something interesting at GW..

aka_strawberrygoatJanuary 2, 2011

there was the most unusual wall hanging at goodwill the other day.

quite simply, it was a square of really pretty black and white stained glass, with an interesting swirl to the design.

it had been etched, with the saying "fishing for life"..probably for someone who loved to fish a lot..

but the idea was really cool.

they had taken copper caming and made a thin edge to it and that was all there was to it.

I was thinking that's an intesting thing to do, with lots of pieces of stained glass that has the different textures, colors and designs on opposite sides of one square of glass.

they could be set to chain, the same way a rain chain is made.

not so much a wind chime but more stationary, with something to anchor it on the bottom..I liked it so much, it'd be easy for corners of the porch, or on either side of windows, or even the pass through window, between my front room and kitchen, where there's nothing wide enough to set planters or much else..but to hang something intersting like those...and heaven knows I have a mess of glass now.

rainbow effect....lots of ideas.....

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The SG shop where I go has hanging pieces outside, and they hook a chain to the bottom of the piece and anchor that to the ground so it wont blow around and break. Just a thought for your idea there...

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Well now, STRAWBERRY: What's keeping you from starting one? When KLINGER and CALAMITY and I were in PV together one year, we made hanging things using fishing lines between to pieces of mirror tiles. I have one hanging in a tree near my back patio. It continually gives me pleasure when the sun shines on it. Doesn't take long to get REALLY involved, but YOU GOTTA START ONE FIRST, GIRLIE!!!!! Get on w/it. Good ideas. You might give us inspiration to do some, if we could see what you have in mind.

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ok....will do that very thing and now that you mention it, it could be made from just broken pieces, from the stash..not cut, sanded, finished at all...
and while I'm on here..I've just gotta mention how on over the top I am at this moment.
I just received on phone, the comfirmation number for me, as a new member of the Seattle Art Museum.
I"m soooooo very thrilled and going up to Seattle tomorrow early morning to see the "Picasso" exhibit.
it closes on the 17th and I almost missed out.
been wanting a membership from the day they opened, early October.
Only Virginia and California are the two other states to see this...then it goes back to Paris.
think I'm a happy girl????????????
and oddly, the friend, who teaches me the porcelain leaving for PV on Saturday...otherwise she would miss it..but she's only going cuz I hoodwinked her into's not her cup of tea.
no matter. I'll be riding a bus or train to Seattle, again next
I love, love his work..and not a single photo is allowed.dratz. gotta leave the camera home.

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Congratulations on your membership. My granddaughter works in the restaurant at the SAM. She told me about the Picasso show, but I'm not going to be able to make it.

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Hello, Strawberrygoat.

If you haven't yet made it to the exhibit (tick, tock), do go ahead and bring your camera. When I was there just after Christmas, the guards allowed folks to take pictures, as long as no flashes were used.

If you haven't been to SAM in a long while, check out the hanging cars. Love them!


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