Narrow dining table?

themayocynicMay 6, 2010

Our dining table is 30 or 36 inches wide, and with the sideboard (that we love) and a little coffee bar we made, it can be crowded. I have seen a few tables here and there that are 2 feet wide, but they are not our style. Anyone have an idea where I might find a larger selection?

To throw another wrench in the mix, we're really keen on having a counter height (36" tall) table. I've tried sites that sell pub and restaurant tables, but to meet the criteria, they come with stools instead of chairs and I hate the thought of having to possibly buy another set of chairs.

IKEA used to have a build-your-own table where you pick the legs and the top to match your style, but I'm not seeing anything like that anymore at IKEA or anywhere else. I mentioned possibly making our own table to DH, but with other projects on the list, he didn't want to add another.

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To the rescue.
Ok. When we made our table, we purchased a set of wrought iron 2" square legs from ROOM AND BOARD.

They are not the cheapest site to purchase from, but they do have quality and some options as well. The legs we chose were 30" high, and the table top we had to place on it was 4 INCHES thick. It was a fat slab of Bolivian mahogany.
I hated to cut it off from the 11 foot x 39 inch wide single piece, but we only needed a 39 inch square table for our dining room. I am using regular teak dining chairs with a 4" cushion on the seats to make the right height for dining.

You have to really LOOK HARD on the site to find the legs sold alone. They also sell the whole table in different sizes with a selection of tops. Some company up in Minnesota manufactures them, and we've been very happy with the Parsons style. I've also purchased two "C" tables from them which can be used like a hospital tray to slide under a bed or a sofa/chair, same manufacturer.

They DO have the option for higher legs to 36", and also
narrower tops, longer tops, and also the option of a table base with NO top if you have your own.

Since we bought our set of individual legs, they've increased the number of options available. While they will be pricey, the quality is excellent and durable.

Go to the main site. Choose DINING and then choose TABLES
and scroll down to PARSONS....a lot of tables, and there is one for LEGS. Not JUST legs, some are the whole support structure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Room And Board

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Thank you so much ML! I'll let you know if we get something from there.

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