Happy Monday! and Thanksgiving Week!

anjabeeNovember 21, 2011

Starting off a new week. Haven't done that in a while. Just saw these and thought of Luvs. About to run out to the grocery store to pick up the food for the Thanksgiving holidays. Y'all have a great day! ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: How to make em

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Never would have guessed that these were donut holes, how clever.

Finally started the ornaments, really late this year! But, should be finished by Friday.

We have gotten snow twice so far and really don't want anymore. Our puppy thinks it the most wonderful thing in the world. He would run with his nose to the ground and the snow would build up on his nose, then he would roll over and over or try to catch the snowflakes as they fell.

Luvs....I sincerely hope that you can find someone to help you get out of the house at least once a week. There is a reason for a 5 day work week....you need a break!

Anj...Like Luv... I think I will stick with my bookmarks for now, but am really happy that you have found something new that you can use and have fun with.

Well, gotta get back to my painting, break time is over...darn!

Take Care and if I don't get a change to come back.....
I hope you all have a Great Thanksgiving!!!!!!


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Totally fine with me on the pinterest Belle, just thought I'd let y'all know about it cause a bunch of my friends and I are having fun with it.

Took me all day to get my grocery shopping done with my mom. Had to run her around to do errands first, then shopping, then home to unload, then lunch, then back home to put away! I'm just getting done and we left at 10am!! Oy! Tomorrow, have to go visit some ladies from church to make sure they are ok for Thanksgiving. Then home to start cleaning my house. Kids get home 1/2 day and then are off the rest of the week for the holiday.

We have had snow 3-4 days here so far. Hoping for a clear week for it all to melt off again. My dog is teeny so she doesn't want to get her delicate little self wet or cold so having a hard time getting her to go out to potty. Had to sweep a spot clear of snow in the grass right off the patio area for her! lol

Hope you are going to share your ornies with us here. I am so antsy to paint, but still no time so far. Have some patterns traced onto tracing paper and ready to go onto a project but that's as far as I've gotten.

I overate at the Chinese Buffet for lunch and didn't sleep at all last night so that makes for a very full and sleepy me!! Really don't want to take a nap this late in the afternoon so I'd better get up and get busy. ~Anj

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Anj, what a clever way to make acorns! And so easy too. If I can get to the store, I'll have to make some for Thanksgiving to impress everyone! LOL Thanks for sharing that cute idea with us.

So good that you can help your Mom so much, I'm sure she really appreciates it--even though it makes you have to rush to get other things done. Did you read my post where I said I have started doing my grocery shopping online? I like it allot except for when I just want something quick like donut holes! LOL

I imagine I will be seeing snow when the clouds lift off the mountains north of us since we've been getting some rains. Had to laugh about both your puppies and the snow--mine wouldn't know what to do in it for sure.

Belle, I can't wait to see what designs you've chosen for your ornaments this year. I've got to get busy and cut out some simple snowmen and santa ornaments. Want to put them in a basket for all my "helpers" that come to the house now.

My wrists/hands are still giving me discomfort. Keep hoping it will go away soon. Thank goodness for Tylenol and other pain relievers!

If I don't get back before Thursday, I hope everyone has a really nice Thanksgiving.

Hugs, Luvs

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I did see your post and I replied to it on the last thread Luvs! Have a few friends that use the peapod grocery delivery in their areas. Wish they had that here! ha Hope your wrists will feel better soon.
Went out visiting an older couple from church that we check on. He fell and busted his head, but is doing ok. Then went by a friends to see her new baby and then went to lunch with my mom. Came home and started cleaning and doing laundry and now it's barely six and it's pitch dark outside!! Ugh Winter!! The kids ordered oatmeal and toast for supper so Yay me!! Quick and easy! lol

Ok, not much to say just wanted to stop by here for a sec. Hope everyone is doing good and I'll hopefully be painting tomorrow in between starting some of my Thanksgiving dishes and desserts so I'll try to stop by. The kids don't have Wed night church group or homework the rest of the week so at least I have that time off! lol Have a good night!

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Just dropped by while we still have power, the weather is really pounding us right now, almost 3" of rain in the last 24 hours and lots of winds. My fish think its still fall, haven't hibernated yet, but they are moving more slowly.

Anj...everyone one is talking about "pinterest" may be I'll take you advise and really look at it.

It is nice reading about your and your mom, but I don't know if I should say sorry or your lucky. Not having been raised by my mom, I have what I call a "friendship" with her while I would really like a "mother." And that's not going to change so I just try to be a good mother to my children as well as a friend. Thankfully my youngest sister is now caring for her, don't think I could do that for very long, she wears me out! We just got the news that she is having a heart valve replacement the 8th of Dec., she is 84 and very active, maybe that's why her Drs., are going to try the surgery.

Luvs...how I envy you and your sunshine! I wouldn't mind the rain or wind or snow as long as we also had sunshine. Do you have your dining room all set for tomorrow? I just love looking at all of the T'day decorations over on the other forum, just not enough time to stop and look right now. I did decorate the living room, bathroom and kitchen, but OH! then come Christmas. I am really going to down size my decorations, they just take to much energy, or maybe I just have the winter blues.

I will post the orny as soon as they are done but I am not happy with this years project, it just isn't sparking my interest, nothing did! I sure miss Quick and Easy!

Better get painting! Everyone have a great turkey day! Stay safe as you madly dash around on Black Friday, my van is staying home!


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I do not leave my house on Black Friday! Them people is nuts!! lol Hope your weather clears up soon Belle!!

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Just a quickie to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I won't be going out on Friday - but if you do please be careful. I leave you with this quote I found (I am a big lover of quotes and sayings).

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough, and more.
It turns denial into acceptance,
chaos to order, confusion to clarity.
It can turn a meal into a feast,
... a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today,
and creates a vision for tomorrow." ~ Melody Beattie

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Thought this was pretty accurate at our house. lol Hubby did do the turkey though. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I made a boat load of food and we ate and napped and watched movies the rest of the day! Yesterday too! My back was out and I just needed to recuperate! I am working on a few little Christmas gifts today. May get my Christmas tree up?? Hope you are all doing well and got to spend the holiday with good food and good company! ~Anj

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So nice to read all the messages here. Glad everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. Poor Belle, I'm so sorry your weather is already turning so wintery. At least you have that new siding on the house to keep you warm. PF, always good to hear from you and I like quotes and sayings too. Anj, your little graphic is oh so cute! Glad you had some down time after all the cooking and getting ready. The great thing about having Thanksgiving at home is that you can get everyone to eat leftovers for a few days! LOL Belle, I totally understand how you are feeling about the decorating. I haven't taken down my Fall decor yet, have three friends coming for lunch on Saturday and didn't want to be in the middle of Christmas decorating then, so decided to just leave the Fall until afterwards. The Hospice people all seem to be enjoying my decorations. One said today that she can hardly wait to see my Christmas things--guess that's the incentive I need to get me to do all that work again! Oh, and little GD let me know that she doesn't really like the white lights, so could I use "rainbow" ones on my house and tree? LOL Just cracked me up--I asked her if I put the lights on, would she come and help me decorate the tree and she said "sure". I think DH will really enjoy the lights and colors this year too. He walks around and looks at things and repositions them a bit--he used to hardly even notice any of it and sure never wanted to help. Have to enjoy these little changes that are kind of nice. TTYL

Hugs, Luvs

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Gosh..here it is the second week of Dec., time does fly as one gets older!

Anj...cute cartoon, DH and I had a wonderful day together, just food we really wanted and lots of whipped cream on the pie. As to Black Friday, no way on God's earth am I going shopping on BF! I did take advantage of a really great sale on Jo Ann's online shop and later 50% off at Michaels.

Punk...you are so missed! I always enjoy your saying and quotes, this one was no exception. Still not painting? me neither! Although I really want to get back to my birds and butterflies.

Luvs...Don't know how much Christmas decorating I will be doing and I plan to down size my decorations this year. It would be different if there were little ones coming to our home, but only adults and I guess I'm in what they call a "funk" or maybe just tired! But, there are a lot of very old family decoration that need to be passed on to my DD.

Finally got the ornaments done and posted a picture on the other side, nothing great, really had a hard time doing these and they were so easy, just couldn't get into painting!

I have the Fall decorations down and while I had the house in disarray I decided to down size my bell collection. I hadn't touched them since the flood so I thought it was appropriate to tackle this project on the 4th anniversary. I started with 5 rubbermaid tubs, and weeded them down to just 105 bells. DH took the rest to the Visiting Nurses shoppe today, we figure they are getting about 600 bells. Don't know why I waited so long, it wasn't hard at all... well mostly not hard.

We will be traveling to the other side of the mountains this week as my Mom is having heart valve replacement surgery on Thurs. She is almost 84, but her DRs say she should be able to recover very well, so maybe having the appts and shops helped keep her in shape after all. The weather here is cold but dry and I hope it continues, the pass isn't fun at all when it is icy or snowing. It is a two lane road over some very high mountains.

Going to work on some gift cards today, hopefully they will be fun and not frustrating as new things sometimes are, so everyone take care!


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Just wanted to drop in for a quick note, I will be gone most of the time for the next several weeks as we have had some not so nice things happen with family members.
Our niece was involved in a head on auto accident Friday evening and was air lifted to Seattle. She is now in satisfactory condition, but still requires several surgery's. She has had surgery on her abdomen to repair the diaphragm, spleen and liver, both feet and the lower part of her left leg. Still to come is her right leg, and what right now looks to be a hip replacement. They will then set her arm and shoulder. She is 19. We are helping by driving to Seattle with family, and sitting with her while her parents/grandparents take breaks.


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Oh my goodness Belle!! Prayers for your niece. Such a young age to go thru all that trauma! Hope things go well with your mom as well!

Luvs! My back is still out so I've been slowly getting my decorations up. Keep thinking I'm going to have to take them all back down in a few weeks. Ugh. Got the last 2 boxes out of the attic today and I'll be done. I only did the snowmen this year so that cut down on a lot of decorating. I do my tree in white lights cause it's mainly snowmen and white garland and then the lights I put up in all the windows are colored. That way we are all happy! lol

Hope you are all doing well. I have still not gotten anything completed to post. My craft desk looks like something exploded on it...lots of 1/2 finished stuff but nothing done. During the Christmas break I'm going to start working on stuff for some Spring Boutiques.

Wish you all the joy of the season! ~Anj

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Oh goodness! I used to make it by here every morning and now my mornings just seem to fly by. Between yesterday evening and just now, I think I caught up on the Holiday forum posts and wanted to get over here to see how you all are doing.

Belle, what a horrible accident for your neice! So many injuries, amazing that she survived at all. Bless her heart, so much for someone so young to have to go through. My prayers for her, and all her family. You and DH be extra careful on those winter roads too, okay?

And your Mom having surgery too? Hard to get in the holiday mood with things like that going on. Keep us posted okay?

You still have 105 bells! What a collection you had--and still have. Isn't it funny how something catches our fancy and we just can't get enough? That's how I felt about all the painting books--the more I had the more I wanted even though I knew I couldn't ever get all the neat things in them painted. Just makes me happy looking through them I guess. LOL

Anj, so sorry about your back. And here you were doing so good and feeling lots better and now the back gives you trouble again! Not fair!

I love this forum and painting so much and feel so guilty that I'm not contributing much of anything anymore. Life just gets in the way of doing the fun stuff sometimes doesn't it?

I'll try to get back by here more frequently. You all take care.


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