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luvstocraftDecember 2, 2009

Good morning, I know it's not Monday, but that last post is getting too long--I'm tired of scrolling all the way to the bottom. LOL

I painted some last night. A Renee Mullins angel, almost done, just need the final details. Felt good to sit in there and paint, but can tell I'm not painting often enough. Seems like a struggle instead of just fun--and my control of the brush feels awkward again.

Time to head to my little friends to do her stmt. again. sure seems like the months roll around fast. I promised her we'd go get a hot pastrami sandwich for lunch today! Yum!

I'll check back in later. Hope you all have a good one.


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Morning. I quickly scanned the last posts on the other thread so sorry if I miss something.

Forgot who wanted my green bean casserole recipe already, but here it is. I just fry up some bacon in an iron skillet. Remove when crispy, drain off some but not all of the grease. Add about 3-4 cans of Italian sliced green beans and some chopped onions. Fry those down. Add Tony Chacheres cajun seasoning (makes it spicy), onion salt and pepper. Then put the green beans in a 13x9 glass pan. Add 1-2 cans of cream of mushroom soup. Mix well. Add about a 1/4 or a little more of a large can of fried onions and mix those in. Spread it all out nicely and bake in 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes. Take it out and top with remaining fried onions and put back into oven for about 10 minutes.

I'm totally in a rush. What's new, huh? ha Have to get some things done, then start baking cookies for our youth activity tonight. We are painting teacups and saucers. the cups have been poured with candles. The teacups and saucers will be glued together and then put into gift baskets that we are doing for our church widows for Christmas. Wondering if I'm ever gonna have time to paint for my 12 days. Starting to get close and I've got nothing prepared yet. I hope I get to do it. I know it means a lot to the families we do it for. I think I ended up skipping last year because of not having enough time. Grrr.

Luvs~ how did you like New Moon. =D Have fun today.

Ok ladies, I'm totally sorry, but I've forgotten what else I wanted to add and I know there was way more. I've really got to git as my g-ma used to say. Ya'll have a great day. ~Anj

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Great to see that two of our team made it here today. Luvs, I must of been having a blond moment when I asked how to find the posts.LOL Thanks, I just never have time to go back.

Your angel sounds cute but it doesn't sound like you are enjoying the painting like you should. Sigh When I'm hit like that it's because I'm not in the mood to paint. I need to do some cleaning so I need to get off here and do it.

Anj, the cups and saucers sound cute. If you have an extra minute, snap a pic. and post for us. I hope you can do your 12 days of Christmas. Belle will be so tickled you posted your gr bean cass. I'm the only one in my family that eats it so I don't make it very ofter.

I am so busy right now and seem to be falling behind more every day. It's only a little over a week before I head to Vegas so need to start focusing better.

I had so many stop in to see my pink tree at the office. They were all great and didn't hang around which was good since I was so busy.

I'll close and hope all of you have a wonderful night.


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Hi...have a few minutes in between running around today. Went to Costco with my friend right after dropping the kids at school this morning to pick up food for our church Christmas party on Friday. Just got home and cramming down some lunch before I have to pick up kindergartener and go back to the store. DH is making Crawfish Chowder for the party and I need to go pick up his ingredients. May try to stop in the TS for a sec to do a quick run thru. ha Having withdrawals even though I don't need anything.
Punk~ it's nice that people are stopping in to see your pink tree. Must make you feel good. I just found out that 2 other people are doing stuff for the family I had picked out for 12 days. There are 2 other families that I've been thinking about. I don't think I'll do the 12 days, but I think I will just make up a cute basket or paint a cute box to fill with goodies for them instead. One is an older couple that we have kind of adopted as grandparents this year and the other isn't doing well financially so maybe a box of food staples would be better than cutesy stuff?? That will take the stress off of me and we'll still be helping someone else out.
Think I figured out what I'm doing for teacher gifts. Got this new boxed set of cute glass jars at the TS for $1...never been opened. Think I'm gonna fill each one with candy and tie a bow around the top and call it good. Still need something for the crosswalk lady (she's a friend and I'm thankful she's there cause she really takes her job seriously and watches my kids and everyone else's when they are crossing that busy street in front of the school). I still have to come up with a little something for our neighborhood gift exchange (only a few $$'s) and various friends. Usually ends up being about 20 of those. I did a little Christmas sign year before last and then the painted mitten plug covers last year (that everyone loved). I really need to get my creative juices flowing. ha If I had time to think about it for more than a few minutes it would be nice. ha Maybe I'll run across another big bag of cutouts at the TS today and inspiration will hit me again like it did with the mittens last year. ha If ya'll have any good ones please share them. Those little donut snowmen were a big hit last year too so may do some of those for different families this year.

Luvs...still waiting to hear how you liked New Moon.

Belle~ on the green bean casserole, I forgot to say drain the green beans before frying down. I think most people would know that, but just in case. ha Sounds like DH is taking good care of you. Take it easy. =)

Joan~ sorry I didn't make it around to replying to your post this time, but I'll get you next time I'm in. Have a good day! =)

Sorry, I've been thinking out loud with you guys, but I gotta keep a running list going in my head at all times this month for sure. ha Ya'll have a good day. I'm outta here again. ~Anj

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Ya'll might actually get tired of hearing from me. ha Just had to share what I got at the TS today. I'll have to take a pic later. I got a wooden paint holder (holds 50 bottles) with a handle...will fit right on my painting desk for $3!!! So excited! And I also got the cutest little tiled snowman picture for $2, a new box of stocking hangers $2, and some books for .50 cents each.
Greetings Vol II by Rebecca Carter (Fall/Halloween)
Holiday to Holiday by Poiette Lang
Stockings Full Of Christmas by Pat Wakefield (painted stockings)
Let's Paint Just Be 'Cuz by Kenna Reynolds & Donna Malone (misc)

So I'm pretty excited that I got to stop in there today. I'll try to get pics posted later. Just wanted to share my excitement. =) ~Anj

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Hey Anj, Here you are chatting away at us and we were all gone today! Glad you found out about the other people already doing the 12 days for the same family you picked. Better to have more people get taken care of than for one to get so much. I like your ideas, and you are right, it will take some of the pressure off of you during this busy season too.

Glad you got to stop at the TS. Sounds like you found some neat stuff too! I'll show you mine if you will show me your's!

I found a few painting books, a little Christmas decorations book and a book with ideas for packaging food gifts. I also got this cute gingerbread house, snowman in a cloche, and little redbird ornament. I was so happy!

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Well, surprise surprise...here I am again and I'm sick. =( Well, it's coming anyway. My throat is scratchy and hurting and it's up in my ears and my glands are kinda swollen. Think I have fever cause I'm freezin and everybody else is burning up. Got a bad headache too.
I've just been sitting here listening to relaxing music and going thru the posts that I missed over on discusions. Gotta try to remember to dash thru there too when I'm rushed. I missed a bunch.

Luvs!! Nice day for TS's everywhere I guess. ha What fun things you got.That little cloche snowman is CUTE! Cardinals are one of my favorite birds. Really need to learn how to paint them and I know we'll be seeing that cute gingerbread house on your holiday tablescapes. Good job on the books. I think I have at least a few of those....Either Merry Merry or Santa Brigade or both. Laurie Speltz's looks like a good one! I really need to get in there and organize mine again. I got em all tossed up last time I was looking for patterns.

The whole family was supposed to go to our church Christmas party tonight, but I think I'm gonna skip and go to bed early. DH can handle the kids by himself for one night. =) Ya'll have a good one. I'll try to get a pic taken of my stuff tomorrow. ~Anj

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Gosh, Anj, you've been so busy but it sounds like a darn "bug" caught you anyway! Yes, bundle up and get some extra rest, hopefully you can ward it off. I'm a big believer in good ol Vicks on the throat and then wrapping a soft towel around it. Also a warm salt water & vinegar gargle usually helps me although most people hate the taste. I suppose some Listerine would work too!

Anj, did you see the books Punk posted on the exchange forum? There were two that were hunting/fishing related I think. I was sure you would want them.

She sent me two books and I know I'll use one of them for sure. It is so fun to get "new" books to look at. The ones I got at the TS were 35 cents and it was 30% off night, so couldn't beat the price. I've got books stacked on the end table and on the floor over by the family room couch. I've got to decide which ones I'll probably get around to and then get the others all stashed away. Love to grab a couple when I'm sitting there and just browse. ;o)

Okay, I'd better check holidays and then get off here. DH is playing pool tonight, so it's just me and the dogs--oh, also have a bird, we're bird sitting while our friend takes a 14 day cruise to Alaska!

Get well soon.


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Still not feeling great but promised DD I'd take her shopping today. Waiting for DH to get back from helping our neighbors move this morning. He promised to watch the other kids for me but I guess he forgot and now it's snowing. Urg. Would have liked to have gotten the shopping done early and been back home by now, but oh well. Need to get at least some of the decorating done today.
Luvs~ I haven't looked at exchanges for a while, but feel bad taking books if I've not posted any. I'll go take a peek though. Guess I'll go ahead and put the lights on the tree while I'm waiting for DH. Watch I'll get in the middle of it and he'll get back. ha I don't like being interrupted in something once I get started. I'll just wait. ha Later. ~Anj.

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Hi All, I'm getting too old for all this decorating stuff! I put the tree up yesterday and did some decorating on it and the house, then started in again today. My feet are killing me tonight, think I was just on them too much today. Thank goodness Col. Sanders cooked dinner for us tonight! ;o)

I haven't done any shopping yet--don't even have a clue what I'm going to get everyone. I'd like to decide and get it done this next week so I can just enjoy the rest of the time until Christmas.

Anj, I don't think any of us care if you take some of the books--we don't want them any more and would rather have them go to a good home than have to donate to TS or something. I'm sure I have some more to donate, but will have to sort them out this winter again.

Better go check the other forum, I'm hoping to get to bed early tonight. I'll catch you all later.


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Quick Post>>>>>WE ROCKED THE TACOMA DOME! ! ! ! ! ! Anda High school is # 1, we won in a very hard fought game -32 to 24 and I am tired and sore and it snowed for the last 45 minutes of our drive home, so it's off to bed!!!!!


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Hello Everyone,

Belle, woohoo, sooooo happy your with the winning team. That is so awesome. Your projects were so darn cute and I really enjoyed them.

I don't have any of my books I posted left. One of my girlfriends (past student) and her DH showed up friday night and she loved my Christmas table and said I have some Christmas China you can have. So I told her I would trade her for some painting books. She also gave me some ice skates to paint on. I gave her those and a few more. I'm so excited to reset my table but I will have to wait until I get back from vacation.

We did get some Christmas shopping done. Wish I could paint instead of clean house, wrap gifts and decorate.


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