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anjabeeNovember 12, 2006

I stripped wallpaper out of my kitchen yesterday and now have to prep the walls for painting. I'm going with a warm red. I think it will look nice with my oak cabinets. Trying to spruce things up around here before the holidays. So I will be painting walls and nothing fun this week. ha Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!

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Oh, the red will look great with your oak cabinets. And they say red stimulates the appetite too! Good luck, I know that is a big job and you will get very tired before it is all finished. Just keep remembering how clean and fresh it will look, and how great all your black and white cow items will look in there too. You go girl! Luvs

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That's what I'm hoping. I didn't get anything done on it yesterday though. My DB brought a little baby kitten over for me to take care of. It was too small to be away from it's mother, but it was outside his work scrounging for food in the rain. He isn't home much so big sis gets enlisted to feed baby every 3 hours. I have a dog and cat indoors so I've had a time trying to keep them away from it. I just sat down to grab myself a bite to eat before getting busy. ~Anj

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Ahh, DB knows big Sis has a soft heart too! How sweet that he rescued that baby kitty. Not exactly what you needed right in the middle of your kitchen project--but bet you love cuddling the baby kitty.

DH and I are considering a new puppy for our joint Christmas gift this year. Our other one will be five next month, so he can help "train" the puppy and it will be fun for him to play with too. DH says that since I will no longer be working at the shop after Dec, I will be home to take care of it and do the "potty training". We both love dogs, and little GD just loves the dog we have now, bet she will really enjoy a puppy!


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What kind of dog do you have now and what kind are you considering? They are fun and loving, but need almost as much attention as children. You don't realize how fast 3 hours go past until you have something crying to be fed each time. ha I feel like I'm running after kids and animals most of the day around here. It's a wonder I can get anything done. :)

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We have an almost five year old golden retriever, named Dusty now. Our last three dogs have been retrievers--they are such a good breed as a companion. Only downside is that they shed, but ours are trained to stay in the family room so that limits it somewhat. Lost CJ (short for Casey Jr.--appropriate for a railroader's dog, right?) last year. He was 15, and the best buddy I ever had. Still miss him lots. I am satisfied with just one dog, but DH thinks it would be more fun for Dusty to have a buddy, and that GD will really enjoy a puppy too. Yes, pets do require lots of attention, but they give such unconditional love and make you laugh at their antics so it is worth it. Yes, you probably are running after kids and animals all the time--bet kids and Dh play with them, but let Mom take care of the feeding and cleanup jobs--at least that is how it has always worked at our house! LOL

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GR are beautiful dogs, such soulful eyes. I'm partial to the smaller breeds. Sorry you lost your buddy. My first child (mini Schnauzer) is 14 and pretty decrepit. I'm gonna be torn up when he goes. He's been a wonderful family dog too. If we ever get another dog it will be another mini Schnauzer or a Yorkie. I love Yorkies. DH would like a mini Doberman, but I'll win that battle since you are right, I'm the one who has to take care of them. :)

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I love Yorkies too! Used to babysit the two my boss had, then one of my neighbors got one--named her Dootsie--loved that name! LOL I have never met a Schnauzer. Glad to hear yours is a good family dog. I used to want a little dog, but DH is over 6 foot tall and was always afraid of hurting a little guy/gal, so we've had a German Shepherd (Loved the frizbee and could jump sky high), Samoyed (gorgeous, but dumb) Great Dane/Doberman mix (given to us and what a horse he was--tore up everything), and a Chow (not the best around people, but so great to hug). Our last three have been Goldens and we love their temperment and intelligence--one I have now thinks he's a lap dog even though he's nearly as big as I am! Ha ha He's so smart and well behaved--just amazes me!

Okay, got off topic. How's the kitchen project coming along? Are you just loving the new color? Have you discovered muscles you didn't even know you had--because they are sore from all the bending, stretching,etc.? Hope you get it all completed soon so you can get back to your painting fun stuff.


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That little wagon from the TS is calling my name. ha I've almost got the mudding done and hopefully I'll have the priming and painting finished over the weekend. My neck is the only thing suffering except for my arm that I got my flu shot in. I've been working on the soffet over my cabinets and it's all up. It's slow going since I have to keep stopping to do other stuff. The kids get out of school early tomorrow and are off Friday so hopefully they can watch 2yr old so I can get it done quicker.

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