chairs next to the peninsula look perfectly positioned for you to enjoy your coffee in the morning.
Are those cabinets pine ? I love knotty pine cabinets. I would have gotten them but they don't match the rest of my space.

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I don't think I've ever seen your whole kitchen. It is great! Your backsplash is gorgeous. Bedazzled is the perfect word for it. I also love your sink light, I think I've mentioned that before.

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Wow! So many great details, with the backsplash, cabinets, Hoosier, etc. The lace curtain to the (utility room?) looks perfect and those trays above the microwave are lovely. Where did you find that little metal table by the love seat? And...even with all these great pieces...kitty still steals the show! :)

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EatRealFood I linked the close up pictures on post 0:37. There is lots of them there. Thanks The cabinets are Knotty Alder. Is that a pine? I really do not know.

Thanks Marti, I really like this style of kitchen. Works well for us. There is lots of counter space and cabinets.It is a pretty pain kitchen.

LL the lace curtain is to the utility room and there is a door to the outside there. We use the utility room as a mud room too.From the utility room it goes into the guest bath. then into the hall. The metal table is really an antique paper roller from the Challis Drug Store. It is sitting on its end.Remember in the olden days the stores wrapped everything in paper instead of bags. It is a cool piece. It is perfect for a coffee cup and a book. I sit there often. LOL Kitty is a hoot. That is the favorite place of all the kitties. They can look out the window or the front door.

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Love, love what your have done in your kitchen. And the seating area since the first time I saw it a looooong time ago :-) I have the same stove, sink setup in my kitchen and put a 12"x12" porcelain tile on the counter next to the stove for hot pots, etc. Strategically placed felt pads on the bottom save the formica.

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Thanks wantotretire. That tile is a great idea. I might have to copy that one. I am a fan of changing things around. LOL We have been here four years already. Time flies.

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Mama_Goose. Lookie what you made me do this weekend. I had a blast and thank you for putting this in my head. I am out of time to paint the edges and not sure when I can get back here as I am starting Hell week at work. :^((( Wish I had straightened the pillow. You can see the kitties are using it often.

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Adding second picture.

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Chris I just love the tile! I wish I had the energy to do my backsplash. It's been 2 1/2 years and the tile is still in the box. I'm not even sure I like it anymore! I recently did a little tile in the bath and was worn out! Grouting is hard work.
And no! It is not too much, it's just right.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I love it! I spent the weekend reading by oil lamp, in a dark, un-airconditioned house, with no phone, except a cell that was low on batteries. I'm happy that the electricity and internet is back in time for me to catch this latest project.

Also, happy to help. :) LOL, if the kitties don't love it, you can use it as a breadbox--it already matches the kitchen!

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OMG where do I start? Well firstly I have to say I am jealous your kitchen is know I am still in renovation hell...
okay the tile is to die for. I love it on the wall the lamp and the canisters and the design on the kitty cabinet is too cute. Now I need to make something for my little Bear.
Right now I am really envying you!!

Great job!

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Thank you Loretta Mama_goose and MsJay2u.

I already started working on the pieces for the other three sides. I might have to pull it out from the wall and make an ottoman in front of the love seat out of it. LOL I have another piece that would fit under the window. Just not sure I would want to risk stubbing a toe on it. It is not going to move.

MsJ I understand remodel. We went through that here too. The cabinets were the crappy paper faced ones with real wood doors and I had them refaced.I can not stand that paper stuff. We had the laundry room done to match and the bathroom cabinets have already been tiled and I am going to do mirror on their sides. When I get time to. Hoping my job will be done soon so I have more time to play. AND we have a long winter.

Here is a link that might be useful: The kitchen in transition in 2010

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The small square tiles come from Home Depot. About 12 dollars a sheet. The other glass tiles I made up from a combination of stained glass clear glass and alcohol inks and smashed tempered glass all glued=silicone to mirror backing and then grouted and then installed on the wall and grouted seams again. This was a really fun project. Now back to the master bath wall. I halted progress until the finishing vision came to me. It has happened so I am anxious to get tarted on it.

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Just adding to this thread since it is the same spaces. And here I go again changing our furniture around. I bought another new chair for the living room and I had to make changes in four rooms to get it in.

I had already moved the hoosier back to the studio and desk back to dinning room. The hoosier in the dinning room space was too much in my face. This move made the added two inches I needed to be able to use the larger trunk as a window seat in the dinning room and I think it is all for the better.

Desk back in dinning room with new top that still needs grout.

Then I moved the Jeweled tool box back to our master bedroom because I needed some thing for the cats to come in on through the pet door. And I also moved the small white chair from the living room into the master and this made more room for it.

I am still working on moving all office stuff from my studio to my sewing room/ guest room. I want to use that room more as it is a lovely space to be in. AND Caligal got me going on paper stuff and I have decided to scan as much as I can bare to do onto my external hard drive and toss even more paper crap. This gives me a nice window to look out while working on this project. I am really aiming at becoming totally organized. I am about 85% there.

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Dear Chris ~ I love the look of your kitchen. You've done a fantastic job all the way around.

I had to re-register because I wasn't able to get in. I joined originally in 2004 and was in here recently, but for some reason my password isn't working, or I've plain ol' forgotten it and I don't have it written down in my 'puter. Sheesh.

Your mosaic work is what nailed me way back when.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

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Aw thank you so much for your kind words FlowerLady. Great to see you posting.

I decided I NEEDED to get this grouted. My evenings project.It was scary when I realized I had only made up enough grout for half of the top and needed to quickly make up more.

And now it is finished. Still need to paint that mirror frame. Grout sure makes it look totally different. I am happy with how it turned out. Now to finish the Jeweled Tool Box.

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Wow, that (as well as everything else) is absolutely stunning. Grout really makes a big difference - now the larger tiles don't stand out so much but all the pretty little tiles really shine. I want to try this on something!

I love your house!

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Thank you MOMO7.

I was making lunch and noticed with the daylight the colors show up much better to the camera. I see these colors at night too but the camera does not.

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Lovely, lovely!!! So cozy....very nice, I love it.


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I been looking at your photos again and I was wanting to do some mosaics also. You have inspired me! I guess I should have asked you this a while ago but I wasn't ready. Now I am about ready. Where do you get your tiles? I looked at the little squares and they are expensive!! Any suggestions on getting decent priced small tiles?

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Hi MsJ. I bought the small square tiles at Home Depot. I think they were about 12.00 a SQ FT. I know it seems kind of expensive but there are much less expensive tiles on the internet. Some of the glass ones are also thinner and if this is for the drop down table weight might be a consideration.

I have no connection to the company linked. It is the place I am going to order tile from soon. I swoon over the colors and cost.

If the sheets are paper faced they are harder to install because it is harder to line them up not being able to see the tiles. Just an FYI.

The papers is easy to soak off and use the tiles individually in a design you create.

Here is a link that might be useful: Some less expensive tiles.

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