If you were alone

aniceeMay 10, 2008

If you were alone and looking for a house how big of a house would you buy considering you would be living with many cats (10) and 2 dogs.

I'm looking to buy myself a house and I have always live in a fairly big house and am wondering if I could live in a small one like 800 sq feet with my furry friends. I guess I could manage.


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You don't want to live in a place that size with 10 cats, never mind dogs. You'll end up with all kinds of problems as they'll want to mark out their own territories, and even if they're neutered and don't spray, they'll use both kinds of 'bathroom' markings to keep others away. IF you were to get once-in-a-lifetime lucky as I did (see posting called 'Score!") you might manage, but the chances of that happening are very remote. I do have a big dog (whose bro. visits on occasion), plus only two cats at present, but have had many more and know better than to try and squeeze them into a space they don't fit.

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800 square feet is probably only a bedroom, living room and small kitchen. I'd look for a space that had one more actual room - and a big backyard!

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When I was single I had three indoor/outdoor cats and one indoor/outdoor dog. My bungalow was about 1,200 square feet, 2/1, with a formal dining, living room and den. There was a breakfasst nook off the end of the kitchen. There was a basement for the laundry, but not really something refinishable. But it also sat on 1/2 acre, giving me some privacy. And a big detached 2-car garage. I think that it was a nice size for me and my critters.

But, 10 cats? Do they all go in and out or are they inside only? If they were inside only, I almost think I'd want about 2,000 square feet, just to allow some breathing room for everyone. But four animals were a lot for me. I can't imagine 12.

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Easy. I'd have an acre or two out of town and build a carriage house--probably 3-car with an apartment on the second floor--roughly 1000 to 1100 square feet of living space but lots of storage. Probably something very much akin to this, although I would have to turn the single bay into an office space because I will be working at home in the not too distant future....


Here is a link that might be useful: carriage house

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Cats need a LOT of room. I have 7 cats myself, and we are in a 1300 sq. ft. bungalow with a screened porch - it's not enough, many are "marking." Never had this problem before, but we used to have a much larger home.

We are planning to screen in our carport and let the 4 worst offenders mostly stay out there, while the 3 good cats can have house privileges.

I would say with such a small house you better have some screened porches or other outdoor confined areas where at least some can go, or you are in for some problems.

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As far as what I would buy size wise if I were alone. I am going to go with the 1400 size we just bought. We are living in a 1290 right now but have lots of outside storage buildings I am not going to have at the new house.As far as the kitties see below. Wondering myself.

This is an interesting thread. Since we will be moving into the city with our two kitties I bought a 10' by 10' by 6' tall kennel. I plan on putting a pet door out to the kennel through our bedroom window. I will be putting a top on it before letting them out there. I hope this will be enough for them. I know they will be upset since they have been used to having the run of things here. Later I hope to buy a second kennel to add on to this one. Just out of $$$ right now.

I plan on putting two of their favorite kind of sleep under bushes in there and a water fountain since they both love running water. Any other suggestions? Our house will be 1400 SQ FT. I might be able to close in the front porch of the house later. Just so much to do all at once.


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Hi again - I had a shed built for my Samoyeds (in this house) and made sure they had long, if not tall, windows to look out of - you don't need it to be working, just a cutout and plastic or whatever.

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Hi - our main living space is about 750sf - that's for 2 grown-up and dd and one small dog. It is surprising the amount of room pets need! I am terribly allergic to cats and don't know their needs. Are they completely indoor cats? 800sf sounds okay to me, though...

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I think Gypsyrose has a point. The more kitties the more chance they will try to establish territories by marking.

Anicee I am so glad you brought this up. I am thinking HARD on getting a second pen and pet door for window to put on other side of the house so they have two spaces to go into.

Also looking into the window hung look out's like this ebay auction thing. Hope it is ok to post this. I am not selling it. I am not even sure I like this kind. I think I would prefer to see something more open on the inside house side. Might have to build my own. Maybe only use for summer.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cat Veranda

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Definitely too small a space for that many cats. Cats are very territorial. I'd be surprised if you could keep two cats there and at peace. Certainly not more. Not only would they mark, but other behavioral problems would probably emerge.

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I agree that 10 cats need lots of space. I have 6 in about 1300 s.f. Two of them used to be allowed out, but not anymore (for various reasons). Several of them are having behavior problems. Beyond marking, they can start pulling out hair if they get too stressed.

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I am curious- did you ever decide?

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I once knew a single woman who bought a two-family house. She lived in the upper and her widowed mother lived downstairs with all the pets. A perfect arrangement! She could keep the upstairs clean and visit the animals whenever she wanted.

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When i was single, I bought a two-car garage for my shop...a four bedroom house came with it. I used the master bedroom, family room and kitchen.

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