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anjabeeNovember 10, 2008

Good Morning!! It's raining here today allllll day and I've got my house clean enough, processed all the zucchini (DH bought me a food processor and it went sooo fast),I've baked all I'm baking, the bills are all paid, the animals are fed, I don't have to run anyone anywhere (after I take the kids to school) I'm paintin!! ha Yay!

Belle~ hope you have a great trip. Be safe. I have a big tree outside my window too so I can watch the birds. I would send you all my snow if I could. I'm a southern girl and do not like the snow at all. I'd much rather have warm rains. ha Very cool that ya'll are helping each other out with your houses. Makes it go so much faster when you have help. Congrats on selling your painted item, I'm with you though, don't like to paint multiples. ha My SIL is gaga over frogs. Loves the color green. I'm a cow person myself. ha

I don't want ya'll to get too bad of an impression of me about the holidays. My SIL will never know how much I dislike her. It's not my nature to be mean to anybody no matter how tough I try to sound. ha She does seem to go out of her way to ruin every holiday we have so it would just be nice not to have to spend one with her. But I remain adamant about spending any holiday with her family. They are of no relation to me so I don't feel bad about that at all. ha

Luvs~ how was your weekend? DH and I went out on a date Fri night which was nice. Went to our fav bbq place and relaxed and talked. With all the long hours he's working it feels like I haven't really talked to him for a while. Saturday I cleaned, finished up the zucchinis and baked while DH did some work from home on his new business. Sunday was church and we had some people over for supper. Pretty mundane. ha Hope you had a good one.

I'd better get my painting table organized and ready to go now. I'm excited to get to work. Think I'll put in Lord of the Rings today while I paint. Do ya'll like to listen to music or watch tv or movies while you paint? I usually like to put in my favorite movies so I can just listen to them and I know them so well I know what's happening so I don't have to watch. ha Happy Monday! ~Anj

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Good morning! I've got some things to do today, so will just say hi for now and come chat more later. Hope you have a great day painting away on your projects. Luvs

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Hi...I got my Sliney project done...will take a pic tomorrow. The kids LOVE it! ha I wonder why. ha Worked on 3 Christmas Santa ornies and almost have them done and worked a little more on my snowman picket, got a metal box basecoated for a little winter scene and one coat on a couple of pumpkins. Oh and worked on some coasters, but not done. Will work on them more tomorrow and hopefully get some of those finished up. Hope nothing gets in my way while I'm on a roll. ha I had so much fun and the day went by so quickly. I'll post pics tomorrow. Hope you had a good day. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, I didn't make it back yesterday and will be sorta scarce for the next couple of days too. Little GD is staying with us until Thursday night, then maybe again on Saturday night. The two of us went to lunch with one of my friends today, and she was really good. I was so relieved, afraid she would get bored or be fussy. I had her take some crayons and a couple of her little dolls along. She was really cute and sweet.

She did sit and "paint" with me a little this morning. I was just trying to get some little Halloween cutouts I had picked up at Michael's for 92 cents each basecoated with some black. Just a couple of trees, a house and a cat. I want to add glitter to them, but the only black glitter I could find at Walmart was one of those packs of three small bottles of the Martha Stewart glitter for $4.97. I'm going to check at Michael's first--I'd rather have just one larger bottle of the black. I have Diamond Dust and some other clear glitter on hand. I might do an experiment to see how one of those would look on black.

I still have a few Halloween projects I didn't get done, might still try to do them before I move on to Christmas things.

I'm so glad you were able to get in some painting time. I know it always makes you feel good when you get to work on some projects. ;o)

I'll talk to you later, have a good week.


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I was wondering where you'd gotten off to. ha Have fun with your GD...way more important. =D

I am still trying to get my pics posted. I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to transfer things from my drive to disks and thumb drives because the drive I use is completely full! It wouldn't let me download my pics from my camera....sooooo hopefully I'll have that done today so I can get those posted and still have more time to paint. I have a bunch of mittens I need to paint and well let's face it....I've got enough projects around here to last til doomsday....just need to figure out what's next. ha

I went to Walmart yesterday morning but ran to the TS for a few minutes beforehand. Didn't find much, but got 1 painting book called Holiday Gathering by Angie Hupp and presented by Sue Scheewe that has a couple of cute Halloween things I'll want to do eventually. I also picked up about 5 cross-stitch mags because they had stocking patterns and DH wants me to try to make one for each family member. Ya right! ha I'm no whiz on the sewing machine.

Anyway, I'm off to take DD to school. I'm gonna try to get more painting in today! Keep fingers crossed. You have an excellent day with DGD. Talk to ya soon. ~Anj

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Guess what....Guess what....Guess what????!!!!!
I hit the paint book motherload at the TS today!! ha
Ok, I was on my way to Walmart with my DM, but as we are driving past the TS I said...Should we run in for a sec??? She was agreeable so in we went. Of course I always head for the book section first. There were like 30 something paint books just lying there! I started looking around like someone was going to come and snatch them from me before I could go thru them. ha I bought 17!! They were only 25cents each. Some of the ones I left were a couple of dupes of ones I already have, a few painting saltdough or just nothing in them to tempt my tastes, but here are the ones I got:

Holidaze Pinz Etc ~Gaye Shoell
Second Time Around #2 ~Sally Savermilch (never heard of her before, but it's different things made with smashed painted coke cans)
Apple Dumplins ~Rose Calton (She's my favorite cow painter, but this one has some cute raggety's in it)
Chicken Soup ~Pat Olson
Simply Christmas Magic ~Kathy Griffiths (Has some wooden ornies I found at the TS in it so now I have the instructions!!)
Santa's Season ~Fayette Skinner (I had bought a tall santa from the TS last year and this one has the design in it so I can finally get it painted) Yay!
Provo Crafts Our Best To You
Christmas Joy ~Kathy Griffiths
Patches ~Nona Gobel
Sweet Christmas ~Tina-Marie Ledbetter (Cute Cute Elves, Santas and Snowmen)
Pocketfuls & Jelly Jars ~combo artists
Switch-A-Roos ~Barbara Brown
Harvest Holiday ~Trisha Biesinger
Welcome Back to the Cabin ~Debbie Crabtree Lewis
Bless Your Heart 7 ~Dianna Marcum
Luv That STuff...For All Seasons ~Barb Bullen & Karen Rizzo
Itty Bitty Buddies ~Gaye Shoell, Emily Dinsdale & Rebecca Carter

Anyway, I was just so excited I had to share my news! I've already looked thru them 3 times since I've been home. ha I'm like Frodo with his Ring. I LOVE books!! ha Better go clean out another filing cabinet drawer. =D ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Sorry I've not had a chance to post yet! Was sort of catching up on some things this morning. House feels kinda empty now that the little one went home. What a go getter she is! I'm learning to play one active game with her, then guide her to do some quieter activities so I can reenergize a bit!

Yesterday she talked me into pulling out some Halloween costumes I had kept from my dress up days at the bank. She had to try them out of course and even got me to wear the horns and tail from the red devil one! She used the black cat ears and tail. DH was snapping pics of both of us running around acting silly!

Wow! I am so excited about your book finds. You got a bunch! Do you do like me and fold down the corners on the pages for projects you want to do? I used to stick little paper scraps in, but they were always dropping out! The ones I'm not so crazy about, I still try to think if I could use the shape and make my own pattern for it. So now you have lots more to add to your "I'll never get this all done" list! LOL

I found a couple of painting books and one for decorating clothespins to use later with GD. I also found one of those old Christmas decorating books and some old magazines. The book was $1.00, the others only .25 each. Found them at the library store. One of the painting books had hunting and fishing type patterns, so I got it so I could give it to you in case there might be something you like for your brothers.

I know exactly what you mean about going through them again and again! I just get so excited when I get "new to me" books! It's no wonder I'm having such a hard time clearing out any of my old ones. You know I did finally pull out a few that only have one or two patterns I still want to make, then I plan to pass them on. Problem is, I keep finding more and more things I want to make and then never get those done!

I basecoated my little 92 cent wood cutouts from Michael's today. Just need to get some black glitter on them then I will pack them away until next Halloween. Now I need to get a couple projects ready to work on.

We're going to go take the dogs for a walk around 5 o'clock, hopefully it will have cooled down a bit by then.

DH's birthday was yesterday, since DS and DIL were out of town, little GD, the dogs and I made him lunch and then had birthday cake for him. He then got to go for steak dinner with some of his union buddies. Tomorrow, DS and family are joining us for brunch to finish his family celebration.

I'll talk to you later. Have fun.


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Your time with DGD sounds fun. I don't think I play that much with my own kids. ha You are a good G-ma.

I have got postit notes sticking out on all my book pages with notes of ideas written on them. ha You got some good finds too and thank you for thinking of me. I was wishing I had your phone number in my cell so I could call and ask you about some of those as well. After I got home I was thinking I should have just bought them all anyway since you or someone else may have wanted them. I think it's just the curse of painters to never get everything done that we want to. ha Too many cute things to paint.

So where did you find the black glitter? I have some bats I have been wanting to do since last year from a magazine and I think the black glitter would look good on them.

Well, we are doing more leaf raking and taking out the garden today, but I'm hoping to get a couple of little things painted and finished up. Happy B-day to R. Our celebrations tend to extend over a few days as well. ha Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Just a quick post here while GD is playing with her playdough--without me believe it or not! LOL I can sure tell she is starting to grow up.

She was home Friday, then after brunch yesterday for DH's birthday with DS and DIL, she came home with us again. DIL's school reunion was last night in L.A., so figured they could stay out later and sleep in later if she stayed overnight with us. Don't know if DS and DIL know how lucky they are to have free babysitters available anytime they want or not--but figure we need to spend as much time as possible with her while she is little and wants to be with us! LOL

I'm still going to look at Michael's for black glitter. Walmart had the three pack of Martha Stewart glitter for $4.97, but it only contained one small black--don't know what I'd use the other two colors for. Walmart also had large containers of glitter in another location, but no black ones. I'll let you know if I find it at Michael's. I did an experiment on a piece of scrap wood trying my clear glitter and then my silver glitter on the black--but I think I need to get the black for the Halloween stuff.

I stopped at Lowes the other day and bought a sheet of the thin plywood and a 12 inch wide board. I need to remember to ask my corner neighbor to save scrap wood for me, the boards are getting more expensive now like everything else, don't you think? Now I just need to get busy and cut some shapes out to paint my projects on.

Tomorrow I'm meeting my two friends from the antique/collectibles store for lunch and some thrifting. They are just going to my local TS, but they will be new to them--and if we hit three or four, I'm bound to find something I can't live without! LOL

Hey, did I tell you I found a metal cake plate cover at GW a couple weeks ago? I've always thought I wanted to paint roses on one, so now I can. It needs cleaned and there's a few little dents in it, but I'm hoping I can fix those easily.

We're heading off in the motor home on the 19th, then when I get back, I'll be planning Thanksgiving food and decorations. Not sure when I'm going to get some painting done! (Big sigh!)

Hope you get all your outside chores done before the next snow hits! Have you heard that we are getting summer weather again here? It was fairly cool around Halloween, but not now!


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Back again--just wanted to let you know that I found some black glitter at Michael's. In the scrapbooking section, they have the Martha Stewart glitter. There was a medium sized jar for $4.99, and a large size for $9.99. I debated about it but decided since I have four pieces and need to glitter them on both sides, I'd better go ahead and get the large one. Wouldn't you know my coupon for 50% off any one item had expired yesterday! Oh well, I needed to get it so I can finish these and get them packed away for next Halloween.


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