Do We Need To Turn Back Time?

phonegirlNovember 4, 2009


Things are really slowing down here. I am just getting home again this evening so I know how hectic life can be. I hope everyone is feeling ok and just to busy to post.

Business was slow today at my office and yet we had beautiful sunshine with a little wind. It was pretty to look out but some said it was a bit nippy out there. We still haven't had to deal with alot of snow so I'm thankful for that.

Has anyone started on a new project that we will be seeing soon? We better all find more time if we want to start making some gifts as it's harder the closer it gets.

My sis and I showed the folks place last evening and they were delighted to be able to find a place like that in the country. So we will go ahead and rent and hope for the best. It is a nice 3 story home with 2+car garage with white vinyl fence so not to many like that for rent around here. We won't let them have any of the barns, shops, grainerys. My DS has most of them full with his autos and boat.

I will go out and do another quick sweep, mop, w. windows and clean baths before they move in this weekend. I need to rewrite the contract so its specific to this renter. I should get off here and just do that so I talked myself into it.

I'll try to get back tomorrow and visit if anyone's around.


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Hi Punk, Sorry things have gotten so slow on here--I keep thinking about projects but just haven't had the "oomph" to get one started yet. I think I've just been in a slump! LOL I'll try to shake it off and get back to creating something.

Not having Thanksgiving or Christmas at my house this year, DIL's folks are coming from Costa Rica to stay a month or so with her, so she wants to host both. I may still have them all over for dinner once or twice while they are here.

I got the Halloween things put away and I'm sorta mad at myself because there were other projects I had wanted to paint but didn't "git er done" as they say. Not that I NEED those projects mind you--they were just cute things that appealed to me. ;o)

I've still got that other mirror to do for my store friend, and need to think about things I can make for neighbor/friend gifts. Need to set a date for lunch with my "banking buddies". We try to get together every couple of months just to keep in touch--I've picked up a little goodie for them, but it might be nice to get something painted for them too--just depends on how soon we are getting together.

I had a routine doctor appointment yesterday, and DH and I had our Senior Tuesday movie day--saw the one about the vampire's assistant, Cirque de something???? It was entertaining and a pleasant way to spend a couple hours. ;o)

I'm looking forward to the new Twilight movie. Anj will you be going to see it too? I know you really liked that series.

Punk, I heard that you shared your first tablescape! I'm on my way over to Holidays now to check it out! Was it fun, or did you find it a bit stressfull knowing you were going to be posting pictures?

I'll try to check back in later tonight. Hope everyone is having some fun.


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Good Evening Luvs,

It's not your fault things have slowed down here. I need quit playing on the Holiday forum and get to painting when I have time myself. Maybe you can take another look through your books and get inspired. I have so much to paint and I swear the days are getting shorter and when I get home from work all I have time for is dinner and bed.

Last night I did a table setting, nothing like yours but it was fun. Tonight I read all your posts and went back and started redoing and it took all night. I tried putting the topiary in the center for you and I didn't have what it took to look right. After so many tries I gave up and posted.

Glad you enjoyed your movie and hope your doctor's visit went well. what's that they say, no news is good news. It won't be long before my next visit. Do you go more than once a year?

Luvs, I'm so happy you won't be having to cook Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. I love to cook but sometimes with working it's so hard to get it all done. Now I know what I put DM through and there was 6 of us.

I forgot to tell you that I wish for your sake your little ladies home would sell too. You must look forward to helping her some don't you? I always think of little old ladies as sweethearts because I'm getting closer to that age all the time.haha What do you think that age is???

I'm going to head to bed now so hope you have a good night and I'll try to be back tomorrow night.


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Happy to report that I will be painting today Punk!! ha Decided to go ahead and pack up the Halloween stuff that I didn't get finished and move along to Thanksgiving. I have a couple of scarecrows I hope to get done today. One is a yard stake.

Luvs~ that will be a little different this year for your holidays. Hopefully you'll get to have some Costa Rican dishes while her mom is in town. If she's a good cook. ha DH likes to stay at home for our holiday meals so I've already got my menu planned out. Much the same as other years. Everyone picks their favorites and I make them.....if my brothers and their families come then they just add something to it. It may be the SIL's year to go to their families, but they usually still stop by and eat again here before they go home.

We had a business meeting last night with some friends at the Japanese Steakhouse. So yummy. Came home and slept like a log until 4:30am. Have been having trouble sleeping again so that was a nice change to sleep thru the night. May need to eat Japanese more often. ha Been getting up at 5am to get DD to school by 6am for her basketball practices. Makes for long days.

Luvs~ I do definitely intend to see New Moon. Been waiting for it all summer! ha Reading the book again for the 4th time before I see it. I probably won't go the first couple of weeks it's out because I don't like crowds, but for sure gonna see it. John went with his friends to see the Vampire Apprentice and said it was pretty good so I'll probably wait til it comes out on dvd to see it.

Ok Punk...I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. ha Age that is. I'm 41, but I don't plan on ever getting "old". ha I need to jump over to Holidays and see what you ladies have been playing at. I miss not having to rush thru here and just getting to browse. Haven't been to crafts or Garden junk or Trash to Treasure in forever. I'm sure my messages are wishy washy and unintelligible at times from not being able to think my way thru them. ha
Anyway, I'm gonna go over and check things out and I will start painting as soon as I get these kids off to school. Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

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Good Grief! I typed a whole long thing and somehow hit a wrong key and it totally took me off the Internet so now my post is lost! Aaaargh!

Anyway, glad you might get to have some painting time Anj, I know you enjoy that.

Punk, I didn't mean to use the topiary--just that I think it is beautiful. I saw your redo and the last pic looks perfect--those placemats pull all the colors together so well. That is a special set of dishes--bet a yellow rose centerpiece would look gorgeous with them too.

I heard it said once that "after 50, it's just patch, patch, patch" and thought that so funny. Trust me, it's not so funny now that I can "relate". LOL I think we become more "frail" and sweet little ol ladies after 72 or 75--gotta give myself a little more time before I fit that description--and that "sweet" part may be a hard goal to reach since all the aches and pains tend to make me feel "grumpy". LOL

Punk, I have books stacked all over open to pages of projects I'd like to do. Just need to find the surface and git going on one. Hoping the urge will hit and I'll be on a roll like I did a couple months ago! We'll see.

Gotta get moving, been sitting here too long this morning. Holidays has been busy and so fun lately--sure wish those gals could paint and come pep us up over here too! ;o)


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Hey ya'll.... believe it or not, I've got one project almost done! Just got done lining it and have to finish up the little sign and spray it with sealer. I'll try to get a pic after that if I can get this sign to attach. I should have used a thicker piece of wood, oh well. Then I'll start on my yard stake and see if I can get it finished today too. Wouldn't that be a miracle for me to finish 2 things in one day. ha It's been fun getting to relax and paint today with no distractions.

Oops DH just called and asked me to type up something for him so let me get that done real quick so I can get back to it. ha Guess I spoke too soon. ha ~Anj

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Oh! My! Goodness! what a whirl wind of a week!

We visited our friends in Hauser, ID., just over the border from Spokane, WA. They have a beautiful home they built and the site is...well...almost to die for. The are on a rock bluff and they have done a awesome job of incorporating the rocks into their yard and pond. Their view is of the Hauser and Post Falls valley and is so different from our area you could be on another planet.

I did spend a day TS shopping and came away with some glass ornies for line work, a tall glass vase for maybe an iris, 3 wood candle holders for jmp's Santa's and 4 books. Yahoo! I had to laugh at my friend.....we kindly call her "fussy upper class," so when I got to the subject of TS, I asked her if she would put on her sunglasses and be my guide. She started laughing and told me she not only knows where all of the best store are but knows when they put out the "good" stuff. We had one fun day!

Anj...glad to hear that you are "free" at last, hope to see some pictures soon. And Anj, you are young enough to be my DD. I had to laugh a couple of weeks ago, I got my Medicare Card in the mail, does that tell you something? It isn't good for a couple of months yet, guess they want to shock me early.

Luvs....are you still baking while we need to wear flippers? We are also going "out" for the big "T" day but still making the things that the kids like best. Like Anj, I need to hop over to the Holiday site and do some drooling. Maybe after DH leave for his poker game.

Punk....Glad you have the rental problem solved and actually have time to yourself! I hope to get some strokes in yet today....Well! Maybe not as I just looked at the time and still have mega stuff to do.

I started a project the same as one of Luvs. The picture in the magazine didn't catch my attention but Luvs did when she posted it, its the 3 scarecrows. Can't remember what you used Luvs, wood or concrete but I am using wood - not as heavy - don't think these fingers of mine would be able to stand the weight or texture....frail (hehehe) old (hahaha) lady (LOL) that I am.

Anyway, you all have a great weekend and stay safe. Did I mention that my DGS Football went undefeated this year and is ranked #1 in the state. They start their state play-offs next week....hopefull close to home!


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First off, let me congratulate Anj on finally having a bit of time to herself and her paint brushes--will look forward to seeing the pics soon.

Belle, that is wonderful that your GS team is ranked #1. I'm sure they are all very proud. Loved hearing about your friend's comment--she was prepared for you wasn't she. I'm so glad to hear you found some painting books. What ones did you find? I stopped at our little library store today and they had a few but were all ones that I already had. Since they are only 25 cents each, maybe I should go back and get them for you. If you didn't like them, you could just pass them on to someone else. I had forgotten about you losing all your painting books.

I DID paint today--but not on any fun projects. I painted the stucco walls of our planter on the front patio! It sure looks allot better now, but my back and legs sure don't feel better.

Belle, I'm only a few years behind you so don't be talking all that old lady stuff! LOL I did my scarecrows on wood too because the scalloped stones I had on hand weren't the right size for the pattern. I'm glad you liked them and are going to paint some too.

Hope Punk had a good day and didn't have to work too late. I know she is hoping some of us will be posting pics of projects soon. I'd better get in gear and get busy!

Anj, I saw you made it over to Holidays to see some of the posts. Belle, come on over anytime. There have been allot of fun posts lately, those gals have a great sense of humor.

It sure is dark early now--and DH and I keep thinking it must be bedtime and then look at the clock and it will only be like 8:30. Our weather has cooled off quite a bit, just in the upper 80's and much cooler at night. It really is very nice, and my neighbor and I were saying how it really does feel like Fall now.

I'll chat with you all again tomorrow.


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Wow, I'm so excited to come here tonight and see that most have posted. Woohoo, paintin' pals we knew we would get together again if we just hung in there. We are all so busy it's hard to find time to decide what to fit into our schedules, I know.

I just love our group here and hope we will hang together forever. After reading your posts, sounds like we'll have some eyecandy soon and that excites me for all of us. I plan to try to start some projects this weekend but I do need to catch up on some more housework too.

Anj, hope you start sleeping better but that probably won't happen till practice is over. Our minds have a way of keeping us up. I've had alot of sleepless nights lately too. Shhhh, I just turned 54 in Oct. this year. I'll go over to Holidays and see what you think of my tablescape.LOL

Belle, nice to have you back again and sounds like you had a nice trip. So did your friend have a ball with you at the TS? Funny how most of the uppities love to shop there. Isn't that why all of us are there?hahaha

I'm so happy for all of you and DGS with the undefeated team this year. Be sure and keep us informed on how they do in state play-offs. And yes you may be excused to quit painting to go attend games but only because we need to know how it all turns out.LOL I got a laugh out of you and your post about pulling your big girl pants up!

Luvs, so happy that you got your planter painted. I'll bet you are feeling it tonight but in time your pride will be what's important. I can tell you like everything nice and that requires alot of hard work unfortunately. Do you have a hot tub or did you get a chance to go soak in the tub?

It does get dark early now and when I said do we need to turn back time I wasn't thinking about the clocks.LOL I was referring to before when we all seemed to have longer days that allowed us to accomplish more so we could find time to post.

I'll head over to holidays and then get ready for bed. Good yaking with all of you today.


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Hi Girls, Just a quick hello while I enjoy my morning cup of coffee. We've got a retirement dinner this afternoon for retired railroad employees, so I'll have to spend a little time trying to make myself presentable!

I think Anj had the right idea about putting the Halloween projects away and moving on--I might do that too, but would sort of like to get a couple of them done so I can close the books and put them away. If I put them away, I may forget about them and never get them done!

In fact, I was looking at my Photobucket last night and there were some projects I had painted last year that I didn't even see in the shed when I pulled my Halloween stuff out. As I rearrange in there when I pull out Christmas things, I'll have to keep a lookout for them--must have a bag or box in there that I didn't label well!

Punk, I find that I really don't enjoy doing projects like my planter anymore--get tired much easier so it is a real chore and I just force myself to keep at it while I have all the supplies out. I also need to repaint my wood/glass doors that lead out to the back patio--too many doggie paws scratching them--so will get the glass part taped off and pull out the paint to do that one day soon too. I have a DH who never worries about this type of thing, so it all falls to me to do if I want to keep it looking nice! (Yep, I've tried to get him to help, but he finds every way possible to avoid it--so I just end up doing it myself--I think he counts on that!) LOL

Okay, I'd better check on holidays and then get busy around here. Have a good day y'all.


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Evening To All,

I just painted up a storm so I will have something to share. I know what you mean about other projects are up to you to do. Kinda takes the fun right out of it.

That Karen over on Holidays is a real kick in the pants and loves to shop. She would love to shop with DD and me. We shop until our feet are killing us at times. I'm 23 years older than her so I don't mind saying enough at I have enjoyed everyone over there.

I will get off here and go get the next load of laundry folded and put away. Later, Punk

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You are right about Karen, Punk, the shopping is sort of her "therapy" since she is stuck at home allot. She not only takes care of her Dad but she has Fibromyalga(sp)so has lots of pain in her legs. Sometimes she has good days when it seems to lessen a bit--she's learned to take advantage of those and get out to shop then--the rest of the time she browses Ebay and especially when she can't sleep because of the pain. I love it that she has such a great sense of humor and does so much in spite of the pain--makes me feel ashamed of myself when I'm not getting anything done! LOL

Loved your new projects--I just am amazed that you can paint things so quickly! You've seen those people who do speed reading and just seem to scan the pages? Well, that's how I imagine you painting! I can just see you sitting there with your brushes flying! LOL

I was hoping Anj would have her projects posted today too--I'll have to check back in after I take the little GD home this evening.

Have a great day.


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Good Evening All,

Luvs, Thanks for telling me about Karen and her medical issue. I would of never guessed from her posts. She is amazing and has learned to accept life for what it is. Between her and Lee they just keep coming back with things to keep going with. Speaking of Lee, what happened to her daughter or did I miss something? I was feeling bad but didn't know how to respond not knowing the rest of the story. TIA

Luvs, we don't want to go there with people who speed read. Did you forget? I just flunked a test a while back because I thought I could do that.LOL It'll be a long time before I try that again. Lesson learned, I hope.

What did you and GD do? I got to spend a few hours with mine friday and we had all kinds of food and drinks. We made calendars and shopping lists. It was fun but not long enough.

I see PF made it back and she scared me talking about hurricanes. Can't wait to see more projects from everyone. What kind of a busines does Anj have? I keep forgetting to ask her.


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Hey ya'll...just wanted to say sorry I didn't get around to taking pics of my projects yet. Tomorrow for sure. Had unexpected company Sat and then DH and I went out to dinner. Then wasn't feeling good at all today so me and the couch were good friends most of the day. Got to watch the Saints win again! I'm loving this year!
Belle~ congrats to your DGS going undefeated!
Punk~ I'm kind of the unofficial unpaid secretary for DH at his job and for our side real estate business. I type up documents and whatever else he needs done.
Luvs~I missed putting out some things this year too because of everything being unorganized in the garage. I'm slowly starting to get things put back into the attic even though it's not totally finished. Can't find my Thanksgiving box yet. ha Hopefully I'll find it before the holiday.
I'm heading off to bed finally. Just wanted to check in real quick. ~Anj

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Burr! It is a rainy, cold morning!

It seem more like afternoon than 10:18 AM., DH had his DR's. appt at 7:30 this morning which means we were up and out at 6:45....much to early. books, a copy of '92 Decor. Artists which has some really great instructions for leaves. Pipsqueaks VI which has an awesome painted moon with a witch & Tricker Treater and a farm scene top and bottom. Pips use inking as well as painting, something I haven't done since high school. Then Create A Scene by Cherly King which has a really nice snowy scene and Critters in my Garden, which has wonderful work sheets for birds.....I love my birds. It also has an iris I might paint on the new vase I got at the same store. Great books and all at .25 cents each and more things to add to my "I want to" list. Think I will have to live to at least 150 to paint them all!

And Luvs, I think your DH and my DH must be twin brothers! Sounds like two peas in the same pod, mine thinks if it works its fine unless it's in HIS shop, which started out as MY work shop. There everything is neat and clean. But then he does make me anything I ask for and usually in a better way than what I suggested. Ya' Just Gotta Love Them!

Punk and Luvs and Anj...DGS playes at home on Friday night in their first game of the state play-offs. My stomach is in knots already. And I am so glad his leg healed quickly enough for him to play out the rest of their games.

Anj....Girl! What are you doing up at 2 in the morning? Silly girl! But, I remember those days!

I have all of my T'day decorations out but not all where I want them and they need company. Kicking myself for not picking up a really nice ceramic Turkey while shopping in Spokane, but what I really need are Pilgrims or something other than turkeys. Maybe I will do some online shopping but again not...hate the shipping, but then it might be getter than paying for gas. Ah!

Need to get cracking on the floors then painting, painting, painting!

Take Care All!


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Pics posted in gallery finally. ~A

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