Exe wants boyfriends sperm

jlb22February 2, 2014

My boyfriend's exe and mother of his 5 yr old daughter wants to use his sperm to have another child. They both want a sibling for their daughter and would like it to be from same parents. We are both 39 yrs old and I have two children from my previous marriage.

I was shocked, hurt and upset that he would even being this to me. We live together and have a great relationship.

In the past him and I discussed having a child but decided due to our ages and my kids are 20 and 14 that it wasn't something we wanted to do.
Now he brings this to me??? His exe is the one who asked him and her reasoning is to have another sibling for their 5 year old. She's 29 and single.
I welcome all opinions, I think it's nuts and have told him if he decides to go through with it, I will not be around.

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'I think it's nuts and have told him if he decides to go through with it, I will not be around.'


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Another aspect of this would be child support.. bettter get everything in writing for sure. Who would be responsible for drs. costs ?? Might check out legal ramifications of "Surrogate parents" Personally i don't think I'd accept it.
Parenthood has plenty of problems with those legally conceived . Good luck with whatever you decide!!

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That's just wrong, plain wrong.... Basically they want to still keep having children together and grow their family..... Nice!

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All responses are outstanding! I will add that it is an EXTREMELY sick idea. Agree with Shey02. And, since you two aren't married, your leverage isn't real good. Hope your SO hears you and you have the strength to follow through with leaving if it happens. He obviously isn't respecting your feelings or the relationship you two have built. So sorry you are going through this....

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