Merry Christmas!!!

anjabeeDecember 24, 2010

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It has been such a pleasure to visit with you all this year and ooh and aah over your beautiful creations! I hope things will slow down a little for us all in 2011 so that we'll be able to get here more and let that creativity shine. You are all wonderful and special ladies and I'm thankful to have met you! Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!! Love~ Anj

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I just came here to post Christmas greetings and I see you made it here first Anj. ;o) I agree with all you said, the forums keep me interested, motivated, and entertained--don't know how I ever got along before I found all of you! One of my New Year's resolutions will be to try to paint at least one project each month--wish me luck on following through okay? LOL Merry Christmas to each of you. Hugs, Luvs

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It's still Christmas here and all is finally quiet at our house. Had a wonderful time and the Prime Rib was wonderful.

I will try to do more painting this next year too if things ever slow down in my life. Or should I say if I speed up and find more time? I enjoy seeing everyones finished projects and it does inspire one.

Luvs, hope your New Year's resolutions happens for you. Mine is going to be to work out every day and loose 30 lbs. After this I may try setting another goal.

Merry Christmas to All and Good Night!


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A late Merry Christmas on this side of the forum....I posted mine on the other side......Anj so glad to see you back, was worried about you!

Luvs...I hope the rain has not been a problem for you!!!!! Every time I hear the news about Calif., I think of you and say a prayer that you are OK.

Punk....your weather is even colder than ours, we have had a mild winter contrary to all the predictions of a "bad" winter.

Bebe....I sure could use some of your sunshine! It stays so dark here in the winter, rarely enough sun to see our shadows.

Christmas was great! I fell asleep on the couch after everyone had left and DH cooked dinner and woke me when it was ready, he is such a good cook!

Wishing you all the best in the New Year! As to resolutions...I have made a couple, so we will see.


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So far it has been a wonderful Christmas, birthday and am looking forward to the New Year. My resolutions are to be a better Christian friend, paint more and post more. I have 2 online shops, (artfire and fine art america) and have started a blog (the merry fox).

Not putting up a tree this year sure made for a stress-free time. Dh put up outside lights on deck and house front roof. Greenery and white poinsettias decorated the urns at the front door. Dh and I shop together and buy things as we see them. No wrapping paper, or other clutter. at first it might seem weird, but I have never had such a peaceful serene holiday as this one.

For my birthday, we hit Lowes and got pvc pipe! I enjoyed putting together a light box for shooting photos. I love to do that kind of stuff.

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Belle, your DH sure spoils you rotten, you lucky gal! ;o) The rains have not been a problem for me at all--I'm always so grateful to get them so we don't have water rationing in the summertime! But I don't live in one of those expensive homes on the side of a hill either--for them the days and days of rain can cause some big problems! My biggest problem is the wet footprints from my two doggies everytime they go out and come back in! LOL

Calirose, nothing at all wrong with having a serene Christmas. I keep thinking that I need to pare down too, but just love the house all full of pretty goodies for Christmas! I want to start packing some of it up when our rains stop--my storage area door is outside on the patio and I don't want to get wet! I'm debating whether to leave a few snowmen out through January. We'll see--sometimes it's just best to get it all fitted back into the boxes and be done with it. I'm off to visit your blog.


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Posted my New Years Wishes on the other side so everyone can hop over there to view them.

Luvs....I am so sorry to read about your dear friend, I missed it and I am also sorry for that. It is hard to loose, and I hate that word, someone we care about and so young. When younger I asked my GM why good people had to die when so many bad people lived. She said that if only the bad died we would not appreciate our friend as much and we would not learn how precious life is and how we must hold those we love close. But nothing can lessen the pain except time. Wish I was there with you to give you a big hug.

Don't remember if I posted this or not but DGS finished his first semester of college with a 3.8 gpa. He was really upset when grades were posted because in one of his best classes he only had a 2.9 but thankfully he questioned this and there was a mistake, which was corrected. He is really "pumped" for class to resume.

My DD and I have been organizing all of the family pictures. I was given boxes of pictures from my DGS and from DH mom. Several years before my DGS died, we went through her pictures and named people and places where we could but still so many "who is this." Sure wish there was more actual written history, but we have gleamed a lot from old letters and cards. Just think, our generation will have no written history with everything done with email and texting, no more letters and not many cards.

Gotta get things done so I can do another snowman, only 2 to go.

Happy New Year!


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Time sure doesn't wait for us. It is almost New Years and time to wrap up all the year end books. We are working on a new contract so we can move. The last one was more than double on the rent we had agreed on. We spent several thousand dollars on remodeling the space so hope we can work something out. If not, guess we will show a big loss for the year. Not Funny...

Luvs, sorry I haven't been more supportive with all you have going on in your life. I skim through the posts and have had a hard time posting here on our painting forum for some reason. I'm one who needs to be able to post as soon as I read or it falls and doesn't get picked back up.

Belle, hope you will be able to share all of your windows soon. Did you post your last two and I missed them? If so let me know where I can go to see them, please.

Anj, hope you can be here more now that Christmas is over. Bet it was fun with all the kiddos. DGD and our kids spent a few days with us and it was so fun. I still need to wash up all the bedding but will try to get that done this weekend. We are getting company some time this month so need to get on top of things here at home.

Cali, Happy Belated Birthday! You sound like me when it comes to holidays. Not a big deal for me but I like to make it a big deal for others.

We have 20" of snow and it's zero again. We were suppose to get freezing fog tonight but it missed us and I'm so thankful it did. Will close at 3 tomorrow if we're not busy for New Years Eve so that will be a nice change.

Hope you all have a nice NY and will try to get something painted one of these days. Didn't get my Santa tray done I had started and haven't had time to think about another project. I am down to 4 more trainings so have done well staying on top of them.


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