Can we discuss closet ideas?

sochiJuly 24, 2012

I have a 12'3" reach in closet (and another 5' reach in) that is (are) in need of closet doors. The logical solution is sliding doors, because about 32" from the front of the door is the king size bed. Problem is, I'm not crazy about sliding closet doors. I really want swing doors, but I assume that would be a really bad idea with only 32" clearance.

This is what I want, my inspiration image from Presotto:

This is a similar sliding closet door, that is nice, but I don't like it nearly as much as my inspiration picture above:

For what it is worth, here is my closet. Forgive the mess of clothing, we are still in transition. We do plan on getting a new, smaller bed over the coming months. If we scale down to a Queen, I would probably have enough room for the swing doors and a bed side table.

Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions? WWYD with this space?

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Your option one is a great way to have the closets. How we do it in Sweden. I'm planning on doing something similar in my daughters room to get more storage space - although I want to go vintage swedish style with mine and not modern.

The door in general is no wider than 2ft max so if you have a little more than 2ft between the bed and closet you should be ok as you will be closing the door when you got out what you needed and having the bed close is nice to have a spot to put it down when getting multiple items.

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In your inspiration picture, the wardrobes are pre-made, so you could buy a system like that and install it into your existing closet niche. The doors on that system look pretty narrow and would probably work in your room. You might have to do some construction to make it look like a built-in.

If you wanted to build a closet rather than using a series of pre-made wardrobes, you could use 24" wide doors rather than 30" wide doors to make the door swing work with your space. I don't know much about construction, but I think you would need to build a wall between each set of doors so that you have a place to put the casing to hang the doors. You would lose a few inches of closet space for each set of doors.

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Thanks lyfia - I'm all for doing it like a Swede! Only problem with the swing doors is that they don't leave much room for a bed side table on my husband's side of the bed (assuming we stay with a king size bed). But I might be able to figure something out. I'd love to see your daughter's closets when you're done.

Fun2BHere - I think I will have to build at least one wall, just to right of the 'gentleman's dresser' you see at the far left of the photo. But rather than building multiple walls I'm wondering if I could use pivot door hardware and 24" custom doors. Something like this hardware wise:

Modern Hall design by San Francisco Architect John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

Traditional Kitchen design by San Francisco Architect Gast Architects

I have several inches to play with at the top and on the floor at the front of the closet, so I think the pivot hinge might work. As you can see from the picture above, the closet is framed above by a bulkhead above. It is just over 7 inches wide and it would function as the header for the doors - not sure about the terminology, but hopefully you understand what I mean.

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I'll be interested to see how it all works out. Did you post over on the remodeling board? I think the posters over there have a lot of construction know-how and might be able to give you good tips on the best way to accomplish your project.

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sochi, the closets you have in your first pic are like large cabinets placed next to each other. I would think you could add framing on top and below and use the pivot to get a similar look with the doors without doing the boxes inside the closet. You'd just have a rail along the top/bottom.

You could go narrower in the door width so you could clear the night stand too. Just realize the narrower the door the smaller space you have to reach in and may need to open more doors to get to the items.

Did you want the glossy type look on the doors or something else?

I wish I had the time to do my daughters closets. Things would be so much more organized, but work and time with family is much higher on the list.

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Lyfia, I think you are right re: the rail. It should be do-able. I was thinking about doing 18" doors, but 6 24" doors (so three sets of doors) makes more sense and it works better with the interior lay out of the closet. The only problem is the bed side table on my husband's side (unless we go down to a Queen size bed). Perhaps for that last door I could have a bi-fold (2 12-inch doors instead of the one 24")? That might work.

I don't think I will do as glossy as pictured, I haven't even really decided on colours. But the handles will be inset as in my inspiration picture, probably with mahogany or fruitwood, to match the wood in the small dresser.

I know what you mean about time. I just started a 14 month leave off work so I can spend more time with family, concentrate on eating well and finishing up projects around the house. I'm fortunate to be able to take the time.

Thanks again for your help.

Anyone out there think I'm nuts to consider swing doors? Other thoughts?

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No, swing doors are much nicer, because you can see everything at the same time, instead of having to cover half to see half. You also need a full door thickness track plus a little for every place you want the doors to overlap. And you can only have half the space available at once, unless you want three tracks, which looks really bulky and gets confusing unless your doors are very very thin.

You also can't use the reverse of sliding doors for anything like hanging belts and scarves and ties, which you can do with pivoting doors.

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We added a wall of reach in closets to a family room to make new master and love it. We have 3 sets of 24 " double doors. Iwanted single panel shaker doors, but GC could not seem to find them, so I settled for 2 paneled, amd will have them made whenI recover from this remodel!


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Good to hear Bronwynsmom, and I totally agree with you about sliding doors. They solve the bedside table issue, but little else.

Springroz, that sounds great! Our closets must be the same size. Are you using pivot doors, or regular type doors?

You've given me the confidence I needed to go with swing doors, thanks everyone. Now I have to decide on colour! I will probably start another thread on that.

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Hi Sochi - i work full-time (scientist) and I am just curious if you dont mind, what line of work are you in that you can take 14 months off and be guaranteed your job back? Are you in the U.S.?

PS - always love seeing photos of your unique and lovely home! (sorry I have no great closet ideas :-)

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Hi Jenny, no I'm not in the States, I'm in Canada. I just had some surgery a couple of weeks back, so the first two months of the 14 months is a combo of paid sick leave and vacation. Then I have one year without pay. I can take up to five years without pay to care for my children. I work in a Quasi - judicial tribunal, arms length from the federal gov't, but I'm still a public servant. I'm very fortunate to be able to do this.

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Wow, I JUST reported a new spam post on this thread and within 5 min it was gone! The spam is the reason this old thread was resurrected.

Thank you GW!

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