Last Monday of 2009

luvstocraftDecember 28, 2009

Well, we are into our last week of 2009. The old year is slipping away and many of us are making plans for what we will do in the New Year.

I noticed that my throat was a bit "scratchy" last night, so I brought out the Vicks hoping to ward of the inevitable sore throat. No such luck, looks like a cold is in the works for me. I'm so very thankful however that it didn't strike until AFTER Christmas!

Hope all of you found pleasure in your Christmas. So nice to enjoy the company of loved ones, eat those wonderfully tasty foods and goodies, and maybe find a much wanted present under the tree as well. ;o)

I usually don't start putting the decorations away until after New Year's. Sort of nice to still turn on the lights and just sit with a warm cup of cocoa and enjoy them now that the hubbub is over.

But I know that task is waiting for me and I also want to do a bit of organizing as I put things away--always hoping to make it easier for next year. How and where do you gals store your wrapping paper and bows? I'm not totally happy with my way--some in a container that slides under the bed and some in a drawer in the guest room. Do you keep Christmas bags and papers separate from the ones you use for birthdays and other occassions? And how do you store your bows and ribbons?

I ran across the cutest design for New Year's that I hoped to get painted for all of us to enjoy--was going to run down to Lowe's for some thinner wood today. We'll see how I feel later after my coffee and taking it easy for awhile. Would sort of be nice to have something to paint while I stay inside and "doctor up" to get over this sore throat/cold thingy.

So what are all of you up to this week?


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Yes the end of 2009 is near. It's been a good year so maybe next year will be even better. So sorry to hear about your throat. It's going around for sure.

I have most of my decorations put away and will finish up completely by this weekend. I organized alot and didn't use all the little boxes for alot of my decorations so that helped speed the packing up.

I have two large wrapping paper containers that fit under one of my spare beds. I also have one that is an upright in the closet along with 4 smaller bow containers. I have one that has a tray on top that I keep all my tape, paper cutter, tags, pen, etc. in.

I have a large tote with boxes and bags for the different holidays that I keep in the same closet. This is nice when looking for a bag or box but to get to it could almost cost one a life. I keep telling myself to store less but always keep buying. But why??? I have two of the large three tier containers for my Christmas balls and they are in a different spare closet. I don't share my craft space well.

Storage is a big thing and takes up alot of room. Most of mine is in my craft room so that's not a good thing. If I ever get the chance, I will have a craft room w/o a bed so I can close the door when company comes and not worry about the mess.

I want to paint and it's causing withdrawls for sure. I can't believe I didn't get anything extra painted this year.

I was so busy at work today and am just getting home. DH and I had a hard time staying asleep last night. I got up at 4 and now I'm sitting here yawning. I went in early this morning and thought that would be enough to catch me up but oh boy was I wrong. If I can't do it in a 10 hour day it's not getting done. I am tired so best get off here.LOL


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Hi All,

Punk, you are so fortunate to have "spare" closets! I gave mine up to storage for little GD's toys and dress up costumes for when she visits here! I guess my "system" isn't so bad--maybe I just need to use up what's already on hand before I buy more. I do think I will start buying more solid color papers like gold or silver that can be used for multiple events, then maybe that will allow me to cut back on what I keep on hand.

Hope you got a good night of sleep. I know it is great that business is so good, but those 10 hour days can be killer--been there and done that!

I made it to Lowe's yesterday for my sheet of wood and I've gotten my pattern traced on it. Just need to get out to the saw and cut it out sometime today. Like you, I'm missing painting and want to get back to working on some projects. Last year, I still worked on a few Christmas things in January and I think I may do that this year too so that I have things ready to use as gifts next Christmas!

I hope Anj and Belle are well. Wonder if Anj really is staying in and taking it easier this week like she planned?

My throat doesn't seem to be any worse, the Vicks does seem to help. My voice is a bit "froggy" however. Hoping this will not last long and won't turn into a full blown cold. I know so many are getting them now.

I'll be back later.


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Hey ya'll. I am staying in and relaxing. Haven't been out of my jammies much! ha It's snowing today and I do have to go out unfortunately. Got asked to make a "chatter box" for the girls at church. A box they can put their cell phones in while we are having meetings. Too distracting. So gotta go out to Michaels or Roberts and try to find a box I can either do up with scrapbooking papers or paint or both. Was thinking of painting some cell phones in different colors on it with different texting words like LOL, CYL8R, TTFN, ROFL, etc I'll have to see what I can find for a box first.
I am in organization mode myself. Want to start the New Year off right. know me and simple and primitive. I love to buy the plain brown paper in the packaging section and use it for lots of things. I like how it looks with simple ribbon and raffia and a hang tag. Kinda old fashioned. For Christmas I rarely have much left over, but when I do, I unroll it from the roll and re-roll it and stick it inside the cardboard roll. Does that make sense? Then if you tape across the top and bottom it can't fall out and it doesn't get all messed up when I store it. I have a tallish small square box that holds the few I have. I generally use up what I have before I buy more. I don't do bows. I keep ribbon in those old fashioned candy jars on my shelf in the craft room/office. I have quite a collection just from recycling the ones I get on gifts. Everything in my house gets stored in the attic since I have no "spare" space either.
I got a "new" filing cabinet for $15 from the TS. DH brought it in last night for me so I will be working on getting this office in order so I can get to painting.

Ya'll take it easy and Luvs...sure hope you feel better. We swear by those Airborne fizzy tablets. Lots of vitamins and stuff in them to boost your immunity. =) ~Anj

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As DH sit in his easy chair eating oysters for breakfast and totally killing any appetite I had, I will try to endure the smell.

Luvs...glad you are doing OK in the sore throat department, hope your Vicks keeps away your cold!

Punk...are you taking lessons from Anj or the other way around? You two are beginning to sound very much alike! Maybe you need a part time helper!

It sounds like we all tackle the storage issue in much the same way. I use the long Rubbermaid containers for the wrapping paper and keep my bows in the trays in the container. I also band each roll with a strip of paper with the year I last used the paper, when I pull out the Christmas decorations I also check the paper and if I can't see me using a particular paper this year and it wasn't used last year, it gets donated and asap!(that way I don't change my mind and keep it for SOMEDAY)Before I started doing this I had paper that was at least 20 years was cracking as I just moved the rolls let alone used the paper and talk about crazy colors!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day. The family was here and things went very well. Our DGS has been here since yesterday and what fun! We have been playing the wii and several new games, he is so good at the controls part and I provide the laughter! Like when we were water boarding and I hit the wall. But I got them at title here! And Luvs...the girlfriend and the necklace....same girl for the past 2 1/2 years...think it might just last. She is a very sweet girl. DH and DGS are on their way to town to pickup DGS books for two college courses he is starting. Growing up so fast.

Still haven't started the two Christmas project DH made for me, maybe tomorrow, especially if we get the snow that is in the forecast. Fresh snow, a scented candle and paint - no better combination!

Hope Anj is enjoying her "vacation" time!

Chat soon!


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Yea! You gals all posted today! So glad you are all doing okay and "thinking" about future projects.

You will be sooo proud of me! I cut out a little figure and completely painted it this afternoon! Still need to spray the sealer on but other than that, it is all finished. You'll have to go over to discussions and take a peek! ;o)

Anj, I love that brown kraft paper with red checked ribbon on it! Looks good with raffia too. And comes in really handy when you need to wrap a package to mail as well. Your ideas for the phone box sound cute, hope you find just the right sized box to use.

I got some ribbons organized and put away today. Even straightened out a couple drawers in the craft area. After tomorrow, I will start putting the decorations away--just a few things each day until it is done!

DH and I just went to see "Avatar" at the movies. OMG! It is sooo good. Anj, it is scifi, and has wonderful special effects, good plot, and a love story. The scenery is gorgeous, and of course, it is in 3D, but not the cartoony kind--just makes you feel like you are right in the middle of everything. I highly reccommend it!

Belle, I can't wait to see your next projects. Your DH is so great to cut things out for you. I used to cut things out well in advance, but then discovered that I changed my mind or started working on something else and didn't get them all painted. Now, I just go cut something out as I'm ready for it.

Punk, saw your post of your Christmas goodies on the other forum. Did you get any painting things?

DH gave me a really nice sized gift card to Michael's and a friend also gave me one. Just hope they get some new painting books in that I want. Wonder if they would accept "special requests"? LOL

Okay, gotta go. I'll chat more tomorrw.


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Oh Man, I posted last night on here and nothing stayed. I don't have time to repost everything. The kids are on there way down. It was good to hear from all and loved the New Years Baby, Luvs.

Take Care and I'll be back one of these nights. Punk

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Dang I posted this morning and mine is gone too Punk. They must still be having issues. Here is their explaination post from the other page. Grrrr. Don't have time to post again either. DH just came in and we are sitting down to watch the rest of our Harry Potterthon. ha I'll try to get back here tomorrow. ~Anj

"Wednesday, December 30, 11:00am ET: During our maintenance window, we experienced issues that required restoring yesterday's backup files. Unfortunately, this means that anything that was posted since midnight was lost. We apologize for the inconvenience, but in order to bring back site functionality, this was a necessary evil. Please contact us if you have questions."

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Well that's a real bummer that your posts disappeared--hope they have it all figured out and fixed now.

Thanks Punk, glad you liked my New Year's baby. It was in an old issue of Crafts magazine and I've had it earmarked to do for years. It just tickled my funny bone with the chubby looking little arms and legs and that big toothless smile. ;o)

Now I need to figure out what to start on next, I enjoyed being back in there painting something again.


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Luvs....seeing the above post answered my question that seems to also have been lost. You are OK after the quaking! When I heard it on the radio I thought of you and am so glad you are fine! We had a 6.2 a few years back and that was one of the most scary things I have ever experience and don't want to do it again!

We are heading for another storm with high winds predicted, so I will take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year!


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Belle, was there an earthquake in So. Calif.? I didn't feel one and hadn't even heard about one! It is pretty amazing when Mother Nature gives us a big shake--luckily they only last moments usually.

Sorry to hear you have big winds on the way. We've been getting some nice soft rains, but has made the weather rather chilly. I caught a cold right after Christmas, so just keeping the Kleenex box close by for now. Hope it goes away quickly.

Happy New Year to you as well, and stay in and stay warm--might be a good time for a bit of painting, huh?


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We had a great night playing games with the family. Hope ya'll had a fun night too! ~Anj

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Anj, we just got back from having dinner at one of our favorite places--Richie's Diner. We had their New Year's meal which consisted of Ham, mashed potatoes & gravy, black eyed peas,cornbread, and ambrosia. I told DH he should eat some black eyed peas for good luck in the New Year--so he ate two of them! LOL Did you have black eyed peas today as well? I figured they might be part of your family traditions.

When I get off here, I'm going to go select my next project to get started on. Of course, painting will be done in between the "undecorating" that I've started to do. Not rushing it, will just take my time, I want to sort a few things out to donate to TS and try to organize the rest so it will be easy next year.

Nothing else new to write about. Can't wait to hear what everyone else is up to.


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Good Morning,

Anj, sounds like you had fun with the family. Great way to bring in the New Year. We brought little GD home and still have her. Oh what fun. She got to see some fireworks while driving through town so she enjoyed that.

Belle, hope you are ok. Doesn't sound good with high winds heading your way. Maybe you better move to MT sooner than planned.

Luvs, sounds like you had a nice dinner. I've never heard about eating blackeyed peas for good luck. So happy that DH got 2 down so luck will be with him this year.

Did you start you next project? I'm going to try to get some painting done soon because I just got a call and found out we could have company in 2 weeks. Amazing how it changes my days.

Happy New Year, Punk

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Happy Saturday Morning! I got the New Year started off right by doing some little craft projects. Got the box done up with scrapbooking papers and fabric for the girls at church to put their cell phones in. And I had some wooden hearts that I painted. I had saved a floral b-day card from a few years ago so I cut out the heart pattern on it and glued it on the front of the hearts. Turned out cute. I'll post a pic after I finish painting the other things to go with them. I'm using them for bowl fillers for Valentines day. I really am having fun with paper art. Want to try to incorporate it as backgrounds on some of my painted items this year. I have part of a glass block painted too so I'll see if I can finish it up soon as well.
I still need to take down my Christmas decorations, but may wait until Monday when the kids go back to school.

Luvs~ DH went to see Avatar with his friends yesterday without me. He said it was awesome too so can't wait to see it. We did have black-eyed peas cooked with ham and cabbage and cornbread for supper last night. It is a Southern tradition dating back to the civil war. We eat black-eyed peas for luck, pork for progress, and some kind of greens representing money. Glad ya'll got to partake! ha I guess 2 will suffice for R. ha Tell him he's already pretty lucky having you for a wife. ha
Can't remember what all I had written in my long post that got lost. So aggravating.
Punk~ have fun with DGD. Thinking we may go out to do something fun with the kids today before they have to go back to school MOnday.
Belle~ hope you didn't get blown away! ha

Well, hope you all have a good Saturday. I've about got my office organized. Had to tear it apart to get it the way I wanted it which made an even bigger mess. ha Have one little corner with some boxes stacked up that I need to go thru and dust my shelves and I'll be done. Hoping to start the new year incorporating my one day a week to paint. At least I did get my desk cleaned off so I have a place to paint. ha Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

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Is it Saturday all ready? Our DGS just left for home after a really fun visit.

The wind took another direction and only the edge of the storm touched us, but Portland really got hit with the wind and lots of snow, we only had a dusting. Our snow is so much different than other parts of the country, it is heavy, wet snow and then it usually freezes so everything is one big skating rink and add the fact that nothing is flat here. One good thing it is now raining and my pond has thawed and I still have live fish.

I guess I am way behind or way in front of the times, I've never heard of ham and black-eyed peas, etc. We usually just have finger food. But it really sounds like a nice tradition!

I actually got out the paint I needed to start a new project and ended up cleaning my pantry/paint room. My TS will think it is Christmas in January. I trimmed down my cloth material to one bin (I had 3)and I probably should have just donated all of it, how often do you use cloth on a project? Not often anymore. I still have a big drawer of wood "bits and pieces" that will be painted someday. Ya! Right! I cataloged all of my books in sections and will post a list soon. And figured out that if I didn't add any new "things I want to do" to my list I would be still be painting in 2 years. Thank goodness I only have DH cut a new project as I finish one. And my DD came up with a really cute ornie for next year...picture but no pattern or palette and I emphasize palette...I hate creating a color palette, so many trials and errors...mostly errors. I have to get a new color wheel, I miss mine, but most really good ones also come with a good price. glad you didn't even feel the quake, we heard it was on the border between Calif and Mexico and was felt in San Diego. The two elements I hate the most are wind and quakes. There is no way to prepare for them. nights are such fun if you can find a game everyone wants to play or enough people to play more than one at a time. Our fave is Pictionary.

So..hurry up and post those pictures girl! Love seeing everyone's projects, painted or other crafts.

Punk....if we could move today we would. Home prices in our area are still really low and add the fact that it "flooded" once and we would loose over half the property value. We were offered 1/4 of our tax appraised value by someone wanting to buy. I think they just wanted to hold onto the land for a couple of years and then resell at a higher price and it will come...someday! Right now we just couldn't take the loss. 3D as hard to watch as it used to be? I am very sensitive to motion or distorted motion. The Omni theater made me sick, I finally closed my eyes and they stayed that way through the rest of the showing. Avatar sounds like good movie and is at a theater in Olympia, nice trip and dinner out sound really great about now.

I think the dogs have tree'd something, they have been barking for a good 5 minutes, so I'd better check.

Until later,


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