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Hi everyone,

I made up a board showing all my final choices because I was second guessing everything. Also I'm a visual person and couldn't convince myself of the colors until I saw it all in one place. I love so many different photos that Lavender posts that she's messing me up. :P

Here are my selections, style is "eclectic"

1) uppers, refrigerator panel & bookcase(open pantry) soft white Shaker inset

2) lowers Cherry Coffee Shaker inset, 3 bases all slab drawers, 1 sink with Shaker panel door.

3) brushed nickel cup pulls & knobs

4) Large 31 1/2x19 1/2 SS undercount sink, I really revolted against my previous SS over mount sink. THE SIZE of the box scares me however I know I will love it when I wash my stock pots/cookie sheets. Satin nickel pull down faucet/cold water filter/soap dispenser. I mixed finishes throughout the room but they are all in the silver family.

5) Multi color "slate look" porcelain floor

6) Paint: walls will be painted to match soft white uppers if the current green makes room too dark. Green looks great with cherry so we'll see.

7) Pendants: nickel/white I know four pendants is a lot for a small room but I went with function over form.

8) under cabinet lights to come, Philips LED power core light bars and maybe at some later date cover lighting.

9) Counter: Soapstone

The last thing to choose is a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan you say, with all those pendants ?! Yes I need a fan. No HVAC system...:( and no built in AC :( :(

The room that opens to the kitchen has a 20+year old Hunter gold metal/wood blade fan with a 3 glass light kit. I am keeping it since it works and matches the other 2 fans that I have in the bedrooms. So all 4 rooms will have fans.

I'm thinking of a metal cage ceiling fan to keep it more open looking. My last choice is a smaller white fan. The fanmation metal fans circulate the air better than any standard blade fans. If you see any ceiling metal fans you like please post. I will post others as I find them. I have to find out if you can easily remove the cage for cleaning...

Thank you.

(It's so humid tonight I could use it now ! I can't use my aforementioned Living room fan since I knocked it with a 2x4 and it's unstable...)

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I like that fan with those pendants, even more than a ceiling fan. I also have to have fans in every room, even with central a/c. I'm at that point in life where I have to feel air moving.

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here's one I like -

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That is a wonderful fan.

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I meant to tell you, EatRF, that I really like that tile. I wish I could have that in my house.

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Hi guys
Desertsteph-TOO BIG that looks like it would take up the ceiling and push my pendants out of the way but nice choice. Plus I think the wind current generated by it would REALLY annoy my tuxedo.
Here's my choices:

Not sure why but there aren't too many metal cage fans to choose from.
I like the one on the right, I think it's satin nickel.
Thanks for the positive remark about the floor Marti. I am so concerned that it will make the kitchen dark(was whinging the other day about it) but I will never go back to the 80's ceramic 8x8" I had ! No way ! The colors are different browns and a lot more blue/grey than what appears in the photo. I'm going to put down some thick cotton throw rugs for cushioning by the stove, sink & counter.

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Really like all your choices. Think both fans are very nice & you can't go wrong. The one on the left looks like it might have a bigger bade & move more air, but the one on the right is really cute too.

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I also like both of them. The one on the right has the same style or close to it bast as the pendants. Will it be ok all hanging the same. I am not good at that.

At our last house I had too much ceiling clutter. There were the inset florescent lights=2 the ugly light over the sink the ceiling fan and a light in the dinning room.Nothing was even close to the same. LOL course I have that here again. OH well.

I ended up trying to match the ceiling fan and light over the sink shades and that helped. Then I bought a colorful stained glass lamp for the dinning room are making it feel more like a different room.

Not much help but I really like the right one too.

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Thanks for your nice comments.

"Will it be ok all hanging the same. I am not good at that."
Shades you are no help.

Now I have to wonder about "ceiling clutter", where is the lavender oil I'm getting a headache...
I'm going with my original thoughts: all finishes are silver, as far as matching the adjoining living room everything is unmatched so it matches, get it ? As long as nothing is modern it fits. Now I'm back to thinking of ceiling clutter. But I need light, I need a fan, I do not like(hate)those can lights.
If I ever sell, doubtful, I can just take down the fan if it looks too cluttered. There's that d#@!% word again.
I'm going to use the shortest hanging rod that I can get so it's not too low(9ft ceiling)

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I think it will look good with the cherry cabinets & multi color indian "slate look" floor . I think since it's kind of chubby and hangs 17" from a 9ft ceiling it will look good.
Shades what do you think ?

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Just to get an idea
mcgillicuddy has this arrangement~

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not shades, but I think it'd look great.

the double fan I posted above wouldn't work with 2 hanging pendants, let alone 4 - lol!

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Love the Cherry blades. I also REALLY like the next picture forboystoo posted.

I was looking for a picture of my problem at that last house. I think I avoided getting the ceiling into the picture.OK I found it. UGH. To begin with the fan blades were fake look wood and I did paint then white.

What you are trying to do is no way close to what I had going on. Yours has style Mine was crap.

I did sort it out some and when we left there I took my stained glass light and left the rest behind. I am SURE she changed all of it. I need lots of light and my husband added the same florescent lights here. They are not pretty but I have to be able to see. My eyes are bad.

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Hi all !
THANK YOU for posting that photo-forboystoo. That looks nice. Why are people against fans ? I think they are so nice looking and necessary. And now they are GREEN too LOL.
desert=that's the fan I will buy if I ever have a larger room than 12 x 10. :0
Shades: you are too funny.
"What you are trying to do is no way close to what I had going on. Yours has style Mine was crap." You make me feel soooo much better. I too have very bad eyesight so when we did this gut rehab I added lights. It is now the "house of lights" except that it is about 500 sq ft and not a house but I digress. I have 1 front "foyer" light(it's not a foyer just the 2' in front of the door, kitchen as you know has 4 white/nickel 6"W pendants and will have UCL & cove lighting, Living room has 1 fan with 3 light kit and 1 sconce on wall, 2' x2' hall in front of bathroom has 1 large halophane light,
(I LOVE THIS LIGHT)bathroom has 1 small chandelier(and it's NOT SCHONBECK)and 1 wall light, 1 bedroom has 1 fan w/ 3light kit and 1 wall sconce, other bedroom has 1 fan w/ 3 light kit. I wanted to add another sconce in the Livingroom but the wall was cement.
I still don't feel I have quite enough lights...

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OH I am not at all against fans. LOL One house we put one in every room and TWO in the kitchen. The only rooms missing ceiling fans was laundry and bathroom. Neither had room for one as they were too small.

We had the manufactures home builder add the wiring for two ceiling fans one in living room and one in our bedroom. I can always change the chandy in the dinning room for another fan but it is the ONE light fixture my husband likes so it will stay.

What I did do was buy two ceiling fans that matched the light fixtures that came with the house. AND THEN I got rid of all but two of them ROFLMBO. Well it is fine I have four lights kind of in a row that all match or are same glass in the shades.

The light over the kitchen sink was not good for me and I found the one we have now at the DUMP. I love it and have never seen one with a downward facing light like this one has. You can turn one or the other lights on or both at the same time and that is the way I leave it.

I have a crystal chandy in my studio because it has wonderful light. And three task lights one on glass cutting table one at grinder and one on my desk. And an antique light similar to the kitchen light in my sewing room.

Yep I would say I am a person of lights.

Here is a link that might be useful: And wow my kitchen was boring then. We had just moved in a few months before.

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I really like that jelly cab & HOOSIER ! :)

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Thanks ERF. I love them too but they are not quality in any way. I am in the process of painting out the green trim on the hoosier. Bought more paint today. Going white and it really makes the green glass I added to the doors look so much better and it all goes better with my back splash. Since the hoosier is not in the kitchen. With a small window seat beside it for the cats. LOL Finally have my window seat.

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forboystoo, I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE that! It is so charming!

ERF, I like the fan with the cherry blades, too. I think it will complement your cabs and not look like an afterthought.

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Thanks Shelayne
I hope it helps divert the eye away from the ceiling being off by 2".
...and this after we bothered to take down the ceiling(s). don't ask.

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I love what forboystoo posted also and I like the flooring choice

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