Christmas decorating is hard work!

luvstocraftNovember 30, 2006

Anybody else tired from trying to get the house decorated? Whew! It is allot of work to dig all that stuff out and figure out where to put it?

Always try to do at least one thing different each year. This year, I used some platters and plates and made a tiered stand to decorate with ornaments, pinecones, etc. I used some florist clay to hold them together so they wouldn't slip and yet I can take them apart afterwards. I'll get some pics taken in a day or so.

I tried to sort of follow the one posted on the Holiday forum by Judithva--her's were just awesome. Mine is okay, but mostly used items I had on hand.

Sure wish I knew where to find those pointed tree toppers like she used. I found a plastic plain one and tried to paint it gold and glued some half marbles on it. Think I still need to put some gold glitter on it. Not crazy about it, but will have to do for now. I added some small lights to mine just to make it show up better. You'll see when I get the pic posted.

House is pretty much done except for the tree--don't want to put it up till later. Mine always seem to dry out so fast!

Now for some garland, lights and decorations out on the front patio area. Then I can sit back and enjoy! Well, at least until it's time to put it all away again! LOL

Any of you trying something new this year? I'd love to hear about it.

Anyone do themed trees? Not me--mine's just a collection of things I've accumulated over the years. Some are ornaments from when I sold Avon, some are wooden ones I've painted, some were gifts from friends, etc.

Whatever your style, be sure to take time to turn out all the lights except the Christmas ones, put on some nice holiday music, sip some egg nog or warm apple cider and just sit, look, and enjoy. Sometimes, we get so busy, we forget to just enjoy.


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Luvs, I saw those toppers at Hobby Lobby - hopefully you have one in your area. I love that table arrangement that Judithva did, it was beautiful. I have a hard time putting out my decorations if I am not hosting an open house or a painting club party because of the work. But my grandchildren love all the Santas so that gets me going. I love my rotating tree stand I purchased several years ago, it makes decorating the tree so much easier. My decorations are a bit of everything, I am very sentimental and cannot get rid of anything someone gave me so my tree is loaded with all types of ornaments. I have a very large family of sisters and brothers (11 total) so we exchange ornaments each year. I usually give them painted ones or something I make since I love to sew snowmen and santas also. I do like to coordinate colors though, so I have burgundy in my living room, pink and gold in my family room, green and gold in my Florida room, blue and gold in my bedroom and bath, red and white in my kitchen, purple in my guest bath, burgundy in my guest bedroom, hodge podge in the spare bedroom, pink and silver in my studio and a bird theme in my studio bathroom. Outside I have teardrop swags with red and gold ribbon and ivory pearls hanging from each window, a large swag to match over the mailbox, lights around the roof, on the shrubs and outlining the yard. I also made candle lamps for the sidewalk with old tuna cans and glass shades. There is more but I haven't gotten it out of the shed yet (I had to have a 200 square foot shed built to hold just Christmas decorations - a bit of a nut, huh?)

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Wow! That sounds wonderful. I'll bet you do have lots of painted things from all your years of teaching and owning the two shops. And you sew too--you are one talented lady! You know we love pics on here. If it is a painted item, post it on the gallery--if not painted, post it here on conversations.

I do good to have enough items for livingroom, family room and just a few in the kitchen--don't even try to do the other rooms.

Would really love to see your items. Love the color coordinated themes. Sounds really pretty.

Darn, no Hobby Lobby out here. Think I will go check online and see if they have them there. Thanks for the heads up on where you've seen them. Luvs

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Well, at least I got my exterior illumination done. I took advantage of the warm weather.
Right now I'm thinking, should I fix those little marks on my living room ceiling and paint it before I put up the tree, or just say the heck with it and keep putting it off as I have been for the past 3 years?....I'm going to paint the family room this paint samples all over the walls and repaired wallboard and the room is a mess.
What's a mother to do?
Forgot...I did take a day for myself and worked on some mini paintings. I still have to finish one and frame the things. I'll put up pictures when I'm done.
Maybe I'll get to go back to them this afternoon after I paint the family room ceiling, and maybe I'll fix the ceiling in the living room. On the other hand, maybe I won't do a darn constructive thing at all.
Every time I make plans for a day, something always comes up to foul my plans up. I wind up with no desire to do anything at all. sigh.

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I can relate, Kennebunker. Really easy for me to get sidetracked these days! If I don't have it done by 4 o'clock--might as well forget it. Totaly lose interest by then. Ha ha Isn't it kinda nice to be able to have those non-constructive days once in awhile? I keep wondering how I ever kept up while working full time too. It's taking time, but I am learning that I don't HAVE TO plan to accomplish something everyday--it's okay to just let the day progress on it's own. Whatever you do, just take a deep breath, relax a bit, and enjoy it. ;o) Luvs

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I spent all day sunday decorating outside in the front yard,the fence etc.Then today i spent putting up the tree.My GS (6yrs old) came from school and wanted to see it lit up,so i turned it on for him,but my star wasn't lit as i hadn't found my green extension cord.Probably in another box.When i told him i couldn't find it he says,"Nana,i said yes,he says well just retrace your steps".! I had to laugh,out of the mouths of babes,so true.

Tomorrow i have to take and put away all the empty boxes etc and get out the kitchen stuff.Havn't decide if i'll decorate my bathroom yet,or put up the tree in the living room.My main tree is in the dining room,as that is the first room you see when entering my house.My LR is in the back of the house.

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Kathi, Sounds like you had a busy day! Isn't it cute how the little ones figure things out? It is just so fun seeing their little minds grow and develop. We plan to do the tree next weekend--ours dried out so fast last year, so thought we'd wait and put it up later. Problem is--I have the boxes of decorations sitting in the livingroom waiting for it. Nice to hear from you Kathi--enjoy the holidays. Luvs

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