Clayton i-House

columbiascMay 12, 2009

Has anyone checked out the i-House by Clayton Homes? I saw a brief blurb on it the other day and just went to their site and looked it over.

I'm glad to finally see some creativity going into manufactured and/or modular homes. Trendy design, Ikea style cabinetry, and a few "green" features thrown in to make a nice little bundle that at first seems remarkably affordable. But after letting it settle in, I got to thinking. At it's core it's still a manufactured home. That is selling for $100/square foot. Plus the land. Okay, so it has a cool design. But do those design elements really add that much to the cost of a similar sized "typical" manufactured unit?

Definately a step in the right direction.



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Do you have a link we can look at?

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Okay, I think I found it, linked below. I certainly think it's significantly different in both appearance (which I like), and materials to make it a big step in the right direction, as you pointed out. Then again, if we're going to talk about 'green', then we probably need to talk about their manufacturing processes, shipping, and overall sustainability practices for building them and for the company; not just the house.

I'd also be interested to explore the link some more to find out how well the overall energy structure of the envelope compares to some of the SIP houses I built.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clayton House

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