Anyone have Stainless Steel Countertops?

swirlycatMay 11, 2013

We are considering stainless steel countertops for our perimeter, with an integrated single-basin SS sink. Love the look and functionality of SS, but it seems everyone goes with stone or quartz.

Anyone have any experience with SS countertops to share? Advice for fabrication or installation? Did you go with SS backsplash too or tile or something else?

Would love to see photos!

Thanks everyone!

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We have a SS counter with integrated sink for the clean up area. Have a 6" integrated backsplash but regret not doing a 10" one as water sometimes splashes higher. I will paint the wall using a enamel paint to take care of the problem. Otherwise, love it to pieces and wouldn't use anything else there.

We also used SS for cooking area but with a 10" (or 11", can't remember) SS splash (not integrated and not yet fabricated). Love it too. Both counters are 14 gauge and were custom-fabricated at a local metal shop. The third and largest counter (prep sink wall and peninsula) is soapstone.

Sorry, not ready for pix but there are TONS of them on the Internet. All SS counters look pretty much alike.

There are many SS lovers on this forum. :-)

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I've had them in my last two houses. One was an island so , no splash. Current has a 6" upstand behind a sink run.

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Fori is not pleased

Last two houses, probably in this house when we get to it. It's super functional and does a great retro look for a period-inspired kitchen (1920s up to, well, nowish).

Plus it's 100% recyclable!

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We used a stainless counter with integrated sink from Advance Tabco in our mudroom (sorry, no pics handy at the moment). A link to the manufacturer is below. Our installation was a single run, and we ordered it through a local restaurant supply house at a substantial savings off retail.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stainless source

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Yes, with a Rohl farm sink. Very happy with these as they are impervious to everything and work perfectly with the gray tones in my kitchen. They get countertop cleaner (or hot water) and a wipe down with a dry microfiber cloth. Very good for little kiddos since any mess will never be a problem. They can be wiped down with alcohol to disinfect, which I did this past winter when DH had a bad bug.

However, you must be able to accept/appreciate scratches which build to patina.

Had gorgeous marble in our apartment and loved it. We don't have an island here in the house but if I had one I could easily go with stainless on the perimeter and marble on the island. Or at least stainless around the sink and range.

The only thing I didn't love about the marble was around the sink as I'm fussy. And I found I had to reseal every 6 to 8 months but that may just have been my particular stone. The Italian carrara marbles are quite hard.

Alternately, I would consider one of the Caesarstones as I've seen them installed and they look great, easy to work with in terms of color and tile and are low maintenance.

I'm not a granite person though I do have some in our laundry room (long story). It's fine there but I wouldn't love it for my kitchen.

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Thanks, everyone! I do think it is the right choice for us, just seems less popular and I wondered why. It's helpful to read about everyone's experiences.

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I've always loved Theresse's SS counters.

Here is a link that might be useful: Theresse talks SS link

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We installed SS around the cooktop. Love the functionality of it. Good luck!

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We have SS on our counters flanking the range, with white subway tiles as a backsplash. We have soapstone and marble counters on our islands and perimeters. I love the stainless and am really happy I made that choice, even though several people advised me against it. After it was installed, however, most everyone told me how great it looked!

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