Ungrateful Stepdaughter

Karen10125February 19, 2013

so my stepdaughter, who is very unappreciative to start with, got married 2 months ago. For the year prior to her wedding, her father and I did many things for her and ending up also paying about 1/4 of the wedding cost. Nothing was every good enough though. I did all kinds of extra things to make her engagement and wedding special and never even received one thank you. I've been married twice, both weddings were fairly small and we paid for everything ourselves. I would have been happy if someone gave me $20 toward my wedding. We surprised her with a lavish wedding cake that she couldn't afford on her own. We even bought her an expensive wedding gift and didn't get a thank you for that either. I'm ready to just call it quits and my husband, who acknowledges all of his daughter's bad behavior, doesn't understand why I'm tired of dealing with this lack of appreciation, respect, etc. There's more to her bad behavior than just the wedding, she doesn't even ackowledge her father on his birthday or Father's Day. She's said mean things to both of us. She's suddenly on friendly terms with people who have treated him badly. He's been a great dad, always been there for her, I don't get it. Her mom walked out on both of them years ago, but is in her life now. And now she's pregnant, so he wants me to be all ga-ga over a baby, but I can't be. I've told him to just try to have a good relationship with her, but leave me out, I'm done. Am I wrong? This has gone on for 10+years now, she's 32 years old now.

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When my sister married a second time, she tried being nice to her steps, didn't work and she cut them out of her life. Her husband went to their homes to visit. If they came to my sis's home, she would have an appt. It sounds harsh but there were no young children. She had a much more peaceful second marriage than I did. I did the same thing after 30 years of marriage, but couldn't do it at the beginning because if I didn't go with my husband to visit them he would not visit. I straddled the fence for 30 years when they finally crossed the line and wouldn't help me with their Dad when had AZ.

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