Good morning!

luvstocraftNovember 9, 2006

I'm sipping my morning coffee and chatting on here. Should be wiping or dusting to get ready for guests coming for DH's birthday party this weekened!

I finished scraping and repainting my patio chairs. DH says they look like new! My back sure doesn't feel that way! Ha ha Used the new paint for plastic on the sling back seats--I'll let you all know how it holds up in the sunlight--they sit right out in the open around my portable firepit.

I've moved furniture, washed baseboards, washed windows, etc. in living/dining room, guest bathroom and guest bedroom. Just have the kitchen and family room to go--leaving them for last because they get messed up the most! Usually do a really good cleaning before I start putting up Christmas decorations, so this way I am just getting a head start, right? Sure wish it would stay clean--housework takes away my painting time! LOL

Off to my paid job today and tomorrow, but I still have Saturday to finish up. Might even get more done this evening, but not really as energetic in the evenings! (Am I ever energetic anymore?)

You ladies have a good day--hope you'll be able to relax a little and work on your painting projects.

TTYL, Luvs

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Hey luvs~ Sounds like too much work to me. Why is it always good enough for us to live in, but gotta get it sparkling for guests? ha I do a major spring clean and fall clean every year too. Glad you got a head start on your before Christmas scour. Now you are gonna have to take next week to recover if you are like me. ha I have a bad back and always overexert myself. Yes, if only it would magically stay clean when you are done. ha

Speaking of cleaning, I've got company coming in a few minutes so better go make sure things are picked up in the living room. Later~Anj

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Howdy, I just found this side. I don't know why, but I just didn't realize there was 3 different sides here. Now, I've got another place to check out!!!

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Hey cheri~ Yes, we use the gallery for pics, discussions for "painting talk" and then conversations is for everything else we want to chatter about, so post away!!
~Anj ~:0)

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Hi Cheri, Glad you found this side too. We were surprised when we found it too! Kind of nice, 'cause sometimes we want to tell each other non- painting related things or post pics of non-painted things. Gives us a good place to get better acquainted too. Luvs

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