It's December AAAAHHHH!

anjabeeDecember 1, 2008

Happy December 1st! It's coming down to the wire and I'm starting to get worried. I have not bought the first gift and I'm usually almost done by now. I've gotten no painting done for neighbor gifts. Sigh.

I am working on our church lady's group party (9th)as well as the church Christmas party (5th). At least they are having them way early so I'll be done with them. I've got to go today to get all the candy and fixins for the little goodie bags they are giving out to the kids, then a group of us are meeting tomorrow to put them all together. When I get home from shopping and running a few errands I've got to move furniture around to make room for my tree. Hate to have it squinched up in the corner. ha I'll super clean the living room while I'm at it and then decorate so that room will at least be done. What are your plans for this week? Anything fun?

My calendar is filling up fast. This is always a busy month. I've really got to make some time for painting. I'm envious of all the fun projects that are getting posted and mine are just sitting on my table staring at me. ha

Time to wake up the second round to get ready for school and work. The running begins. ha Have a good one. ~Anj

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I only have one gift purchased so far! Haven't even bought anything for my little GD. Usually she is the easiest, but I'm just not coming up with any good ideas!

Wow! You're working on two parties and trying to get your house all decorated and take care of a sick DH. Sure hope he is doing lots better and won't have any more problems. I know you will enjoy doing all the goodie bags with the ladies, and the kids will love them.

My house is a mess! Boxes in the living room and family room. DH got the lights on the house yesterday, and I got the tree up and partially decorated. Was on my feet so much that my legs ached all night! More to do today, will just take my time and not try to do too much all at once. Just want to get it all done, so I can get back to some projects I'm wanting to do.

Hope you got your furniture moved and tree up yesterday. Don't you just love how pretty the tree lights make the room look? Just love that pretty glow. We use colored lights because little GD likes "rainbow" everything! LOL

TTYL and happy decorating. ;o)


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HI...what a very long and busy day it's been. Tomorrow not looking much better. Decided that Thurs I'm gonna have to go buy a few stocking stuffers and get a few other gifts taken care of. DH and I are planning a date for next Fri to Toys R Us and try to get most of the gifts at one swoop instead of running all over town. The bad thing is that the kids didn't find much to put on their lists this year. Good for the pocketbook, but not nice for them on Christmas morning. Sigh. Santa better start thinking! ha

We got all the little bags done for the party Friday night. I sat down tonight to try to organize my calendar and there is something going on almost every day already. Makes me feel frantic. I'm never gonna have any time for painting at this rate. I only have 3 weeks to get my neighbor gifts done. Better just set aside a few days to work on nothing but that.
I got all the furniture moved and all the fall things put away, but need help getting the Christmas stuff out of the attic so don't have any decorating done yet. May get my dad to help me with it tomorrow.

I've decided that I have got to get better organized next year. Better get back on the Flylady routine (at least my version of it). Need to set aside certain days to do certain tasks so I'm not going around in circles so much and forgetting things left and right. As it is I keep waiting for things to slow down and they don't ever seem to, just seems to get faster. I just looked at the clock and can't believe it's 10:30 already. I'd better get to bed. 6am comes mighty early these days. I hope you are doing better than I am and able to enjoy the season. It just sneaks up on me earlier every year. ha I'll check in tomorrow sometime.

Oh, you asked about DH....he has his followup appt with his dr tomorrow. He says he is still not feeling 100% right and is not eating least not as much as normal. Still taking antibiotics. Guess we'll see what she tells him tomorrow.

Shoot, I see it's my little widow neighbor lady's b-day tomorrow. Need to see if I can run to the store tomorrow and get her a card and a little something for a treat. Ok, I'm going to bed before I think of anything else to add to my list of to-do's. Sorry, my writing is probably reading about as scatterbrained as I feel. Need sleep. ha I'll catch ya tomorrow. ~Anj

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Anj, give yourself a break! You are getting tons of stuff done girl! You're just feeling a bit overwhelmed because of all the stuff you feel you still NEED TO DO. With four younguns and a hubby, I'm sure they all keep you extra busy with what they need/want.

I'm feeling a bit that way too--hate having the boxes all over the house! Hope to make lots of progress on getting my stuff up and done today. I keep trying to think of new ways to arrange things or new places to do a display--that's what's slowing me down so much I think. So what if I still do all the snowmen in the front window--that's where they all fit! Got to just get it done and not worry whether it looks just the same as last year or not. LOL

I don't think you can be "organized" this time of year. Just got to do most things on the fly and take it as it comes. Squeeze whatever you can into the time available. Best to not fight it and just go with the flow, don't you think? There's always January and February for organizing.

I can't even think about doing a painting project until I get this decorating mess out of the way. Guess I mean that my "space" has to be uncluttered in order for my creative side of my brain to function! LOL

Hope your DH gets a good report today. Know you will be really busy with trying to get things done, hope your Dad can lend a hand. Are the kids getting excited about the decorating and all?

My DIL gave me some good suggestions for our little GD, so I'll drag Gpa to the store with me soon to find some of them. I figure now that he is retired, he should get to "enjoy" the whole Christmas shopping experience. (He's normally one of those that run out on Christmas Eve and grab whatever is left types). LOL

Try to slow down just enough to enjoy yourself a bit, it will all get done, and if it doesn't, you'll probably be the only one who knows! (((hugs)))


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Well, I don't seem to be feeling as frantic today, but maybe it's the drugs. ha I took a Tylenol PM at midnight last night and I think it's still in effect cause I'm still feeling a little groggy and I can't quit yawning. At least I slept good. =)

I didn't get ANYTHING done at home yesterday. Helped my parents with some things in the morning, took them to a late lunch, then shopping. Got home and started supper and homework. Before I knew it, it was time for bed. ha I was going to so some Christmas shopping today, but decided I'd better stay home and do some work.

DH got a good bill of health from the Dr. yesterday so we are happy about that. She said he's still healing so it will take time for him to feel completely back to normal.

My 4 yr old LOVES those ColorWonder books and markers if you need another suggetion. The markers only show up on the books and not on anything else. My DH is one of those last minute shoppers as well. He usually ends up finding some good deals though. ha

I'll try to take your suggestion and not get too overwhelmed. I shortened my to-do list to only 8 things to do today and I'm not looking too far forward on my calendar so I don't start feeling the pressure again. ha One day at a time, right?

Our weather has been so nice (no snow), but it's starting to get really cold now down into the low 40's and it is supposed to snow next Tues. The kids never having known anything else are complaining that there won't be any snow for Christmas. Notice I'm not complaining. ha

Well, I had better get going. The sooner I start the sooner it'll be done. Cleaning up my office area is on my list. I can't paint in a mess either and I'm hoping to get some time this weekend. Fingers crossed.

Have a good day! ~Anj

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Hi Anj, glad you got a good nights sleep, I'm sure you really needed it.
I didn't get a chance to sign on here this morning, was invited next door for a get together. Sort of nice for the four of us to spend a little time together like that. She had gotten a new WII, so we played with it. The bowling was really fun--tennis not so much--and the boxing was hilarious! You can really get a good workout with that thing!
I worked more on my decorating this afternoon and got all the boxes stashed back in the storage shed area. Still need to do a few more things, but for the most part, it's DONE! I don't do the whole house, mostly just the living/dining room, family room and a bit in the kitchen. Oh, and I did put a couple little things in the front bathroom too.
Now, I need to go shopping for presents. Once that is taken care of, I'll be able to play some more with my paints. It's so funny, but at Halloween I thought I had so much time to get things done--and suddenly Christmas is right around the corner and I feel the need to RUSH to get it all done! Happens to me every year! LOL

Gotta go fix some dinner so will chat more tomorrow. Hope today goes well for you.


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Now I would have paid money to see you playing the Wii! ha One of DS's friends brought his over here and they were jumping around all over the place so that's the picture I have in my head. ha I've heard they are a workout. We are thinking of pooling the money my DM gave our family to buy a new xbox 360 and get Rock Band for us. My brother has it and everyone gets a different instrument and someone sings. It's so addicting. I'm glad you had a good time with your friends. So nice to be able to get together like that isn't it?

I am sitting here like I have nothing better to do, but in my defence it is only 68 degrees in my house! I'm half frozen! My stupid furnace is still not working right....seems like the colder it is outside (44) the harder it is for it to get up to the required degrees (75 at least!) and our stupid furnace guy will not call us back (he just installed this new heating system last winter if you remember). I am not a happy camper. I've got the little portable heater heating up my bathroom so I can shower here in a minute then I'm going to the grocery store to be warm for a little while. ha I have to get some ingredients for the dish I'm taking to the church Christmas party tonight.
And I still don't have my Christmas tree up!! DD told me that we need to hurry up cause Santa can't come until we get our tree up. I ALWAYS do it the day after Thanksgiving. So late on everything this year, but I'm not stressing. I turned my calendar around backward so I can only look at it once per day. ha Only have 6 things on my todo list today so that seems to be working on reducing the stress. Actually getting more done when I'm not overwhelmed by that big long list.

I'm gonna go for now. I've got people coming over at 3pm to pick up some things and I need to get them together before I go to the store. You have a great day. Are you very sore?? I know I would be. I haven't exercised in a long time. Talk to you soon. ~Anj

OOps, left this open for hours. Let's see if it will post.

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Anj, you are so right--that thing makes you move! I was out of breath after the training session on boxing! Had to really swing your arms on that one. The bowling was so fun, of course we were only doing beginner levels. LOL I went to Walmart today thinking I might get us one--but they were sold out. Guess it comes with one controller and then you have to buy extras. My neighbor actually had four of them so we each had one to use. I'm thinking it would be fun and good exercise for DH and me.

That furnace guy better take care of your problem. Gosh, a brand new system should not be giving you trouble like that. Aren't those little space heaters great for the bathroom? Got DH one for his birthday, he was always turning the house furnace on to warm up the bathroom and then I'd be too warm since I was doing housecleaning and such. The little one makes it just right in there and he loves it.

Glad you got that calendar working for you. Do you look at it each night and figure out what has to be done the next day? That sounds like a good system. Then if you get all your today's items done, you can always take a peek and do one for tomorrow too. ;o)

I went out to do some shopping today. Didn't get much as far as Christmas presents--mainly because I still don't know what to buy everyone. I did go to our Mervyn's store that is going out of business to see what they had discounted. Kids clothes were already 50% off and today they had another 20% off. I found a cute little brown hoodie with pink hearts on it, then found a little skirt and a long sleeve top to match for GD. I also stopped by the little Discovery shop TS and found a few cute Christmas things, all 50% off. Then I pulled in the GW on the way back home and found the cutest little snowman placemats for 99 cents each minus my senior discount of 10%. Why is it that finding those little treasures always makes me feel so good? I keep telling myself not to stop because I end up buying stuff I really don't NEED, just because it is cute and cheap! LOL

I was running out of places to hang all my painted Christmas items that I made last year. I ended up hanging one of them right on the wall by my computer--and you know what? I am really enjoying seeing it. Do you ever look at one of your projects and you are just amazed to realize YOU painted it? That's how I often feel when I look at some of my projects--I am just so very glad that I got brave enough to try my hand at painting--it has been such a pleasure to me all these years. ;o)

Well, I need to get some clothes out of the dryer hung up, so I'll check back in here tomorrow. Hope you had a great time at the party tonight.


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Morning... The party last night was nice. We had a nice dinner and a cute little program. 2 of my kids ended up going to sleepovers after and then the other two stayed with my parents so we actually got to sleep in this morning. That is always soooo nice. I've been sitting here watching a little Christmas movie.

So funny, I was complaining about the heater guy and he showed up right after I posted! ha It's so warm in my house!! Yay! Faulty circuit board, but it was still under warranty or it would have cost us $300!

My DM said she would watch DD while the kids are in school next week so I can go get some Christmas shopping done. We are doing all our decorating today. The shorter to-do list is working great! Sooo....hoping I can get on top of everything and get to some major painting. I want to be painting so badly that all this other stuff seems like a stress because it's getting in my way! ha

I'm glad you are getting thru all your chores as well. I am sometimes amazed at what I've painted...especially the more detailed ones that I didn't think would turn out so good when I started them. Still see lots of room for improvement though and I know how hard it is for me to get them there. Wish I had that effortless talent like other people seem to have. But it is a pleasure for me also so I'll keep doing it and hopefully will improve over the years. =)

Probably all the Wii's are sold out for Christmas. If you wait until after you may be able to get one cheaper??? I admit it...I love playing video games. ha I hope ya'll can get one. I saw a commercial last night for the Wii game that was an actual workout. Looked kinda silly though and probably not as fun as bowling. ha

Well, I never ate breakfast and I'm getting a bit peckish so I think I'll go rustle up some grub. You have a great day! ~Anj

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Hi Anj, just got back from taking little GD home. We took some detours to look at all the pretty lights too. She was making us laugh because we would sort of run out of the lighted houses then when we would see another group of them, she would say "now we're talking". Have no idea where she picked that expression up. LOL

I'm feeling really good about this week. The decorations are done. I'll try to do a couple tablescapes for Holidays this week, found the cutest snowman placemats for only 99 cents each at GW the other day as well as a really cute little candleholder snowman at the Discovery Shop.

Need to get out and finish my shopping hopefully tomorrow. Have a doctor's appt Tuesday--just routine one. Thinking I might even get to work on a project Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Like you, I'm really wanting to do some painting. I've given away the items I was planning to use for neighbor gifts this year, so might try to make some new ones. Still wanting to finish a Halloween topper for a basket for a friend of mine too. Just got the basket spray painted black, and need to cut out a top to go on it. She wanted it, and can stash it away for next year.

And there are so many cute Christmas things I'd love to get painted! Don't need them, but just want to do them. ;o)

Glad your party was fun, always nice when everyone brings a dish, and such a nice way to get new recipes too. I'm even more glad that the furnace guy got your heater fixed and it was still under warranty. Good for you.

Glad your Mom is going to give you some free time without the little one so you can shop. Much easier to hurry from place to place that way isn't it?

Walmart said they would be getting more of the WIIs in, so will check again this week. Haven't tried Best Buy or any other stores yet either. I sure hope I can get it, can't think of much else to get for DH. ;o(

We've got a Union dinner coming up at an Italian restaurant, so that will be good. Then in January, there is going to be a surprise birthday party for DH's cousin. They are having it at a house where she lived for years before her divorce. She actually lived a block away from our house at the time, and we had the exact same floor plan, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the new people have done with the house almost as much as I'm looking forward to the party. I really liked those houses, but we had pools and that got old pretty quickly! LOL It will also be a chance to get together with lots of old friends too, so that is always nice.

Okay, I'm writing a book, better go check the other forum. I'll chat with you again soon. Good luck with the shopping and decorating this week.


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Hey...thought I'd better get in here tonight cause don't know when I'll drop in tomorrow. Have to take my DM shopping in the morning after we drop the kids at school. We are getting all the ingredients for the sweet potato casseroles we are making for the church lady's Christmas social on Tuesday night. She and I are making 7 so we'll be cooking all day Tuesday.
Tomorrow night our neighborhood is having a little get-to-gether in the cul-de-sac around the corner. They are doing scones and hot chocolate and they are collecting donations of coats and warm things for the homeless shelter, canned goods for the food bank or money for some less fortunate families in our neighborhood. Better go and support that.
Wednesday I need to go do some shopping. So if I get a lot done that means I can paint Thurs & Fri.

I got most of the decorating done yesterday so I painted some today. Got one little item done just to see how it looks. I'll try to post it tomorrow and see what ya'll think of it. If it's ok, I may do a bunch for my little neighbor gifts along with some cookies or something.

So many things I want to paint too, but doubt I'll have the time. Found a fun one to paint on a glass block that I really want to get done. I've still got 3 projects 1/2 done on my table that I need to get finished up as well. Not stressing though. One thing at a time.

We are going to take the kids to Thanksgiving Pointe. It's hard to explain what it is, but there is a dinosaur museum, a farm area, a big garden maze, shopping and restaurants, and I think they have events there as well. Almost like a little village. Anyway, they are supposed to have tons of lights and you can drive thru it for $5 a car and they have live reindeer too. I know DD and the older kids will love it. We try to drive around every year to let them see the lights, but it's kind of sporatic. DD gets really excited everytime we drive past one house in the neighborhood that has lots of fun things lit up in their yard.

Hope you can get the Wii. Know ya'll will enjoy it. Have no idea what I'm getting DH either.

You'll have to let me know how the house is when you go. And hope you get to see lots of your old friends. That should be fun.
As you can see, it's after 1am so I'd better get to bed. I'm almost falling out of my chair. I'll try to get here sometime tomorrow afternoon to post my pic. ~Anj

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Good luck at the dr's today Luvs. Hope you get a good bill of health!

I'll be baking all day and hopefully getting some of these boxes out of my living room. ha

I spent all day yesterday working on the church party. We got all the groceries for the food we are having and then spent the rest of the day decorating the church hall with tables and trees and getting things ready in the kitchen. A lot of yapping with the other ladies too of course.
Skipped the neighborhood party last night. It was snowing....a lot....biggest snowflakes I've ever seen! Just couldn't take the kids out in that. I still have some canned goods to give them for the food drive.

Ok, it's time to get the kids up. You have a good day. ~Anj

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Good evening! Gosh the days sure go by fast! No problem at the doctor's. He scheduled my mammogram and I asked to have the arteries in my neck checked--several family members have had problems, so we figured it would put my mind at ease to have mine checked. Get to go to the new building and will have my first mammogram on the digital machines. They say the pictures are so much more sharp and clear.

I ran around looking for presents--only got one. Almost done, just a couple other things to find.

Didn't get my wood cut out, and it's almost dinner time. Maybe I can do it tomorrow afternoon. Have a 10 o'clock breakfast date with a friend tomorrow, so should have some time after that. Would be nice to just relax and paint a bit, I've about had my fill of the shopping now. LOL

The yapping with the ladies is always fun, makes us realize that everyone else is hustling to try to get it all done just like we are! Nice that you and your Mom can share doing these things together too.

Sorry you had to miss the neighborhood party. We had some kids from a local church come by collecting food items. I didn't know them, but went to the pantry and pulled out a few cans for them anyway.

Sun is down now and it's getting chilly in here, so I need to get up and go close the back door. We leave it ajar allot so the dogs can go in and out during the day. Otherwise, they drive us nuts wanting in and out! LOL

Hope your baking got all done. I'd be wanting to sample it all. ;o) We'll chat more tomorrow.


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anjabee's it goin?? I just want to go crawl back in bed. ha We didn't get the building cleaned up from the party last night until 10 something and then had to come home and get homework done and the kids ready for bed. My back is in bad shape today. Was going to go shopping, but think I'll relax it and paint today instead. I'm just tired.

Glad the dr visit was good. I don't go for my checkups like I should. Never make the time.

Can't believe it's still warm enough there to leave your door open. I just cranked my heater up to 80 degrees. I'm so cold this morning. It's only 27 degrees outside right now and low 40's for the high. Brrr. I closed down all my blinds so I don't have to see the snow and with the heater cranked up I may be able to fool myself that it's not winter. ha I keep waiting for DH to come in there and say something about it being hot in here. He's hot when it's set on 70 degrees though. ha

What are you cutting out?

Well, I have got to go shopping tomorrow and get some things bought. I still haven't even decorated my tree yet. Got the lights on it and that's it. It's so late now I don't know if I want to bother with it. ha Maybe this afternoon.

DH just took the boys to school so I don't have to. Think I'll be a little lazy this morning and go lay back down for a little while before the 4 yr old wakes up. ~Anj

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Isn't having the opportunity to go back to bed wonderful? Sometimes after I get up and let my dogs out, put their food and fresh water out, and make the coffee, I will run back in and jump into bed just to snuggle under the warm blankets and warm up my cold feet! LOL

I found the item I was looking for, hope DH will be really surprised! He is so hard to buy for, and will seldom give any suggestions!

Now I've got to do some neighbor gifts, at the rate I'm going--I may end up having to buy them. We'll see, maybe I can get in gear and paint some today.

Only one more thing I want to go look at for DIL today, and should find at least one more thing for GD. GD must have way too much stuff if I'm struggling this hard to think of stuff for her this year. LOL

I got a basket spray painted black and now need to cut out a top for it. A friend sent me a Halloween design that she liked, so I'm hoping to get it painted for her before I see her in January. I love spray painting things black! It just covers so well, and makes such a dramatic change. LOL

So are you going to have a tree decorating party and let the kids help? Or do you need to do it yourself? I have fond memories of the times my son and I spent decorating our trees. We always had to turn out all the other lights afterward, play some Christmas music, and have a snack while basking in the glow of the tree lights. I miss that now--he's too busy doing his own tree.

I played with some table decorating last night. Not as fancy as some, but will give me a few options if we have company come. Nice part was that I used dishes I already had so other than buying some new napkins for $5, it didn't cost anything. I'll be posting some of the pics on Holidays if Photobucket gets my problem solved so they can be clicked on to enlarge them. I emailed them, and they are working on it.

I have to say, I love my house all decorated for Christmas. Just looks so pretty when I walk down the hall in the mornings. I mostly do the living/dining room, with just a few things in the kitchen and family room. I even put a poinsettia arrangement and a candle in the guest bathroom too!

Well, have a good day today, hope you get lots crossed off on your to do list. Thought it was cute how you said you closed the blinds so you could be inside all warm and cozy and pretend it wasn't winter! ;o)


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Good morning!!

I'm glad you got DH taken care of. I still have no idea what I'm getting mine. The only thing I've come up with so far is a gift cert. for a massage.

I've only gotten one other mitten painted. I turned it the other way and I like it better. I'll post it today and see which one ya'll like better. I've got all the rest of them base coated.
I do like painting things black. I have a lot of black things in my house. Love it.

I shopped all day yesterday until around 6pm. We had to go out again and buy my oldest DD a coat after DH got home. So in between, I turned on the Christmas music and me and the 2 youngest did some tree decorating. Didn't get everything on it, but it's a start anyway. I think I'm going to go gather some medium sized twigs to make a star for the top of my tree and spray paint it white. My house is starting to look good. Need to put up a few lights and garland over all the windows (my kids love that in their rooms) and get 2 more boxes of decorations out of the attic today and I'll be done!! I put all my gingerbreads in the kitchen this year, then I'm trying to put all my snowmen in one spot, my santas in another, and my reindeer are all grouped in front of my tv.

Yesterday I went around to K-mart, Target, Shopko, and Michaels and picked up some things on the list. I already knew what the prices were at ToysRUs and I got some good deals and found a few things that TRU doesn't carry. Got some good art supplies for oldest DD at Michaels. She really loves to draw. Got her a book that teaches how to draw people's faces. She was just complaining that she wished she knew how to do them better and Santa listens. ha Tonight DH and I will run by TRU on our date and pick up the rest and I'll have everything done for the kisd except a few stocking stuffers. I hope anyway. ha Now to finish these painted neighbor items and figure out something for teacher and cross-walk lady gifts. Oh and my parents! ha I'm getting them a Sequence game for their camper for sure, but will maybe get them tickets to the theatre since I heard my DM say she wanted to see the Scarlett Pimpernel this year. I do too! ha Thinking we are sending DH's parents Omaha Steaks this year. Better get those ordered!

I'm glad you emailed Photobucket. Did they give any explaination except that they are working on it??? A lot of people are not happy with the changes. ha It's so aggravating. I'll have to check out holidays and see what you've been playing around with. I don't hardly ever get over to the other forums here anymore. Barely have time to jump in here and my GF site (the girls that I started chatting with when we were all pregnant at the same time 4+ years ago). Can't believe we still talk every day. ha

The blinds are funny, but I gotta do a lot of things like that to trick myself. I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) every winter so I have to do what I can to fight it off. Dr said it's lack of sunshine during the winter, plus depression runs in my family so if I get too far down with the SAD it turns into that. I have gone the past 2 years without meds for it so hoping I can get thru this one without them too. This has been a mild winter and I've not been too cooped up in the house so I'm feeling happy so far. ha But if it means closing up the blinds and turning up the heat to fake myself out....I'll do it. Just looking at the dreary sky and snow on the ground gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. Weird, huh? One thing that has helped a lot is I changed out all my florescent bulbs for the old 75 watt filiment bulbs. Can't believe how much it brightened up my house! Love it! I may have to change them out more often and they may cost more to run, but it's worth it to me! Anyway, sorry to be rambling on.

I've got to run out for a little while today and try to pick up some b-day cards and a little gift for my SIL & a friend. Their b-days were yesterday and of course I missed them. Then I'll be home the rest of the day painting until DH and I go shopping tonight.

My friend invited me and about 8 others over to her house tomorrow morning for a girls gathering. We are going to be painting a big FROSTY word sign. The O is a Snowman. I'll post pictures when I get it done. Should be fun. You have a good day!! ~Anj

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WoW! Can't believe it has been over a month since I first posted here. So much for good intentions.

It has been a busy time. We, DH and I, spent 3 weeks helping a really great couple with their "dream" house. They are doing most of the building themselves and severe health issues have slowed things up a lot. These super great people spent 5 month helping us rebuild our home after the flood, so this has been a labour of love. We were home for Thanksgiving and the family did most of the cooking - don't know if they felt sorry for me or my cooking skill are slipping - anyway it was a great day! And so many leftovers. Good thing most of my jeans have elastic waist bands. DH went back last week and will be home today - hurray! But then....I lost 5 pounds...think I will send him back!

The first week of December seems to be a really bad time for me. Last year the flood and this year I lost Fuzzy Muzzle, my cat. We were lucky enough to find him when he was left without a mommy, no bigger than a mouse, and we enjoyed him for 6 years. DH did some calling and we now have Bailey. He is about 8 weeks old and is so much fun. Can't believe how fast sadness can turn to laughter.

I have all of the decorations up and again sadness tried to take over when I really realized some special things didn't survive the water and mud. But the memories will always be here and I am challenged to make or find new ones. It was fun and tiring finding new places for each thing, I tend to group things together and with all "new" furnature, things are really different. I need to take pictures so it won't take me so long next year.

A friend asked DH to drill some glass brick/block for her, one of her many craft projects. After seeing the block's finished, I had him drill 3 for me. Don't know if you have seen these or not. They have a whole drilled on one long side, you then feed in a string of mini lights, and using wide ribbon, tie it like you would a package. I used lacy Gold glittered ribbon on 2 and a lacy red glitter ribbon on the other and they are beautiful just sitting on my counter but stunning when lit. My friend made several for a charity silent auction and they sold for $18.00 each. Not bad when they cost about $8.00 to make.

Anj, I have about the same problem, SAD, only mine is with the lack of light and I live in WA. Half of our year is dark. My DR. told me long ago "Forget the light bill and turn on the ALL of the light in whatever room you are in." I have done this and put in the hightest wattage bulbs I can safely use, it helps. But I still would like to live in an area where it is sunny and warm all year round, well until I wanted snow, which we don't often have.

I have finished several projects but DH has sold them almost before I have finished them, and silly me forgot to get pictures. I am working on some "funky" but cute tags and they should be done today. My painting table has a small shelf just under the top and I usually keep materials there, like my stay-wet palette when not in use. Well....Bailey has taken this area over and is now his new bed. He craws up my pant legs (many ouch's) and crawls in and snuggles down for a rest.

Anyway, it was good reading your posts and I am looking forward to reading more.


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Good morning! Belle, it's great to have you joining us here for a chat. I'm so sorry to hear about your cat, we all love our fur babies so much, don't we? At least you know you gave him a good home and gave and received lots of love. Nice that your DH found you a new "baby" to keep you company and fill the empty spot in your heart.

Sorry the progress on your friend's home is taking so long. Nice that you and your DH are able to help them.

Anj has made some of the glass blocks, and they are so pretty. I haven't made any--too chicken to try the drilling part, and my DH is not into that kind of thing. So you just tied pretty bows on yours? They look really great painted or with graphics on them too. And I've seen a picture of a snowman one where they stacked three different sizes. Lots of ideas.

Tell your DH the rule is that none of your projects leave the house without having their picture taken first! LOL I can tell he is quite proud of your painting and is always telling people about things you make. That's sweet.

Well, ladies, I do live in a place where I get sunshine over 90% of the time--but today is not one of those days so far. Pretty overcast, and I'm hoping we will get some rain. Need lots of that in the Winter so we won't have drought conditions in the summer. Much as I love my home state of Mo., I hated the dreary long cold winters--just nothing pretty about them on the days the sun didn't shine, so I can understand your feelings. You'd be in trouble with my DH though, he's always turning off lights. I was working in the laundry room and went to put the towels I had folded away, came back and he had turned off the light. Guess that could be a good thing but it gets irritating if done too often! LOL

I feel like I am just dragging my feet here--just can't decide on what to paint for my neighbors this year. Everything I can come up with would probably take me more time than I have left! LOL And each of them are so different, so hard to find one thing that I could make three of to get it done quickly. Need to find one more thing for DS I think, then family shopping is done. Anj, I gave DH a certificate for a massage for his retirement gift. He seemed to like the idea, but hasn't used it yet.

Want to give something to my little friend, I gave her a box of items last year, new slippers, the little foot socks she likes, some lotion, and some cookies and candy. Thinking of doing something similar this year only maybe including some stamps and return address labels--she always needs those.

Well, I'd better get off here and get my clothes on. Need to take the two dogs for a walk and see if I can get in gear and work on some projects. I think I just goof off too much and I know that I need to get stuff done in the AM because I'm not in the mood anymore by the time 4 o'clock rolls around.

I'm loving seeing everyone's decorations on the Holiday forum,we've had a lot of "newbies" posting over there this season, so it's really hard for me to keep up with all the posts. Anj, I think it is great you have stayed in touch with your GF group. That's a good thing. ;o)

TTYL. Luvs

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Hey Belle...It's about time you got back over here. ha Sorry the holidays hold a little sadness along with the fun. I know about losing those fur babies. I started crying (again) when I was getting out our stockings and there was my little Pepper's stocking. (sniff) He was always more excited than the kids were to get his stocking. Glad you got a new little one to keep you happy this year. We won't get another dog until the spring.

Glad you were able to help out your friends with their house.

Don't you love the glass blocks?? I did a class at church last year for a bunch of women to decoupage Christmas images on the front of theirs. They turned out great and I think I only charged them $9. I posted pics of the one I did for my DM somewhere on here. DH went thru 2 drill bits doing all those blocks. ha I am still waiting for the block bases to be back in stock on Rock Creek Emporium. The lights go into the wooden base and the block sits on top so you can change them out. I think they will be nicer for me than drilling the holes. If I could figure out how I'd make my own. ha I have another block I'm starting to paint, but probably won't get it done until after Christmas.

Luvs~ Sunshine 90% of the time sounds like heaven to me! ha Most people here love the snow. I think the snow is ok when it first falls on the bushes and trees, but then it starts getting all dirty looking as the days go by. Ick.
Is DH waiting for you to go to the massage with him? You've seen my DH...I do not have enough strength in my arms to massage those big shoulders even though he is always having me try. ha They used to have a girl who would come to their office and work on their shoulders (stressful jobs).He would love a massage I think. Just gotta get over there to get the gift cert before Christmas.

Your gift for your friend sounds nice. I've got to come up with something for my little widow lady neighbor. I'm running out of ideas. ha We've done a birdfeeder, book, snowglobe, flowers, blanket, candle, and nutcracker (for her collection). Maybe a fruit & nut basket this year would be good???

I posted my revised mitten over on the gallery on my old post. Ya'll go check it out and tell me which one is better. I went today and bought some more cutouts to make more plug covers with since I didn't have enough mittens for everyone. We'll see how they do. They are kinda big. Ya'll have a good night. I gotta go run DD to a sleepover then get back and start supper. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, I am sooo ashamed of myself--other than going with DH to pick up a gift for DS, I didn't really do a darn thing!

Just couldn't get myself in the mood, so I sat and watched shows with DH and looked through some old Christmas magazines hoping something in them would "inspire" me. LOL

Actually, I think I just needed a "nothing" day, it was chilly outside and I had a slight headache, so good excuses to be a couch potato. LOL

I saw your mitten, like it allot with the little bells added. So maybe I shouldn't ask, but why didn't you just cut out some more mittens with your saw???? Too cold in the garage maybe?

DH didn't want anything I mentioned making for dinner, and instead is taking a nap with his CSI recorded show going! LOL He had a roast beef sandwich rather late this afternoon so is probably not hungry yet. We might just have some soup later when he wakes up.

Let's hope I'm more motivated tomorrow and actually get something going here.

TTYL. Luvs

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Well, you know when my saw blade broke??? Like back in October? I never have replaced it. ha DH bought me 4 new blades and I have never gotten out there to see if I can put them in right. ha Silly huh? It is cold out there though and we are supposed to have whiteout conditions starting tonight thru next week sometime. Brrr.
Plus I think by the time I get done with all the ones I have to paint I'll be sick of the mittens and ready to be done. You know how I hate painting multiples. ;P I think have 9. I'm working on them right now.

Every now and then you do need a nothing day to just recharge yourself and let your brain relax and not have to think of all the things you think you need to be doing. ha So don't be ashamed...we all deserve a day off. I work harder now than I ever did at my 9-5 job. Don't you??

Well, my second phase is dry so time to paint on. ha Cya tomorrow. My friend had to put off the Girl Gathering until Monday night so I can paint tomorrow while it's snowing! ~Anj

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Good morning Anj. Okay I feel all rested and ready to start a project or too. Today's the day I get off my tush and get to work! LOL

While looking at my Christmas mags yesterday, I found a little plaque with Noel and some flowers on it that I think I will do for the three neighbors. And I ran across some Renee Mullins ornaments that I had wanted to do, so think I'll cut them out too. That way while I wait for paint to dry on one, I can work on the others.

We finally got sunshine around noon yesterday, but they are still predicting rain. When I went out with the dogs this morning, it was sort of misting rain. I would love to get a nice rain, we really can use it, and I love sitting and painting (or sleeping) when it is raining. If we are getting rain, will that mean snow when the clouds head your way? I'm anxious to see the first snow on the mountains north of us. Love looking up at it especially if the skies are blue and the sun is shining on them.

Wow! You have to do 9? I usually do good if I manage to get 3 of the same thing done! At least doing multiples of the same thing is faster and easier than having to do 9 different things--especially in a time crunch.

You won't believe how easy it is to change your saw blade. Just make sure you insert the new blade with the teeth towards you and that they are pointing down. Have your DH help you with the blade tension the first time, I always tighten mine until it "sings" when I flick it with my fingernail.

Okay, off to go cut my wood pieces. I'll chat with you more tonight and hopefully I'll have pics to share soon.


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Good Morning!'s starting to get really cold out. Forecast sez down to 5 degrees by Monday and snow. YUCK! Glad I don't have to go anywhere soon. I agree with Anj., the snow looks so pretty... for about 1 minute! Then it starts to get dirty along all the roads and generally we are stuck at home for days. That's what happens when you live 20 miles from town. I have already put out more food for the birds, how beautiful they are, and so many.

The glass blocks are so great. I have painted them before and put lights behind them, but this is more fun, plus easier. And sometimes easy is just nice! DH does the cutting. Luckily he has a diamond tipped hole cutter, cuts right through the glass - quick!

Anj., you mentioned the Widow Lady and her nutcracker's. Reminded me of some I did several years ago. Somewhere I saw this cute picture of a basket of nuts with a rock in the middle. It had small mice people painted on various sides. I made some with mice, snowmen and one with a Santa. You use "big gravel" shaped soft ball sized rocks with many angles. It was really fun and my husband called them "the primitive nutcrackers"

My tags are complete, just need to seal them. I have several others yet to start that will come later today. Right now the tub is filling with scented oils and I warned DH to "keep out!"

GS is coming tonight so it will be a spaghetti dinner - game night. His favorites are spaghetti or home made Mac and Cheese. CanÂt believe he is almost 17 Â OH! I feel older just thinking about his age.

Take care! It seems to get "wild" this time of year.


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Morning everyone. I've got my mittens almost done. It's snowing like crazy. DH is out snowblowing the driveway. As soon as he's done we are going to pick up DD from her sleepover, go to lunch and then go over to my brother's house to look at his new tree and visit with him for a little while. Hoping I can get all these neighbor gifts finished today or tomorrow.

Luvs you know my big group of neighbors and friends that I have to make a little something for every year. There are probably 20 something when I add in my mom and SIL's (they always want a little painted something from me) to the tally. So I just bought a few snowmen and santa cutouts and I have a one box painted and have two more to get done to give away. I give those to the people who appreciate and ask for my painted things since I know they'll hang on to them. It's always nicer to give it to someone who really likes it, especially when a lot of work goes into it. ha
I was so excited as I was getting out my Christmas things to unwrap my Christmas cow. He is sitting on my shelf right inside the kitchen door so I smile every time I come thru there!

Belle~ that's some low temps. Where are you again?? You remind me that I need to pick up some more bird seed myself. That's the nice thing about having a big tree right outside my window.

Your primitive nutcracker sounds fun.

Glad you got your tags done. Can I come for supper?? ha I love playing games and spagetti so it would be a fun night for me too. ha Ya'll have a good time. I'll be out finishing up the Santa shopping tonight with DH.

Well, I'd better go see what's taking so long. The kids are complaining that they are starving and I'm feeling a bit peckish myself. Ya'll have a lovely day and Luvs, I'll send some of the white stuff your way! ha It's gonna be dumping on us from now until sometime next week. I guess the kids will get their white Christmas after all. Sigh. ~Anj

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Guess what???? I just came over here to tell you I got some wood pieces cut and I have actually started painting them! I knew you would be impressed. ;o)

Spaghetti and playing games sounds like a good thing to do on a cold winter night. Aren't you all glad you have the Internet now for entertainment while you're snowed in? I have a SIL who lives out in the country on a farm in Mo. She says she can't even imagine life without it now--doesn't feel so isolated.

We went to a nice group dinner tonight at an Italian restaurant, I had chicken parmesan and it was so good--but what I really loved was the mushroom appetizers. Yum! They gave DH a gift card to Home Depot and I got a darling little snowman candle holder and a metal ornament.

Okay, I'm off here and back to the painting. Will have little GD tomorrow, so might not get too much done until Monday.

Good luck with finishing up your shopping. I'll be done soon too, just a couple of small gifts to pick up yet.

Will chat more tomorrow. Luvs

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