Glass block light

anjabeeNovember 11, 2007

Here is my finished glass block light. Now don't laugh at my bow since it's the first one I ever made.



And without flash so you can see the color of the graphic a little truer.

So what do you think?? Did I do ok? ~Anj

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I think you did wonderfully well.It looks great,and all you need to do to your bow is fluff it up.It has wire in the ribbon,so just pull up on the loops and fluff and it will stay thay way and look more beautiful.

Now tell me is the picture painted on or decoupaged,regardless,it's cute.TFS

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Thanks Kathi~ You're right, that bow does look a little squished in the pic. The graphic is just decoupaged on so that's why I put it over here in Conversations. But guess what??? The church group leader called me tonight and said that 35 people signed up to make the lights today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm freaking out! This is the first Sun they told them about it and they all loved it. Crikey!! They are gonna send out the sign-up sheets for 3 more weeks! What the heck am I gonna do?????? She better give me some help is all I gotta say. If we get many more signed up I may have to do 2 classes. Geez! Why can't I learn how to speak that N word??? (NO) ha ~Anj

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Oh, Anj, I think you found just the perfect graphic to use. They are gonna love making those. Wow! 35 is allot of people, and I'll bet you will get even more! Yep, you'd better ask for a couple of volunteer helpers I think. LOL

Are you supplying the blocks, graphics, glue, lights and ribbon? Make sure you add a little something in for your time and effort of getting all the supplies too.

Darn, wish I lived closer, I'd sure sign up for your class--I want one too!


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hi there ladies
hope you dont mind me posting in here. i felt a bit lonely over in that a bit busy of late. i love the the glass block light. it looks almoast like its been painted.the americans really know how to make a home look warm and inviting with such nice home decor ideas for the christmas holidays. some the the english could do with a bit more of.all my dad does is put a tree up and leave it there till the 28th of january.he says it saves the dog going but hope you and luves are ok. and still crafting. that does seem a handfull to deal with regarding all thoes ladies to show. you will do just fine i you or luvs have any old images of past work that i could view.i think i have missed alot being so late on here. my fingers are ok now lol. i posted a couple more images on flickr. of past work. hope they might give some ideas i hopelol.

Here is a link that might be useful: more art

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Hey painterman~ you can sneak in wherever you want. ha Sorry, I've kinda been MIA cause of a bunch of family stuff I've got going on on top of my usual busy schedule. I haven't been painting as long or as much as you have so everything I've done except some earlier things I painted and gave away as gifts is over on the Gallery section. If you go down to the bottom of the gallery page there are about 9 pages of pics. Luvs and I kept ourselves busy taking pics of our old stuff when the board was almost dead. She may have a few surprises she's held out, but that's the extent of my painting so far. I know, pathetic. But if you have a comment on anything you can go ahead and post and it will just bump it up to the top and we'll be happy to rehash the old stuff with you and maybe get a new view of things. ha

You should try to show DDad how to spice things up this Christmas since you are there with him. If you pop over to the Holiday forum you are sure to find pics of houses decorated up for the season for ideas. We decorate our whole house with garland and lights. It's so festive and I love to sit at night in the glow of the twinkly lights. It's such a warm feeling especially since it's usually nothing but the cold white stuff outside at that time. I try to come up with a new ornament to add to the tree decorations every year. I'm always baking during the holidays too so always something good to nibble on put on a few extra pounds with so I always have to double my exercise resolutions come January!

I'm a little nervous about the glass light thing just because I'm basically a shy person and HATE to be the center of attention. So having to teach the class is not my thing, but I'll get thru it somehow I hope. When you are part of a group, even a church group, you are usually expected to participate so it's just my turn I guess. As long as they don't expect me to do it a bunch. ha
Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I'm off to check out Steves new pics. ~Anj

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Steve, glad you found us over here. This is just where we come to chat about our non painting related stuff. That keeps the important painting posts on the gallery and discussions from dropping off so quickly! Do take a look at the gallery, and even the older discussion posts--lots of neat ideas, some from members who were here even before Anj and I found this place!

I thought the English were the ones who taught all of us how to enjoy the holidays! Good food and drink and gathering together with family and friends. ;o)

I couldn't get your link to work. I'll check back again later.

Anj, that's one more thing we have in common--I don't like to be the center of attention either! LOL


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