beaglesdoitbetter - question about your pot-filler

seosmpMay 3, 2013

beaglesdoitbetter - I hope you're around!

I noticed you have a deck-mounted pot-filler next to your cooktop.

It looks like this is mounted in the same cabinet as your cooktop, correct? Someone indicated to me that it should be mounted in the adjacent cabinet rather than the cabinet with the cooktop.

Have you had any issues with your deck-mounted pot-filler?

I am looking to install one in my remodel which is starting very soon here. So I need to make sure it will work out!


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Sophie Wheeler

The reason that I told you to put it into the adjacent cabinet was because the typical cooktop barely fits into it's base cabinet as it is. If you do a 36" cooktop in a 42" base cabinet, then you may have room for all of the electrical and plumbing in the cabinet. (Look how large Beagles cabinet is in relation to the cooktop size.) If you're trying for a 36" in a 36" cabinet, there simply isn't enough room for everything to clear properly. Not to mention the hole in the stone for the filler is too close to the hole for the cooktop and you take the chance of it cracking. You want at least a couple of inches of room between the two for strength.

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If I have ~5" behind the left rear of the cooktop -- you don't think that's sufficient room, where the fixture folds such that the handle would be left (rather than behind the cooktop, if that makes sense)?

If you had to venture a guess, how close do you think the cooktop hole is to the fixture hole, in the picture above? It may be difficult to determine without knowing what the overlap is on the cooktop. They look really close (the metal appears to even be touching).

I may end up with a wall-mounted anyway, but just trying to determine Plan B if necessary.


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We have a 42 inch cooktop. There are only 6 inches on either side of my cooktop which I know is far less than recommended but I don't care because I don't really cook and designed for aesthetics. The pot filler is mounted in the same cabinet.

We have no issues with the deck mounted pot filler. I like it very much and obviously a wall mount filler wouldn't have worked for us b/c of the mural.

I am in FL but can have my husband in PA measure how far away the filler is from the cooktop if you need the measurement.

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