Thanksgiving week

luvstocraftNovember 22, 2010

Thought we needed a new post for this special week. I imagine it will be slow here with all of us getting our homes and food ready for Thanksgiving.

Hope everyone got their projects for Fall/Thanksgiving completed in time. Don't worry, you still have a few days/nights left! LOL

As usual, I had allot more projects bookmarked to get painted--maybe next year! LOL

I'm doing TG at my house, so I'd better get off here and get busy on my lists, food shopping and house cleaning/organizing.


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Our Thanksgiving day will be pretty normal except for baking a turkey. I bought the smallest I could find. Last year I had the butcher cut it in half while frozen and only cooked 1/2, the other in the freezer for later. I don't stuff my turkey but fix the dressing separate. DH is left handed and I am right - so maybe that explains why we are opposite on most everything! He likes white meat and I like dark. We are the only couple of our friends who don't have family near and none can come this year.

I am not much into decor for Thanksgiving, but Christmas is my time of the year! Could be bec my BD is the day after! I love all the lights and decorations.

Sunday was our 35th wedding anniv. We had brunch at Perkins; it is connected to the lobby of Best Western here. The lobby was beautifully decorated, 3 trees with different themes, one all white with snowmen, one red and green with Santas, and one more traditional with wide net ribbon; lots of various sized wooden snowflakes hanging in one doorway (to offices) and others behind the front desk.

I am trying to get some ACEO cards made. Oh I learned a new way (to me) to use my oil pastels. So I dug out my old ones and love it. Color an area and use a pointed stump dipped in baby oil to smooth and spread the color.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!


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I Want My Rain Back! It is really beautiful outside, about 2" of snow and the temp come in at 20 degrees. The forcast says it will be down to 5 tonight. Burr! Good thing we planned ahead and have all of our TG shopping done. We will be home for TG and alas, alone, well not alone as we have each other. We are doing a small turkey, but less trimmings than a family gathering, and I don't have to be up so early so we can eat whenever the bird is done.

I just finished doing the base coat on a candle box and should have the project done today. I'll post a picture when my DGS return from Florida on Friday, he has my camera.

Well, the washer is calling me.....don't you just love housework!


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Belle and Cali, too bad you don't live closer, because you could just come on over and eat with us! We're having 17 or so tomorrow! The house is clean, my few dishes are cooked, and all that's left to do in the morning is set up the tables and chairs, and put out the decorations.

Frank (the cat) and his siblings are so naughty, we can't have any kind of silk flowers or fake pumkins, leaves, etc., out, because they think they're toys! It's a shame, because I think it's all going to be pretty, but we'll put it all out in the morning, and put it up when everyone leaves, so we only get to enjoy it for the day! Next year, I may try some other kind of decor that isn't so exciting for them. Any ideas?

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I'm thankful that I've found you all, and I hope to spend more time here in the next year. I have lots of ideas, but will need help with the details! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Thanks for the invite - maybe next year! LOL

Actually after 35 yrs with the same guy, and empty nesters for several; we have kind of gotten used to each other and our habits. I really don't mind not having the hassle of it all, and being able to relax in my studio and paint.

Yeah, we use phone and web cams, the internet keeps us close.

Wish I could offer some ideas about the cats, but we only have two outside dogs.

Belle, our temps are dropping today too. Our low tonight is 25; not 5, but after 32 it is cold no matter the temp!!!! LOL I am spoiled by H/A conditioning, even tho I try to keep the thermostat low or hi to avoid those high bills.


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Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my friends!

Like you Cali, I am actually looking forward to a quite dinner with just DH and myself. Both kids and families are coming over for deserts this evening and games are a given.

So....does anyone do the Black Friday shopping. Not me! Why would I get up at 3 am to drive 50 miles to fight with hundres of others to get the %'s off. No Way! DGS comes in to SeaTac tomorrow afternoon which will be a traffic nightmare. Can hardly wait to hear all about his trip.

Well, better get that bird moving! Thank You all for your friendship and putting up with my silly rantings!


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So happy to see all of you posting over here. I'm sorry I didn't get here to post last week. We had a very busy week at work with long days. It's good, I'm not complaining but sure cuts into my fun time. I also worked yesterday.

Got all the fall decorations down and put away and all the Christmas put up today. I even decorated the tree and sat a new snowball table. I didn't get my laundry done today but had it all done up Wed. night so didn't have a ton to do. Will try to get it done tomorrow after work.

Hope we can all chat next week (tomorrow).


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