Kitchen Symmetry

LauraFayeMay 4, 2014

How important do you think symmetry in a kitchen is? Do you think if you can, the range should be centre behind the island in a U shape kitchen? Does it matter or am I just taking aesthetics too far? I definitely want a range, but would like to have a separate wall oven. If I put in on the same wall as the range, it will push the range out of centre with respect to the island. My other option would be to put it under the counter in the island, which is more pleasing to the eye, but I am wondering if it would be too hot to stand over while prepping food, its a long island though, 10ft, so perhaps I am being too picky.

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I personally think symmetry is very overrated. Balance is important (not putting all the "heavy" stuff on one side, for example, but symmetry - not for me.

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I'm okay with not having symmetry. What bugs me is almost but not quite. In our first kitchen the sink was off center of the window by about two inches. Drove me nuts. We could not afford to replace the cabinets in that kitchen so when we updated everything else (new diy tile counter, new diy flooring, painted the cabinets, diy new lighting, new appliances), the sink stayed off center. Bugged me the whole seven years we lived in that house. Dh, on the other hand, never even noticed. So that kind of thing is very ymmv.

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Oh crl, that would have drove me bonkers!!! I think for me symmetry is something I need, whether it's important t to others. The idea of my range not being perfectly framed by the island, and especially the pendent lighting makes me itch with anxiety :P I think it's probably safe to say putting the oven in the island makes the most sense for me.

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Sophie Wheeler

Symmetry like you are describing is only visible from a SINGLE vantage point in your home. If you move from that vantage point, you lose the ''frame''. From every other location in your home, no one will be able to appreciate that perfect symmetry that you worked so hard to create. However, every person who WORKS in your kitchen will apprecite a functional layout that allows multiple people to not crash into each other. Not saying you can't have both, but if a conflict arises, function should win out over form.

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Yes, that is true Holly and certainly something to consider. I'm not sure the oven in the island will interrupt function though, it's just the heat consideration.

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Balance. Gotta have balance.

OTOH, when laying out my cabinets along my long wall, I had to make it symmetrical. Here's what I mean. These are the widths of my cabinets to demonstrate: 36" 15" 30+30" (matching refurbished/refinished cabinets) 15" and another 36". The base row runs in a similar, even fashion.

I'm with you guys about something being off a couple of inches. My ex-DH used to announce I had the truest sense of plumb and level he'd ever met in 30 years of building. I can see something down to an 1/8" evidently. So a couple of inches might as well be a MILE.

If it's something as Hillysprings describes, sure move a little. But generally I sit in the same place, or stand in the same place when I actually cook. I'll see it. Arrrrrghhhh!

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If you're going to put the oven under the counter, why not just get a free standing oven? The only reason I know of to have a separate oven/range is so you can mount the oven up on the wall and not have to bend over to pull out the turkey.

I like symmetry where it's possible. But I'd rather have a functional kitchen.

In your kitchen, if you want a wall oven, I'd put it where you've got your fridge, and I'd move the fridge to the range wall, right next to the entrance to the pantry. I'd then move the range down closer to the sink. Not symmetrical, but balanced. (And I'm suggesting moving it because you won't spend as much time in front of, or visit the ovens as much as you'll visit the fridge, so bring the fridge closer to the rest of the kitchen. Not because it helps your balance/symmetry issue.)

But personally, I'm not having a wall oven. I love my current double freestanding range/oven combo. The little oven on top gets the most use because it holds a full cookie sheet, up to a casserole dish, and it heats up almost instantly. I looked for a wall mounted version, and it doesn't exist. So I'm keeping my dual oven range.

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Balance over symmetry

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Amber, I was so confused for a second how this person knew so much about my design! :P this would be a third oven that I am debating over. We will have a range, but we are thinking about a Lacanche, and of course they have small European ovens. Because of the small ovens we are debating a third oven, or perhaps just planning cabinetry to possibly accommodate one down the road if we deem it valuable.

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