Krylon paint in cans - warning

marti8aMay 27, 2010

This is what I get for being impatient. Dh was in a class all day and I wanted to paint something and needed black exterior p*int in a satin finish and we only had a gloss black. I was at Walm*rt trying to find something else and thought since I just needed a little, it would be ok to buy p*int there. They had some premixed quarts, Krylon brand that was interior/exterior.

That stuff is absolutely worthless. It is so watery it just beaded up on my bench I had primed and already put a base coat of quality brand exterior p*int. It might work as a stain but doesn't work at all as paint. I finally admitted to dh that I bought it and asked him what was wrong with it. He stirred it and felt it and said it had no body, it was as watery as ink. The only thing it stuck to were my fingers. I'm taking it back tomorrow.

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oh I'd certainly take that back. sounds awful!

I've only ever bought krylon as spray paint.

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Good to have your experience there. I checked a can I bought recently and it was Rustoleum glow-in-the-dark paint. I thought I might try painting the top of our front stoop (ceiling) with it, but lost my nerve. Now I might just try it somewhere less critical, or paint it on a board which I can move around. It might need to have direct exposure to the light to glow, do you think.

Anyway, I always love to experiment.

Hmmm, a thought here: I wonder if that can had been frozen?

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ML, that sounds like a fun project. I grew up in the 70s, when the glow-in-the-dark toys started (well, the second wave of them - the first wave was after Dr. Curie discovered radium back in the early 20th century. Bad thing to use on toys!) Anyhow, yes, they did need exposure to direct sunlight to get "charged."

Marti, it does sound like the paint had an accident at the plant and ended up with all the fluids and none of the solids. It seems to me that if you buy a can of paint at Walmart or anywhere, you should be getting a product that delivers what it says it does.

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I took it back and the girl at the return desk wasn't going to give my money back because it had been opened (and I sloshed paint when I tried stirring it). But she called the paint department and a pimply-faced teenager (don't they all look like teenagers now?) came back to check it. When I saw him I figured I would be taking the paint back home with me. But he opened the can and rubbed it between his fingers (just like dh) and said it shouldn't be like that, so she refunded my money. I wondered if it wasn't a can of colorant instead of paint, but even that coats surfaces and this just beaded up.

Any way, then I went to dh's paint store and bought a quart of black. Ouch, I hated to pay that, but then I got 3 gallons of mistint for $1 each so I guess it evened out.

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Thanks for the warning!

Here is a link that might be useful: mirrored table

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What is it with these new folks who come in, they registered the same day as their posts, and then they send a link to some cock-a-mamie link which has nothing to do with anything?

There was another one such as this, another new person, and they gave links to SMALL TABLES. This is the same format as the small table link. And it never gives any further info to let you go to its HOME page....

What I'm worried about, when somebody strange and NEW NEW NEW drops down in the midst of a discussion with some strange link, it might be a hacker.

I get a very bad feeling about the one above. Note that this "member" registered June 15, and I bet will hang around about a week, then disappear.

Please use caution. What a pain this is but it is alarming.

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I've seen that a lot. I didn't click on that one but a lot of times they link to their website to promote their business.

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