my goodness...

luthienNovember 29, 2008

i've only just discovered this place! silly me! all the while i thought conversations was the same as the main forum... now i know there's 3 of them... main forum, gallery and conversations! HA! how silly of me! i was always wondering what luvs meant when she said that i can come for a chat... so this is it :)))))))

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Glad you found us luthien. =D I've not found too many of the forums that have 3 sides like this one does so it can be kind of confusing. Most of the gardenweb forums only have 2. You found the different sides quicker than I did....I started off on the Gardenjunk forum and it took me a LONG time to notice it so we try to tell newbies about it.
We just talk about all kinds of things over here. It's been only Luvs and I for so long that we are kinda used to just talking to each other, but don't let that scare you, just jump on in. ha It's fun to talk and get to know each other a little better. If you like TS shopping like we do....tell us about your finds, if you have kids or g-kids or fur babies, we want to hear all about them. ha Got a gripe?? Go ahead and get it off your chest. ha Exciting stories, boring stories...This is the place. ha Hope you'll come by often...we are here most every morning and sometimes a few times a day. =) ~Anj

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