kennebunkerOctober 9, 2006

well, now the shmucks who use forums like this for posting their ads for their oil paintings for sale are e-mailing directly. I just got one from some company in China trying to sell me paintings. I'm pretty sure they found me through this place.

I've reported it as spam to my mail server.

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Sorry to hear that Kennebunker. I don't know if I've had any more from being on here or not--I have a spam blocker on my computer because I once ordered a protein drink online and then got so much spam it was intolerable.

Hey, I recognize that company wanting to sell paintings! They posted on here a couple of times! I replied back to them once--then someone advised me that it was useless. What a pain--they surely know this is a forum and not the type of place to post their ads!


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kenne~ that sucks!! Did we ever find out if there was some way to stop that from the forum end? I hope you can stop them and hope I don't get any. Guess I better go check my mail, huh? ha Thanks for the heads up. ~Anj

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Yesterday I got an email from what is supposedly a group of Chinese business men dealing in raw materials. They say they are looking for someone to represent their company in my province or region....yeah......right......

I seem to get these kind of things in spurts, usually to another of my addresses. Things like; I've won an international million dollar sweepstakes, or a wealthy American businessman died unexpectadly in Bangkok, leaving a huge unclaimed account and the Thai bank is asking me to help them out, thereby getting a hefty fee. Several times a year I get Nigerian scam mailings.

Oh well, (sigh), they've found my other address. And Paypal scams.....geez loueeze....
I've got spam blockers, but they write some of these things in a way that they don't get automatically picked up. I don't get any of the junk a lot of other people get. Except for the weird ones that come once or twice a year to the address I share with DH. They are Asian in origin, I can tell from the wording, or lack thereof. They're for stuff like viagra. They're a mixture of strange fitting sentences or jumbled words, as if someone was trying to translate from one language to another using one of those free online translators. The words and syntax make absolutely no sense at all.

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Good morning! Good that you know all those things are a scam--you'd be surprized how many people fall for them--guess that's why they keep trying!

I hate all the spam that is strange sentences or misspelled words--if your going to spam me, at least make it something I can read! Ha ha (That's the 2nd reason I hate graffiti too--not only does it look ugly, but nobody can even read it!) Just stupid in my opinion.

Hope they give up on you soon--but that is doubtful!

Hey, I wanted to tell you that someone on the GJ forum made a mini cottage with stone walls--thought you might like to see it. It was posted a day or so ago. Take a look when you have time.

See ya later. Luvs

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