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gram_NHNovember 28, 2006

Thanks to Luv, I have been peeking in here for awhile, and am just in awe of all of your talents. Hope to have the time this summer to jump in and finally have the time to paint!

I am the mother of 7 and grandmother of 24!! Yup, two dozen! I also raised one of my grandsons. He is now almost 20, and is a medic in the army. At the age of 63, I am finally an empty nester!

Way back when the kids were little, 10am saturday mornings was my time. Aleenes craft show! Everyone knew to find something to do and leave me alone! That is when I discovered that I might have some creative bones in me after all...or at least the ability to be a good copier!! ( I still make those bread and tacky glue roses, with the grandkids) Back in those days most things were made or painted on with things we had around the house. I guess that is where I got my love of making 'stuff' out of stuff!

One of my goals has been to learn the 'one step' method of painting...kinda behind the times I guess, but thanks to all of you, and your beautiful works, I am determined that this is my year!!

Have a wonderful day, and do tell us about yourself and maybe when you all started painting...and why.

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Nice to meet you Gram and all. I just found this site a week or so ago, and have been a lurker. I am so impressed by how nice everyone seems on here, and the amazing work that you all do.
I live in Victoria, BC, Canada, and paint in my free time. Does anyone else here go through stages? I find that in the summer I'm not feeling as creative as I do in the winter. Probably because I go to craft shows in winter and see all this creativity that it just gets me going. I vow to myself every year that I'll paint all year and enter a craft show, but then I start losing interest. All the amazing things I've seen on this forum have really got me going though.
I've been painting for quite a few years, I find it very relaxing. And, without trying to sound too full of myself, my friends and co-workers love my work. If I manage to figure out how to post pics on here I'll let you see what I do. Yes, I know there are instructions on here, but I get a little confused, ok a lot confused. Is there a place to test that I'm doing it right?
Anyway, I hope to become friends with all of you.


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Hi Gram, I just bumped a post on the discussions side titled Newbie sign in. I think most of us on here are on that one. Go take a look and get to know us better.

I remember Aleenes. Used to get lots of good ideas from those shows. I think she now owns a hotel in Palm Springs. Sometimes get a newsletter from her daughter. They are working together doing some kind of women's retreats at the hotel. If I get it again, I will forward it to you.

It took me a long time to finally try doing One Stroke. Found a video at Joanne's on sale for $5.00. I love the video because I could see exactly how she held her brush, and I could rewind and watch a certain part over again. Highly reccommend the videos or cd's to anyone wanting to learn. It is fun, and so much faster than regular painting. Just don't know what to do with all those painted rose items! Ha ha I consider myself a beginner, but did you see some of my projects in the gallery? I've done quite a few wood signs and metal trays. In fact, I have several trays waiting to be painted--couldn't pass them up when I ran across them at TS. Ha ha

Wow! I can't imagine 24 grandkids--must really be fun and noisy at your house at the holidays! I only have one son and a little 2 1/2 yr old GD.

Glad you are joining in here, just jump in anytime. I love coming here and finding everyone's posts.


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Welcome Gram and Blueiis!
Gram~ my MIL had 9 kids and so far there are 21 grandkids and it is a madhouse when we all get together. Fun, but crazy. You are not behind the times at all. A few of us here have plans to learn the One-Stroke method. I'm going to try it after the Christmas hullabaloo has quieted down. I think it will look wonderful on some Easter projects.

Blueiis~I don't lose interest, but in summer I'm out in the yard doing other things so don't get in as much painting time.I do jump from project to project. It's hard for me to do 2 or more of the same thing. Glad you are here with us and can figure out the picture posting. There is a test forum here on Gardenweb somewhere. I'll see if I can find it for you later. Gotta wake up kids for school now. ~Anj

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Hi Blueiis. Welcome to the forum, hope you'll keep coming by to hang out with us. Anj helped me figure out how to post pics by giving me simple step by step instructions. You can just try it here. That way one of us can help if you need it. Can't wait to see pics of some of your projects. It is so fun to get to share our projects on here. Luvs

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Just wanted to jump in here and say 'HI' to everyone.
I used to come here more often but it got really slow and I stopped. Luvs and Anj have boosted it up and now there is more traffic here. I spend most of my time at Garden Junk, but I like crafts too. Learned to paint in the 70's and a couple of the artists books, and methods were by Pricilla Hauser, and Sue Schewee. Ever heard of them-LOL, I didn't know some of the ones you listed on another post. I do have some Donna Dewberry books....I got 8 or 10 for about $3. I will contunue to check in when I have a minute. I am glad this forum is up and beginning to GO!!
My DH and I did woodcraft and 25-30 shows a year for about 15 years. That's a lot of drawing, cutting and sanding, as well as painting!!!! I still miss it sometimes....

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Hi everyone! I've been MIA for a couple of weeks.
My mother was a junk crafter. She had a friend build her a hot wire for cutting out styrophome. We would glue and glitter a lot. Coffee cans became santa boots to hold cookies. She really started my love of crafting. I really miss her. Since the company I had my long term disability went bankrupt money is tight so I've been making crocheted hat, scarf and mitten sets for the kids. Also I've been baking like crazy and can't wait to finish the tins I've been painting to put the baked goodies in. I'll post pics when I'm done.
It's so nice to meet y'all

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Gram and blueiis: WELCOME to the painting forum. The ladies here are so talented (AS ARE BOTH OF YOU). I may not comment on everything but I try to look. Have you checked out the conversation side for newbie sign-ins?

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