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anjabeeNovember 4, 2007

Did you paint the inside of your bucket that you painted with the bear for your neighbor? And did you spraypaint it first?? I'm thinking of putting the pattern on page 24 of the Plum Purdy Frosty Friends book on there and don't know if I should base the bucket black or try to find a dark blue spraypaint. I think you did yours in black, didn't you? I guess I should go look at it again. ha ~Anj

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Anj, I used a flat black paint on mine. And yes, I sprayed the inside too. The flat black really made a good surface for my acrylics to cling to. And then I sealed it with the clear gloss, so it still ended up shiney. I'll have to check to see if I have the Frosty Friends book so I can see what pattern you are thinking about. Is your bucket round or oval like the one I did?

You know, I had a hard time throwing away a big metal coffee can today. I know they can be painted up so cute! But I just can't recycle everything! ;o( If I could have thought of something I needed it for, I would have kept it to paint. Guess I could have painted it for a neighbor gift or something. I need to stock up on spray paint again too!

Have fun with your project, your schedule sounds pretty full, don't know how you are going to squeeze in some painting time. Always amazed at all the things you keep up with! ;o)


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Oh, I assumed you had the same book since the bear you painted was in that one. But I know sometimes they are in mags too. I just whittled down a few things in my stash too. Would have made cute stuff, but just didn't really need it when I have other better things to do and you are right, ya can't keep everything! ha
The bucket I have is a 12 quart round one. I keep looking at it trying to visualize the pattern on it and I think it will work. I have a bunch of black spraypaint so may go with it if I have a minute to start on it before I can look at the blues at the store. I'm trying to use up some stuff from my freezer and pantry before I go back to Walmart again. ha Geez the money I spend in that place. I liked the way yours looked with the black.
I just finished up an invitation I had to do for a church party next weekend. It's always something, but it's my own fault cause I can't say no or delegate very well. ha Just keep hoping things will slow down soon. I know the kids have some more days off during Thanksgiving week so hoping I'll get a lot of painting in then.
Don't forget to set your clocks back tonight! Gosh, we have to get up even earlier. Bummer! ~Anj

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Good Morning Anj, Haven't taken time to look for the book yet, but if the bear pattern is in the book, then I must have it. I'll have to look today.

I know what you mean about trying to use up things you have on hand. Things get pushed to the back and easily forgotten. Once in awhile, I find something and surprise myself! Like the other day when I was looking for a spot in the pantry to hide the left over Halloween candy from myself--ran across a graham cracker pie crust! So I made us one of those Jello pudding/Cool Whip pies for dinner! LOL

Same thing with all my T2T collected items. I keep shoving more and more in the shed. So this past week, I have been bringing some of them out and fixing them up. The sign I painted was one, and the little pot holder stand that I put cups & saucers on was another. I've got two big round saw blades my brother gave me, and old fan blade section I picked up at the salvage yard, an old cracked ironing board that my neighbor's cousin gave me and lots of metal trays I've found at the TS that I need to get painted up. Got lots of ideas--just haven't put them into action yet. Oh, and I won't let DH (or neighbors) throw away any wood pieces, so I have quite a stash of boards and such to create something out of too. In fact, it sometimes gets overwhelming just trying to decide what I should work on next! LOL

You have such a big heart, always doing something nice for someone. And you seem to love to share your talents, but I'm surprised you have any energy left to paint! LOL Just don't know how you do it gal--but I admire you for it!

Better get moving, got a dishwasher to empty and dog hair to vacuum up. Will have little GD today so need to get stuff done this morning--don't do anything but play with her the rest of the day! ;o)


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Hey, Anj, I found my Frosty Friends book so I could see what pattern you were looking at. That one would be darling on your bucket! ;o)

There are two or three other ones in that book that I really like. Had sit it aside and sort of forgotten about them until you encouraged me to dig it out. I like the Picket Fence snowman, but don't know what I would do with it. Maybe I can think of a way to use the pattern on something else.

I also like the Jingle chime pattern, and I do have three or four old pipes to a chime in my shed. The pattern doesn't talk about the back of the wood piece. Guess just a solid color on the back would be okay. I could use my shepherd's hook and poke it into a big flower pot--or I might just hang it on my gate. What do you think?

I was at Target the other day, and they had some really cute metal cutout snowmen--for only $5.00! I couldn't paint them for that! I didn't buy one but was tempted.

How did your supply shopping trip go. Did you find the blocks at a reasonable price? How many ladies did you say will be participating? Will your DH help you transport all those blocks?


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Gosh, I am getting my patterns mixed up. The one with the chimes hanging from it was not from this book. This one has Jingle bells not chimes. Duh!

I did have a question on this one. I cut out the wood shape. The pic shows the part that says Jingle time wired on. That means I have to cut that piece off and then wire it back on. If I were going to do that, I think I'd rather leave some space between the two instead of wiring them tight together. What do you think? I'm not sure I will do the grapevine part either, maybe just the wire and some bells.

I found a really cute angel pattern in one of my craft mags too. Got all these books stacked up on my end table now--you just know I will get sidetracked and not get even a third of them done! LOL


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Hey, sorry, I didn't get here much yesterday and the few times I did I kept getting interrupted so don't know if I ever even got to post anything.ha
I'm working at my desk today scanning in pictures for a slideshow for parents 40th anniversary party this Friday. Trying to come up with a unique invitation using a wedding napkin my DM saved.

The Jingle Thyme sign is cute. I think I'd lose the grapevine and do wire with bells twisted onto the wire a few spaces apart so they stay in place across it. If that would work? ha Or a cluster of bells spaced across it. You could do the bottom separate piece either way and it will look cute. You could even wire some bells in between there too if you wanted to. Of course you'd have to play with it cause what looks cute in my head doesn't always work out in reality. ha
It's fun to think about the projects and plan them even if they don't always get done when we want them to. :) You are always 5 steps ahead of me on projects and most of the time you are cutting them out too so I won't complain if only a few get done. ha It's just fun to see them when you do get around to them.
I got the glass block sample made. The lady liked it so I'll be doing the class on Dec 7th. It's gonna cost about $9 to make them. Do you think that's reasonable? Can't believe people sell them for $40. Quite a profit. I'm sure theirs probably have a little more detail than mine will. DH will help me pick the glass blocks up when we get a count of how many people sign up to make them. He is also gonna drill the holes for me. I bought a bowdabra from Michaels to help make the bows. I'll take a pic of mine tonight to show you.
Ok, I gotta get busy again. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Glad your glass block worked out good. That was a good idea getting the bowdabra--that will make it easier for everyone. I'm anxious to see them.

I agree about the grapevine--it just doesn't do anything for me. Like the idea of the jingle bells --might play around with that a bit. I'm just using up some scrap wood we've had laying around. This piece was one of those pressed wood shelves from Home Depot.

You know I have to say the one stroke painting is so much faster. I'm having to put three and sometimes even four coats to get really good coverage on most of this. I always hate the base coating part--it never looks very good until the shading and highliting go on IMHO. I need to chat with Gail about how she combines one stroke with her regular painting--that would be faster I think.

I just took the little GD home, she was really grumpy today so that means I am extra tired tonight. Hope she gets a good nights sleep so she will be better tomorrow. ;o) I'll catch you later.


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