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luvstocraftDecember 28, 2008

Hi, hope everyone had a really nice Christmas. Some had a really white Christmas, we could see the white stuff on the mountains north of us, and our weather was really chilly so it made it feel like Christmas.

We had a really nice time with DS and his family. Lots of good food, music, and playing games on the WII--should I mention the sore muscles the next day? That thing can really be a workout! Also played allot with little GD and her new toys! She got a new big dollhouse, and when I was telling her how much I liked it and that I would have loved one like that when I was a little girl, she said "Gramma, you can have my old one." Guess she thought I still wanted one. LOL

I had asked for a new Laurie Speltz cd that I'd seen on Artists Club. DIL got it and a packet of the stencils for me. It's okay, but not exciting at all, very basic beginner stuff. I was a bit disappointed in it, but maybe will like it better when I actually use it on a project.

So how did things go? Lots of food? Good company? Lots of laughter? Sure hope so. Come tell me all about it.


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Hey....sorry I've been MIA.....people keep calling and coming by and now I'm sick....just a little trifling cold I think, but it's kicking my toosh.

Had to go back and comment on last weeks since I missed some stuff.

Luvs....congrats on the retirement raise!! More craft supplies....just what you need, right. ha
I have never made puppy chow, but I'd love to try it if you'll send me the exact measurements (if you use exact measurements!) ha
Glad ya'll got to go and enjoy the lights. This is the first year we missed them so I was a little disappointed, but I don't think the kids cared much. We were tracking Santa on and they saw he was getting close and they got in bed before 9pm I think! ha Too bad I didn't. DH and brother were working in the attic bumping around so the 4 yr old kept waking up. At 1am I finally asked them if they could stop so Santa could come. I still had to clean up all their mess from that project and move still more boxes from the living room and reclean that before Santa could come. But the attic has been sprayed!!! ha One more big project we can check off our list. Anyway, we got to bed around 3am and the kids woke us up at around 5:45. UGH! We had a very nice Christmas. Everyone played nicely together....even SIL. ha We set up a quilt and we quilted and chatted after eating lunch. It was nice and everyone had something to do. Our kids got an xbox 360 and a game they've been wanting so they, DH and 2 of my brothers have been playing it for the past 4 days and nights. No wonder it took so long to get the attic done. ha JK

Diana~ glad you got to check in. We did a smaller Christmas than usual this year too and nobody seemed to mind. I saw a little nativity in one of my books the other day too and thought I'd like to paint it for next year. ha Now if I can only find it again when I get ready to cut it out. ha Hope you'll come and share them here when you get yours done!

Belle~ where did you get off to? Hope you had a good holiday. Come and tell us all about it.

And of course anyone else who wants to stop in and chat.

Oh, forgot to tell you what I got. DH surprised me with and electronic book.....the ones where you can download over 100 books onto it, but it's small enough to fit in your purse! Very perfect gift for me and the movie that I wanted.

Luvs~ maybe you can use the stencils to add a little something to the backs or sides to some of your painted pieces to finish them off??? Too bad it wasn't what you were expecting. That was a cute GD story. :) Maybe she can bring her old house to your house to have when she comes over???

We have plenty of snow if anybody would like some! Has been snowing every day on and off. Skipped today, but it's starting up again tonight. Glad I don't have anywhere to go for a few days! ha

Well, I took some meds and my nose has finally stopped running. ha TMI sorry. I was hoping to get some painting in, but it's hard to do when you are going thru tissues every few minutes. I found a pair of wooden ice skates in the attic clean out that I am looking for a good pattern for. I'll have to settle for browsing my mags. Our friend still hasn't sent a pic of the box, but hoping when things settle down he'll remember. Ya'll have a good night. ~Anj

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Good morning. We had a beautiful day yesterday, warm enough to be outside in just a sweatshirt with lots of nice warm sunshine again. I sort of enjoyed the cooler, grey days for a bit--made it seem more like the Christmases I grew up with-- minus the snow! Was nice having snow on the mountains to look at too.

I'm so glad you had a nice Christmas. I have to say the electronic games sure provide great entertainment for a group. Our DS had asked forthe game "quitar hero" for his xbox, and then entertained us with a demonstration. Even DIL was up there giving him some competition! LOL Then we started playing bowling on his WII and then did that darn boxing one! I'm not kidding, that one nearly wiped me out! I was breathing so hard and then even had sore muscles in my forearms and lower back the next day! Whew! Maybe I'm too old for this stuff--or at least too outa shape! LOL

You must have the patience of a saint! You handled all the Christmas preparations and having the insulation installed all so well--I'd have been a grumpy old witch! I just can't imagine how you do so much and function so well on so little sleep! You are my hero! ;o)

Well, I keep thinking about your chicken and dumplings, so think I will have to make a batch this week. Good winter weather food and oh so yummy too. I saw turkeys on sale at the store and almost bought one. May go back and get one, I can always freeze some of it and I like having it for sandwiches, casseroles and soup.

I've still got a few Christmas patterns I'd like to paint, and I saw some painted spoons that I might try again since DH had some cheapy spoons he used to carry in his work bag and I might as well do something with them. I'm also wanting to paint some candy and cupcakes, thinking about using them on a little kitchen tree next year. If I get a few things cut out, I can paint some while we are on our motor home trip the month of January. I like to take things along to work on during the evenings.

Since we are leaving on our trip soon, I'm going to go ahead and take down our decorations early. I usually wait until after the 1st, but won't this year. Like to have the house all in order when we leave so I won't have lots to do when we get back! LOL We won't leave until the 7th, but I'm slow and will be busy shopping and packing for the trip.

I'd better get busy, will be back later. Hope Belle and Phonegirl both come by with news about their Christmas too.


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Hello Again.......What a "Whirl Wind" for this "Peace and Quiet" person!

It sounds like all of you had a Merry Christmas! So glad! I actually baked cookies this year. If you know me, you know that I don't bake anything! I always get side tracked and burn everything! Not this year! Made 5 new recipes as well as good old sugar cookies and everyone came out golden brown. Maybe it was just my old oven? Ya Think? NAH!!!!!!! Got all of the things to bake a bunt cake and a German chocolate cake - then found out I have to buy new pans as well! AH! Next year! Besides my new found 5 pounds is enough!

As we were snow bound, Christmas Eve at the Grands was limited to one family as our son & his family live next door. After the gift exchange, we played lots of games, ate lots of bad stuff and just plain had a great time.

Christmas Day started with more snow and our DD and family followed the snow plow over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house and another day of good food, games and just plain good family time! DS and family came back and the seams of the house bulged! The kids ended up playing Pictionary and the big kids played Texas Hold-Um (sp) until much to late.

My DDIL and DS went painting book hunting and found over a dozen used books for me for Christmas. So my library is growing. They also found 4 pre-stamped signs with posts. Two are Chrstmas, one is Easter and one Halloween. My DD gift included a new set of 12 paint brushes, a sta-wet tray and 6 "new" colors of paint. All nice additions! DH and I pooled our gift to each other and purchased an air nailer/stapler. Something we both can use.

The weather here has been so "not nice!" We have about 18" of snow and enough is enough. It has been raining of and on for two days and still to much snow! We lost power for almost two days but thank goodness we have a generator, so we kept warm and had power for the frig and freezer.

I tried to bring some greenery inside this year and had to take it back out after a couple of days..Asthma hit pretty I have been doing nothing! Our new kitty now has to sleep in his bed in the guest room and neither of us like that! If he would stay at the foot of our bed he would be OK, but he insists on sleeping on my pillow with me - not OK!

Wow! didn't mean to write a book! Happy New Year to Everyone!


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Hey ya'll.... what's up?? I had to take DD to her dental appt and then run by Wally's to pick up some more meds for myself. I've been trying to paint a little as I can while I'm just sitting around. Finished up my coasters and one other thing, but the wind picked up and I don't want to go out in it to put the spray sealer on so haven't taken pics yet. Think my fever is coming back cause I'm feeling chilled. Plus the wind would probably blow something onto them anyway. Working on my glass block next.

Belle~ glad you had a few good Christmasy days with your family.
Your desserts sound good. I've put on a few extra pounds over the holiday too. Starting the diet and exercise again Jan 1.
I was fingering some real green wreaths at Costco before Christmas, but started sneezing and my eyes swelled so they stayed where they were. ha

Boy, everyone got new painting supplies this year but me it sounds like. Bummer. I've been picking up things at sales and TS all year though.

Luvs~ didn't know you were planning another trip so soon. Where are we off to this time?
I did handle all the added stress of the attic well, didn't I?? ha Read a few books and I have been trying to deal with my stress a little differently. Surprisingly it's working. ha
I'm making chili tomorrow night. Can't wait. Love the warm weather food. ha Did you get your dumplings made?

Better get back to painting. I'm slower than usual with the meds making me drowsy. ~Anj

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Belle, congrats on all the great painting stuff! That was very thoughtful of your family. Glad they were able to come for the holidays in spite of all the snow too. I'm so glad to hear you have your own generator so no power worries.

Anj, I haven't made my chicken and dumplins yet. DH and I have gone out to eat quite a bit lately--not really sure why because we usually don't do that very often, but I'm not complaining. We celebrated our 43rd anniversary on the 29th and went out to a steak place for dinner. Doesn't seem possible we've been married that long, and we actually dated a couple years before too, so we've been together for quite some time! Now I'm hoping we will get to make it to our 50th together--I always thought that was such a long time when I heard about other people celebrating a 50th. LOL

We head out on the 7th for the computer/electronics show in Vegas, then to Laughlin to visit some friends who used to be our neighbors, then to Lake Havasu to visit an old friend I used to work with. After that we are heading to Phoenix where I will get to meet Karen aka Purplemoon. I'm excited to get to meet her face to face. Then we are heading back this way and stopping off at Quartsite out in the desert to dry camp a few days with the group from the RV forum. We didn't go there last year, but we had gone the two prior years. It is quite a site out there--it's all Bureau of Land Management land covered in acres and acres of motorhomes! All the snowbirds from other states come there for the winter and there's a big RV show and all kinds of booths set up selling everything you can think of. Should be a fun trip, and good for January when things always seem sort of blah after the holidays.

I need to get some projects lined up and the wood cutout for them so I have things to take along--I like to sit and paint while DH watches tv in the evenings, or if I have to wait for him to get back from somewhere. I'll have my computer along, so will keep in touch.


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I remember your going a few years ago to the big RV camp. That was the year your computer was sooooo slow. ha Hope you get to reconnect with some old friends. So excited that you get to meet Karen. She seems like a fun person from her posts. You'll have to let me know how it goes. =) And hope it's nice and warm for you in Phoenix! Sounds like a nice long trip. Hope you'll have good weather and good roads and have a relaxing time. And don't forget to hit a few TS's while you're out and about. ha I'm getting antsy to go to the one by my house even though I don't need to.

Happy Anniversary! Any excuse to eat out is a good excuse in my book. ha I hope my DH and I can make it that long. We will celebrate our 17th in May. We also dated a few years before we married so we've been together closer to 20.

Well, Happy New Year to everyone. We had a movie marathon with the kids and had some good eats. It was fun. My friend just sent over the pic of the box I gave them for Christmas so I wanted to post it real quick. I took a Dayquil instead of a Nyquil earlier and I think it's keeping me awake. It's almost 2am. Think I'll go lay on the couch and watch A Christmas Carol one more time. I'll probably doze off. See ya'll tomorrow....or should I say later today. ha ~Anj

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Anj, my sweet neighbor and her cousin go to Henderson and Vegas once a year to hit the TS and have some girl time together. They just got back from a trip a few weeks ago and she brought me the page out of a phone book for all the TS! I laughed so hard. She's been telling me that they find really good stuff there and that I have to make time to hit a few when we go!

I'm doing late lunch/early dinner today, so I need to get off here and get some stuff done. Your movie marathon sounded good. DH and watched part of the Twilight Zone marathon that was on--not very inspiring, but it was fun. And we watched the ball drop in New York on television. I told him he could have a New Year's kiss for each time zone! LOL

You all have a good day. I'll be back tonight.


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Great minds think alike!! ha Funny that they brought you back the phonebook page. ha Did she mark all the good ones for you?

We watched the ball drop too! The kids were all awake to count down with us this year. It was fun and glad we could all be together for it.

So what are your NY resolutions?? I have a few....
I'm going to continue to focus on the positives. I resolve to try to live more in the moment this year and stop thinking so much about the past and looking forward too much to the future. I'm going to learn to be more happy with what is! And this is going to be a year of learning for me. I'm going to learn how to do something that I've never done before. Don't know what it will be yet and for sure won't be anything like skydiving ha, but I'm gonna pick something that I think I'd like to know how to do and do it. This may be the year I learn how to make furniture and I'm definitely gonna learn to sew something. ha And I'm gonna try my hand at being more creative in different areas. Gotta work on the bod too of course....back on the exercise wagon. Ok, I think that's it for me. I've got a lot to do this year! ha

Well, I got on here to see if I can figure out my electronic reader and download some books. I've got to work on organizing my office again tomorrow. With all the whirlwind of crafting before Christmas it's a hot mess! ha Can't get anything done with stuff piled everywhere. Have a good night! ~Anj

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Good Morning! Didn't watch the New Year arrive....our dogs informed us of that when all of the fire works went off.
More snow has arrived along with high winds, but spring is getting closer everyday!

Haven't painted in several days, but have a Santa to do, a copy of one I did in Nov., and DH sold before I could get pictures. Actually, I didn't think about pictures, but it is more fun to blame him.

Anj., what a fantastic idea, to do something new... to challenge yourself. Maybe I'll try the skydiving...NOT! The only time I want my two feet off the ground at the same time is when I'm in bed.

Luv., sounds like you are heading for a good time. Getting away is always good. Time to paint and read and not as much housework!

It sounds like you and I are about the same age. Was married in Feb. of 63...sure doesn't seem that long ago, but then I look in the mirror. And like you I remember when it was a really big deal if you were alive to see your 50th Anniv., now it not being alive, it's still being married.

It is snowing again, enough! We did have several days of rain so there isn't as much on the ground but it really ruined several of my trees and bushes. Still hope they will stand tall again.

Ya All have a good day and stay safe...


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Hi Belle, I forgot where it is that you live? You sure are getting lots of snow, are you in the Pacific Northwest by any chance? Good that you have a hobby like painting to keep busy with when you can't get out because of the weather. That and the computer and television and you don't have to worry about "cabin fever" anymore, right?

Anj, I used to always resolve to lose weight--now I've changed it to "trying to eat more healthy". Really a struggle for those of us who grew up on lots of fried foods and gravy! And give me a choice of a salad or hamburger and fries--and taste wins over health! LOL My main goal is to clear out some of the things we no longer use. I've got clothes from my work days in the closet that haven't been worn in three years now--time to get them out of there. And I'm going to try to look at "things" and if I don't love it or NEED it, it needs to go bye bye. (Got to make room for "treasures" I find thrifting, right?) LOL

You are right on with your resolve to "live more in the present", there's a saying that "life is what happens to us while we are planning our future." Don't let it be that way, all of the moments are treasures that we can never have again.

I'm also going to vow to try to do more painting. I have no good excuse not to, I just procrastinate too much. I should work on some gift items to have on hand, my stash is pretty much depleted now.

Well, my coffee cup is empty so I'd better get moving and try to accomplish something around here. All my inside Christmas is packed away already, and we will un-decorate the outside this week. Trying to get it all done before we leave on the trip. You ladies have a good day, and we'll chat more later.


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