Belle, is your river 'behaving'?

luvstocraftDecember 19, 2010

Hi Belle, we are getting rains here, and I just keep wondering if you are too--and how your river is "behaving". Sure praying that you won't have any flood issues ever again!

I haven't painted a thing for Christmas this year. Did quite a bit for Fall/Halloween and guess I was just painted out! I need to get back "in the groove". Thank goodness you were painting away so we had some pretties to look at on here!

The rains here have cooled things down, and I fully expect to see some snow on the mountains when the cloud cover clears. So beautiful when it's clear and sunny and the snow is sparkling up there--get to enjoy seeing it but don't have to scoop or drive in any of it! ;o)

Have a good day, I'll check back tomorrow.


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Luvs....First off, Thank You for your concern! We have been having heavy rain, even record amounts but not for the length of time it did in 06. Our river is being very nice, but not so in the northern part of the state, there is a lot of flooding. We did have a strong wind storm go through here Fri., lost power for several hours, but here again Seattle and north really got hit. Guess it sometimes pays to live in what they call the Banana Belt.

I agree with you about the far only a small amount that only stayed around for a couple of days.

Has anyone heard from Anj.....I am really getting worrried about her! Did I miss a post from her?

Well, still working on the snowmen, have one almost finished and the basecoats on the other 4..did them in the assembly line fashion.


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Glad you are doing okay and the river is behaving. Can't wait to see your other snowmen. I sure need to get started on some painting. I did paint a little wood sign on a stake for little GD's "garden". She had planted some seeds and the gardeners must have thought they were weeds and pulled them out! She was so upset, wanted me to make her a sign so they would know not to bother her "garden" I didn't even think to take a picture, but it was just lime green with fushia dots with her name and the word garden. I also bought her one of those long flower boxes and a couple bags of potting soil so they would know where her plants were. ;o) Cool and still raining here. I need to get out today and do a bit more shopping--would rather stay home! Anj is okay, just very busy this time of the year. Hopefully, she will have more time to come here after the holidays. Off to get dressed and going. TTYL. Luvs

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So glad to read that Anj is ok..just busy!

We have had record rain fall as you are having. We are so used to rain that a little more doesn't really matter as long as there are dry spells thrown in as well.

I have two more snowman done but am afraid the others will have to wait until after Christmas. I have decided to add "a little" something to each, they do need a present or a tree or birdhouse to add interest.

I have some baking to do today, but am also going to hit my local bakery. Just don't have the zest for doing it all myself plus putting all of the stress out there hoping everything tastes good or doesn't my cookies usually do. Both families will be here for Christmas Eve, only at different times. You'd think that the spouses could behave for a couple of hours for the sake of the rest of the family. And to think that they are adults!

Your story about you DGD is precious and she has a special GM! Not only the sign but the flower boxes and soil. That will always be special to her.

Take Care!


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Belle, our rains finally stopped--but not sure for how long. I was out trying to do a few last minute shopping things yesterday and really got poured on a few times. We do love to get the rain, but just wish it wouldn't all come at one time! My back yard was starting to look like a pond!

I just baked a batch of cookies this morning. Made the house smell good for DH and me. My fudge didn't turn out good--discovered that my evaporated milk I used was old and I hadn't noticed. It didn't thicken enough to cut but would probably make some good icing for a cake! LOL I used the marshmallow creme in it, and really don't know of any way to redo it and thicken it. However, I did help DIL make five batches of homemade peanut brittle and that all turned out wonderful! Win some, lose some I guess. LOL

I should have more time and inclination to do some painting once the holiday is over I hope. I'm so sorry I just wasn't into doing any for Christmas this year even though I do have some patterns earmarked that I would have loved to paint. Maybe I'll work on them for next year.

Lost one of my best friends this morning, so I'm struggling to find "happy thoughts" today. Baking/eating the cookies did help. She died of lung cancer that had spread to other organs. Only in her mid 50's, such a shame. She had such a special, unique personality, I will miss her always.

Stay warm and enjoy your time with your family/friends.


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