Monday November 17th

anjabeeNovember 17, 2008

Thought I'd start a new week. Have no idea how I screwed up that last Subject line. ha November 20th! ha Wow, losing my marbles. ha

I'm sure the kids really appreciate you being available and willing to watch DGD. I don't know what I'd have done without my DM watching mine all these years since I don't trust anybody else to watch them.

Thank you. Glad to know where the black glitter is when I'm ready for it.

Wood is more expensive now. Need to have DH ask that cabinet maker about his scraps again. I also have an older man at church that told me he has a bunch of 1x3's that he got from his work, but don't know what I can do with that. I've been lucky to find wood for cheap at the TS at different times.

Have a good time today with your friends. I'm gonna try to hold myself back from the TS again for at least a week, but if I have to drive past it my car has a mind of it's own. ha I am looking at my calendar and it's pretty clear this week so far so I'm hoping to get in a lot of painting time. I know I say that all the time and it never happens. ha But I am determined. ha I can't wait to see your cake cover. I don't think I've ever seen a metal one.

Have fun on your trip. You are so lucky to be able to take off when you want to. I love to travel by vehicle. We are going to try to drive back to MS this summer. I'm getting excited. I hope the gas prices stay down. Ours is down to $1.79 here!

Weatherman says sunny days from us for the next week from CA! Thanks for sending that my way. It's gonna be almost 60 here today and in the mid 50's all week. DH was talking about our odd weather last night since we usually are buried in snow by now, but hey....I'm enjoying it as long as it'll last. ha

I'd better get my chores done quickly so I can get to my painting. Have a good day. =)

Does Belle get back this week?? ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Glad you're getting to enjoy some nice weather for awhile longer. Did you get the problem with the furnace corrected so you won't have any more problems?

Glad to hear you might get to enjoy some more painting time this week. I'm going to do my glitter on my Halloween things and then should get a project going.

I'm going to post a pic of my "treasures" from my shopping spree. I thought we'd be finished by around 4 o'clock, I was really tired getting home at 7 o'clock!

I've also been making some bead ornaments Bright199 shared on the holiday forum, finally found the fancy swirled ornament hangers. Today, Kudzuqueen shared how she is making the fancy holders on the Crafts forum. Wouldn't you know I'd see that after I'd already bought some.

I've been spending too much money lately--I need to stay home a bit too. But guess what? My neighbor told me about a new Home Decor store that just opened so DH and I ran by there to take a look after going to Sam's Club today. OMG! It is HUGE, like a warehouse store and just full of everything! There are tons of Christmas trees, decorated and undecorated and all kinds of Christmas and Fall decor items. They have dishes, pictures, and all kinds of accessories for the home. When we walked in, DH said "Oh oh, I'm in trouble now!" LOL I told him at least his Christmas shopping could be easy this year, he can just get me a gift certificate! LOL Oh, it's called Tai Pan Tranding or TPT, have you ever heard of them?

Better go fix a bite to eat. I'll chat more later.


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Wow that was a long day of shopping, but you got a good haul! Do you like Jude Devereax?? I have that one and a few other of hers. My favorite is A Knight in Shining Armor. It was the first one of hers I ever read and it's still my favorite. See you got a few painting books! And is that a little cow butter dish I see there among your treasures?? ha Cute snowmen too. Great finds. The candle holder is neat.

There is a TaiPan Trading over by DH's work. They just opened up this year and I've gotten a few of their flyers, but never stopped in to look. Now of course I'll have to next time I'm over there. ha I went over to have lunch with DH today and I stopped in Hobby Lobby. You'd love that place too. They have a bunch of home decor there. I was thinking of you when I was walking thru all the fall dishes. I just bought some paint and a Karen Wisner book...Country Seasons Fall and Freezin #7. Ok, let's just say it out loud....I have a serious addicton to painting books. ha Man oh Man. I had another one in my hand that was a collection of several artists snowmen, but I was really only interested in the one by Tonya Kennedy so I put it back. I still have some restraint. ha

I've got a pattern laid out on a fan blade. One side will be Christmas and the other side will be a Halloween pattern. I am painting interruptions. Gosh, I hope I can finish something. I know I used to be a faster painter than this, wasn't I???? Christmas 2 years ago I whipped out those 20 something signs and a bunch of other painted stuff. I'm just poking along now. I'm looking at 3 half finished projects on my table and the newly started fanblades. There is just so much I want to do that I get paralized. ha

I was watching the news tonight for the first time in a while. Are the fires anywhere near you? I feel so badly for the people who have lost their homes, but at least they said no one had been injured or died.

Well, I'm up late washing jeans for DD for tomorrow. My last load of the day and I was heading to bed, but DH got a call from a neighbor who needed to borrow something so now I'm waiting up for him to get back. Wrapped up in my blanket because to answer your my furnace is still acting crazy. The thermastat is all over the place so one minute it's 69 in here the next it's 74 or it's saying it's 74 but it feels like it's 50. Furnace guy won't call us back. grrr I just heard DH drive up so I'm off to bed. ~Anj

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OMG! I just typed a long wordy message and it has disappeared! I can't retype it all now. I'll come back later. Luvs

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