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anjabeeNovember 3, 2006

Luvs per your request here are a few of my recent finds. Some are things I need to paint or repaint. I got most everything for $1 or less.

These are a few Easter things and an Annie Doll. Her hair's a little skittywampus cause 2yr olds been dragging her around. There are some wooden eggs in the terra cotta basket for me to paint.

I love the wooden corn with real husks. The wagon and sled I'll be painting soon. You can see the pattern taped to the front of the sled. ha

Close up of flat wagon.

Maybe they should start a new forum....What did you find at the TS this week. ha I have lots more, but already put some away to work on later or until the next holiday. Got a huge pieced hanging heart with a Christmas tree cut out of the center, but it's in first coat painting stage oh and I couldn't fit the huge shelf in the pic. Too long. ha And a big framed watercolor painting for my DM and a framed horse pic for DD. If I sit here and think about it there's probably more. ha Fun stuff, huh?

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Wow Anj, you did great! You know I love the Annie and the bunnies--two of my most favorite things! The wagon and sled will look really cute painted too. And the flag--that looks great. And you found a little Pilgrim--how lucky is that? You can combine him and the corn on a wreath or centerpiece. Like the garland with the gingerbread and hearts with the rag pieces tied on. Real prim looking. What's the snowman? You know I wouldn't overlook a snowman--another of my favorite things! Ha ha You'll have fun painting the eggs. Is that a Christmas tree with the ball on top? Looks cute. Really nice finds--isn't it fun to get so much for so little? Luvs

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What great finds!!! Gotta love Annie :-)

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I swear I posted a reply to this a couple of days ago, but now it's not here. Knowing how rushed I am lately I may have posted it to the wrong place. ha
Luvs~ the Christmas tree with a ball on top is actually an angel I need to paint. There are two garlands there. One is the gingerbread and heart and the other is snowmen and trees. The block snowman I need to repaint. He's pretty beat up.
I knew there'd be more that I forgot to put in the pic. I also got a heart shaped rug beater, a saltbox house pic, a prim sign, a little witch I'm almost done painting and a little sampler pic. I'll try to take a few more pics later today. I love TS shopping, especially for prim decorating. Ya can't beat .25-$1.00 prices for cute stuff. I usually won't pay over $3.00 for a piece.

Thanks Diana~ My 2yr old has sure enjoyed playing with Annie. ha For a buck I couldn't pass her up. She has little leather shoes that I thought were sweet. She keeps DD's rocking chair warm when she's not using it. When DD sits to watch tv, Annie is in her lap and Annie is almost as big as DD. ha It's pretty funny. I need to get a pic of that. ~A

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Anj, I've had a reply missing before too. I think I clicked the return to the forum instead of preview message. Stuff like that usually happen when I rush too much.

You really got some "bang for your buck". You found lots of neat stuff.

I love going to TS too, just for the thrill of the hunt to see what I can find. When I was buying all those glass pieces for the totems, I kept finding other "treasures" too. Like some really nice trays to paint on and a couple more BB stands.

Thanks for letting us see your finds.


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Here are pics of some of the other stuff I forgot in the prev pics. I think that's all I got last week except the big shelf.

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Okay, now I know we are "kindred spirits"--I love it all. You really found some good stuff!

Really like the saying on the two sign pictures, and the pink house is just the style I love. Those star candleholders are really nice. Guess you know that if you had your scroll saw unpacked, you could make more angels like the one you found. Wouldn't those be perfect for your gift exchanges?

I stopped by a little community TS today. Didn't find too much. Did get two bud vases for 10 cents each, a couple small dishes for 99 cents, a candleholer for $1.48, a small canister just because it had roses on it for $1.98, a heart shaped metal dish with roses for 99 cents--figured I'd paint it, and the best deal was a bowling ball for 99 cents that I think I will paint with roses or sunflowers and put in the yard.

I saw a lavender vase that I would have used for a totem, but I think the manager knows someone is buying all the pretty vases so is marking the prices higher! This one was $3.98 and I don't want to pay more than $2.00 for a totem piece. I'll have to go back on Saturday or Monday when they have 30% off and see if it is still there. (Not that I really need another totem0--but I don't have a lavender one yet!) LOL

It is fun to go just to see what you find. Get the thrill of the hunt, for not much money--I like that part the best!


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Glad you liked my stuff. I was pretty happy to find all that. I get to go more now that the kids are in school. Mondays are the best days here because people drop stuff off over the weekend so they put a bunch out on Mondays. It is the thrill of the hunt. I want to do the happy dance when I find something I really like, but I hold it in until I get home. Then DH is like...what the heck do you want that for??? Until he sees what it looks like painted or re-done in some way. I passed up some English hunt pics the other day. Sat and debated over them, but didn't get them. Told him about them and he said he loves those and wished I would have gotten then. Darn. I went back the next day, but they were gone.

The watercolor is hanging in my DM's spare bedroom. Matches perfectly so I'm glad I got that.

Until the magical day that I get my saw set up (I'm not holding my breath anymore) I'll just have to keep buying things that I can maybe use as a pattern later on. I think that every time I buy wood now....I know this is simple and something I could cut, but maybe next spring.

Well, I got cookies burnin in the oven. Better go supervise. Later~Anj

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Love all your finds Anj.I have a rug beater just like that one you found.I've had mine for several yers now.I made a big bow(think pkg bow) with paper twist for mine and it's been hanging in my bedroom ever since.

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