Get Well Wishes for Anj and DH

phonegirlOctober 25, 2010

Good Evening,

Sending prayers for a Speedy Recovery to Anj and DH this evening. We all miss you and would love to know if you are any better now.

Luvs, all of your Halloween decorations are wonderful. I hope you will post them over here so all can enjoy.

Hope all will have time to come here and let us know what's happening in your lives.

Oh, we won't be able to move into our new office this weekend. They are having a little issue getting our new front door and windows. I'm hoping our delay will help me catch up on the packing.LOL


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My goodness! My sincere get well to Anj and DH!
Friend is wanting to attend another craft show - guess I will go to it also. This will be much better, it just one day and not too far. I took her to lunch and we started talking about renting a location so we could have a craft show here. We are gathering emails from other vendors to invite. Friday she called and asked if I wanted to go to a nearby larger town to Hobby Lobby, I immediately agreed and had a good time.

Punk, is this office for your painting - or something else?

We got rain! We had been dry for 2 mos. TTYL

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Hi all, great idea to post get well wishes for Anj, Punk. You are very thoughtfull. I sure hope they are both doing okay and not in pain.

I think most of my painted Halloween decor was posted on here last year. Only new things this year other than the witch are the things I made with the Cricut. Thank you for the nice compliments though, and I hope anyone interested will go over to the holidays forum and see the tables and decorations everyone has posted there.

I'm working on a witch trio, just have them partially basecoated so far. I'd better get busy or won't have them done in time!

Calirose, sure hope you have good success and lots of fun at the craft show. I'm really curious to know if anyone is selling wood blocks with the lettering. They are so popular on allot of the blogs, so I'd think they are at the craft shows too.



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Hi All,

Luvs, I think it would be fun for all the lurkers to see your wonderful decorations. Maybe they will come and join us here.LOL

A trio of witches sounds pretty cute and I hope you get them done so we can enjoy.

Cali, I too would like to wish you well on your craft shows and I hope you sell lots and tell us what's selling this year. I also hope to make it to a few this year. If you can find a shop with low rent it would be a fun thing to try. It's hard to start a business but I love working for myself.

The new office is for one of the two businesses we own that sell cell phone service and satellite service. I don't paint enough to sell. When I do take a few things in for decorations I generally have the opportunity to sell a few but haven't encouraged that.

We are getting rain here and this morning had SNOW falling! We haven't put our snow tires on yet but will get that done this week in case we get more.

I painted a few Christmas ornaments but this is all I've painted lately.


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Punk, darling little ornaments. I really like the texture on the star santa. Is that an ammunition shell casing that you turned into a santa? I like how you used the jingle bells on the wires too. You need to post these over on Gallery or Discussions so more will see them!


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Punk, You certainly paint well enough, and perhaps when you get the office put together you will have time to paint enough items. And you certainly have the business acumen if you are putting together an office for not 1 but 2 businesses! The ornies are just adorable. I too like the additon of bells on the wires. I wouldn't have thought to paint an ammunition shell!

When I was a child of long ago, I used to draw stars and turn them into cowboys. Of course drawing them I could add lots of fringe.

Luvs, I haven't seen the wooden blocks with letters. All I can picture is children's building blocks! My craft show friend takes wooden letters and adheres them to her painted canvas board to personalize them for children's rooms. Wish I had a picture to show, but she either sells them or gives them away too quickly. Nothing fancy, just cute.

Thank you both for the encouraging words. I don't anticipate putting in a business here. The town is too small and not supporting of crafts or art. The "ones" who have money to spend think nothing is good enough in our town and prefer to shop in Memphis or St Louis. Besides I am too old and achy!!LOL

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Calirose, these are the types of blocks I meant:

Also, I would think the Subway art would be showing up. I haven't made any yet, but it's where they put words in different fonts all over a board or canvas. Some letters go across, some up and down. It's really neat and there's lots of it on the craft blogs now.

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Luvs, I had to google subway art to be sure you weren't talking about underground graffiti! I've been in one of those subways in NY and in GA. Don't want to go again esp in NY. GA wasn't bad.

I have only seen the blocks like you show in posts. Haven't seen any at a fair; although I haven't been to many in quite a while. The October 3 day fair was the first time in several years. I quit going to shop for a couple of reasons but mainly because it was the same-o same-o stuff. I didn't try to sell then. (Most of my art was either gifts or commission)

The subway art is pretty neat. I saw one a jellybean junkyard with the halloween scattered words.

Here is a link that might be useful: jellybean junkyard

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Yes, that is the subway art I was referring too. Several of the blog gals have been making them this year. Some blogs even have free downloads so you can print your own, but those are only for personal use.

I've enjoyed doing the blocks and "stackers". Not expensive and they let me play with lots of pretty scrapbook papers too.

Well, Anj still hasn't checked back in with us. Sure hope she is doing okay and not in pain.

I've almost finished my last Halloween project for this year so need to get it finished and share it here since tomorrow is the big day!

There were so many more fun things I wanted to get made but I just don't work fast enough anymore. Might go ahead and work on a couple more, but most likely will move on to Fall and Thanksgiving things.

Where is Belle? Just realized she hasn't chimed in here in several days either! And Painting Fool and Krafty lady must be busy getting projects completed for Christmas sales. Hope everyone gets a chance to stop by soon.


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Hey y'all. Thank you so much for the well wishes! We have been having some issues so forgive me for not getting here. The dr gave us some meds that have kept me pretty much knocked out. I can't remember what I told y'all already so if I repeat myself...sorry! We spent the day of the accident in the hospital. They did xrays and ct scans on both of us. They showed swollen vertebrae in my neck. DH may have torn something in his shoulder. Did a follow up at our regular dr on Wed I think. He said I had a displaced vertebra from my muscles spasming. Gave me muscle relaxers to try to loosen those up. Said I may need to go to physical therapy for shock treatments if they don't get better. Then will need to see a chiropractor to put the vertebra back into place. Still wait and see on DH's shoulder. We've both had a good bit of pain and headaches since it happened. They ended up totaling our van so we are without a vehicle. Y'all know how much running I have to do with these kids so getting them where they need to be has been a challenge. The insurance didn't give us enough money to replace our van so we'll most likely have a payment again if we can find one we like. It's a big mess. Hoping a few more weeks will set us back to rights, but I've had a lot of people tell me it takes a long time to recover.
The only painting I've done is for the church Halloween party which was last night. One of the ladies asked me to draw up a witch for pin the nose on the witch. I had a big roll of white paper so I used some to draw her out on that without the nose and painted her. She looked pretty good. Then drew out and painted 50 noses. They thought she was awesome! I wanted to paint today, but I have to clean off my desk. I need to run to the grocery in a bit while my mom can loan me her car and then maybe I can get started when I get back. Tonight is trick r treat here. Hopefully DH will feel like taking them so I can stay home. I'm not feeling it. Couldn't find all my decorations so I didn't decorate much this year. It snowed 2 days here last week. I guess that's all I have to report. Sounds like you all are keeping busy. Talk to you all again soon. ~Anj

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Anj, great to hear from you but sorry your both still in alot of pain. Hope things start getting better fast for you. I can't imagine you not having wheels with all your activities your kids are involed in. I'm sure looking for a new van isn't something you care to do at the moment. Thank Heavens for MOM and her generosity.

Cali, those two sign were so cute and I'm sure Luvs will be making some like that soon.

Luvs, hope to come here and see your new Halloween project very soon. I'm so excited and loved seeing PF's Santa tonight.

Take Care DF's and I'll return soon.


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Hello All! sorry about your mishap but glad that you and hubby are on the mend. By the way, did you chest change color? Seat belt "blues" are famous around here.

Luvs....your Halloween project are great! Did you make the spider? He is really cute!

Punk...your ornies are super, especially the one made from a shotgun clever.

Sorry I have been away so long. It seems I picked up a respiratory virus from the shelter where we found our new puppy Sam. Long story made short, I am really familiar with our local hospital and just now starting to get my strength back. Seems it hit me harder than normal because of my RA meds. Nice thing....I lost 15 lbs! Bad thing....I'm not allowed visitors nor can I go anywhere for at least two weeks. Oh!Well! At least I am now home!!!!!

Don't know if anyone has heard this or not, Q & E and Painting Magazine, both Amos Publishers, are going to be combined with other crafts into one magazine. The publisher is changing all subscription over to the new mag., for the remainder of your subscription. As I do Painting Mag., online, I have written to them asking if it would continue the archives portion of their website, sure hope so, if not I will be downloading a lot of projects.

OK! So now it is off for yet another nap.


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Oh no! Hugs to Anj, DH, and Belle. I hope all of you are feeling much better soon, and that things get back on track for you. Poor babies!

Still busy here. Working like mad to get all of the projects done by Thanksgiving, and a bunch of shifts opened up at work and I couldn't say no ($$$$), so I'm officially a mad woman!

I hope to have pics of the finished dining room by next week, and I want to take some pics of my trial run of the Thanksgiving tables.

Otherwise, all is well. I picked up a bunch of clearance plants today, so I'll be doing some planting sometime soon. It's finally cooling off enough to feel like fall here, and there's a rumor we might get some rain this week.

Take care everyone! I'll pop in when I can!

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So good to hear from all of you. Belle, that is terrible! I've never heard of such a thing. So sorry you have had such a rough time--at least you have that sweet new baby to keep you company while you are isolated! Get well soon, okay?

Punk, I saw your new trays on the discussion side--they are both wonderful. ;o)

Anj, I'm so sorry about the van. Isn't that the way it goes, we pay and pay for insurance and then when we need it, it's not enough. Sure hope your vertebrae heals okay and won't give you problems. You already have problems with your back don't you? And now this? ;o(

Franksmom, you should come over to Holidays and share your tables. Punk and I both hang out over there too. Lots of nice ladies and good ideas being shared. I know how it is when you are offered more hours and more money--hard to refuse, especially with Christmas coming soon!

I'm putting away Halloween decs and heading off to vote today. Get to go to a craft show tomorrow with a friend from the other forum, so looking forward to that too. Hope to start on a Fall painting project soon.

Take care all,


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Good Evening Everyone,

Belle, no wonder you haven't been able to play here alot lately. It's not good to frequent hospitals that much. This getting older is not what we thought it would be huh?

Keep us posted on the magazine and how you like it. I don't subscribe to any right now but if I ever find more time in my life I might try it again.

FM, sounds like you best be careful or you might end up with more money than time! What kind of plants did you buy? I didn't buy any this summer and that's a sign of to much work and not enough play time here also.

Luvs, hope you found some wonderful ideas at the craft show. Who did you go shopping with, OA? I love it that some of you can get together and spend the day shopping.

I voted and now will wait for results from the winners.haha

DH has a meeting tonight so I should try to get some extra cleaning done. I'll talk to you all later.

Anj, Get Well Wishes are still heading your way!

Take Care My DF.


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Well, there is an up side to having to take it easy and not having a vehicle....I finished two painting projects! Woot! One late Halloween and one Christmas. I will post them this morning some time after I get the kids off to school. I am starting another project right away since I am on a roll and still not up to my usual self.
Belle~ very sorry to hear you have been under the weather. I need to get here more often to check on my girls. Luvs~ Tell us all about your craft show day! Did you find anything different? Punk and FM....hope it doesn't take a sickness or injury to slow you two down! When you can it seems like you must get lots done. I am feeling a little antsy with things that I need to get done, but it will still be there when I can do them.
I have had bad headaches every day since the wreck. Finally got my muscles in my neck loosened up. Need to make an appt with my chiropractor when I can borrow my mom's car to get there. Fun times! ha Oh well. DH working long hours so we haven't been able to look for another van yet. May be a long process since he only has Sundays off.
Well, time to take the kids to school. Y'all have a great day and I'll get those pics posted today! ~Anj

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Thank You All for the kind thoughts! You are greatly appreciated! can have LOTS of our rain! We have had to drain the pond twice so far this year, but it has remained very fish haven't even hibernated. Don't usually see them after mid Oct and now the silly creatures are spawning yet again.

FM...when you are done there, please come out or up or over and help me decide on what decor I really want!

Anj....there are two kinds of pain that makes you hurt all over, one is your feet and the other your head. Hope you headaches have found someone else to make miserable! As to your van, I figure it this way, when the time is right and the Lord is willing, you will find your van.

Sounds like everyone else is busy. did your elections go? Mine turned out really good with a few exceptions, but that's what keeps us going back to vote next time. Luvs... you really have been busy!

Love all of the new projects posted on the other side, seems we are all keeping the brushes busy. For me, it is having to be inside and no yard work, well almost none.

I have enclosed a picture of Yosemite Sam, in the picture he is watching the cat play with one of HIS new toys. Sam is now at 20 lbs and I hope has stopped gaining weight, but could grow just a little more. He sounds like a moose or elephant running through house chasing the kitten. Our DGS is trying his best not to like Sam, he knows that it will not be long before we have to let Hunter go, Hunter is 12 years old and is having hip problems. Anyway, this morning I found Sam sleeping with DGS, both all curled up together.

Well, better run along, DH has cut out 3 pilgrim sets and turkey, my annual gift at Thanksgiving to my family. It seems to get harder each year to find pilgrims. Oh! Well! At least I have something more to complain about!

Ya' All Take Care!


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Hi Evryone,

Belle, Yosemite Sam is precious and looks so content in his little bed. I'm sure DGD loves him but it's hard to let go of any pet. Hope the Lord helps you with that when the time is right.

So wondeful to see all the new projects. I hope all of you continue to have painting time. Sure makes it fun to come here and see something new posted. Take care and I will be back later.


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I had a nice long post written, somehow hit a wrong key and lost the whole thing! So frustrating!

I'll just summarize by saying it's great to hear from so many of you and I'm loving all the new projects posted.

Belle, your new little friend is precious! Anj, sorry you are still having headaches and pain, but it's nice that you are having time to do some painting again. Punk, are you in your new store yet? Lots of work just to get in huh? Franksmom, I saw an ad for some paint by numbers and thought of you. They sure looked very detailed. Bebe, are you still having warm weather? Know you hate the cold! Hope Etsy and your space are both doing well.

Only thing new at craft show was some cavas with a string of battery powered lights poked through a Christmas scene. Saw more blocks with words painted on and large clear glitter over the top, then a little cutout sitting on top. Some like "Harvest" could have a pumpkin, pilgrim, or cornstalk sitting on top. They had them with all kinds of words for all seasons. Still lots of jewelry, aprons and pillows, food items, ceramics, and painted signs. All very nice, but nothing really new and exciting!

Well, I need to get off of here and get busy. Hope you all have a wonderful day.


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