Hosting parties make me nervous

luvstocraftNovember 10, 2006

I will be glad when Sunday is over! Always have fun when we have a party, but I drive myself bonkers beforehand trying to make sure there's plenty of food and drink (always have lots left over). And that the house and yard are all as clean and neat as I can possibly make them.

Keep telling myself to just relax and enjoy it, but it does no good.

Anj was so right when she said why is it good enough for us to live in, but we think we have to scrub and straighten up when someone is coming to visit! LOL

Anyone else crazy like me?


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Yes Luv, that would be me!!! I've even stayed up the whole night cooking and cleaning. After my last dinner I had about a couple of weeks ago, I'm thinking to just do a surface clean, then clean after every one leaves. Instead of cleaning really good, then having to clean again really good after the party is over. And I'm usually so tired I don't even enjoy the company. When I sit down to eat, I just want to go to sleep.
Hope you have a great party Sunday!!!

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Go for it girl. I fear we are all the same.

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Oh yea. Think it's just a woman thing. Everyone I know does it too. ha When someone is coming I clean places I hardly ever think about any other time. Like who is really going to be digging thru my drawers or looking to see if there is dust on top of my fridge? And yet everything must be done, just in case! ha

Happy B-day to DH!! Hope everything goes smoothly for you today and you can enjoy it. ~Anj

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Whew! Okay, I got it all together, everyone had plenty to eat and drink, and we had lots of laughs too. Anj. you are so right, I cleaned high and low--even washed all the baseboards trying to make sure no one could find one speck of dust and know what a lousy housekeeper I realy am (I'd rather paint than clean!). Almost no one even sat in the living room/dining room! They all gathered in the kitchen and family room. No one went to the back yard except GD and DIL, and I really really worked out there making sure all the flowers were dead headed and the weeds were pulled. Okay--the bright side is that all that stuff is done, the house and yard look good, and now I can kick back and relax or hopefully even start on some painted items for Christmas. Thanks for everyone's words of encouragement--they really helped. LOL Luvs

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I'm so glad everything went as planned and now you can relax. It does wear you out, but it's such a nice feeling to have everything done. Too bad it doesn't last long especially at my house. ha ~A

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"If it wasn't a celebration of OUR 50th wedding anniversay, I am so tired I wouldn't go"

There was just my daughter and myself doing the
planning and decorating at the reception hall,
and I am not as young as I used to be! LOL We
did enjoy it tho! It was wonderful, with approx.
175 people there.
We all want to have a party, but it can be nerve

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That says it all! But you notice that we REALLY enjoy it once the preparations are done and we get to be with all our friends! Guess that makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

As Anj had said "It is good enough for us to LIVE in, but mention company coming and we think we have to scrub the whole place.

Wish I could just relax and not worry about it-always thought I wanted to have one of those homes where people stop by all the time. Turns out, I prefer a day or two notice so I can SCRUB the whole place first! LOL


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