I am tired!

luvstocraftOctober 11, 2006

Had little GD since 9 o'clock this morning. Lots of fun and so cute hearing all her little comments--she is talking up a storm now. But I am dragging. Don't know how Anj does it with four younguns! My hat is off to you! LOL

DS took DIL horseback riding up in the mountains for her birthday, so GD played with Gramma all day. Then we did cake & candles and presents when they got home. Boy, did that chocolate cake and icing kick in with little one--she got so hyper! She doesn't get sweets very often, only for special occasions.

Thought I would check the forums, then think I will haul myself off to bed--workday tomorrow.

Hope you all had a good day. Talk to you later.


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Luvs, hope you get some good rest tonight. I've heard those grandkids can wear ya down cause after your kids are grown you get used to not having kids around all the time. Then when you have the grandkids it's mental as well as physical tired because you really don't want anything to happen to them while you are responsible for them. At least that's what my MIL (who had 9 kids btw) says. ha Now she's my hero. ha Sleep tight and have a good work day tomorrow. ~Anj

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Feeling much better now, even slept in a bit this morning. Get my cuppa coffee in me and I'll be good to go! LOL

I think you're right--want to keep them safe while letting them have fun. DS says it's like Gramma's "Disneyland" here because she gets to do pretty much what she wants as long as it won't hurt her. That means Gramma is on her feet following along everywhere she goes inside and out! And Gramma is not as young as she once was! LOL

She is such a sweetie, and being an only child wants an adult to play with her too! I really get a kick out of her talking now--just never know what she will come up with! LOL We had "pretend" tea parties on the patio. She would pour water into our cups till it was overflowing! Best part was when she asked it I wanted "more sughaar"--very drawn out sounding! LOL

Also gives me a refreshed insight into young Moms like you who are busy raising their families. Time and energy are required day in and day out! Don't know how you keep up with it all! God Bless all Moms.


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Luvs~ glad you are feeling better. It is exhausting some days taking care of kids, but it's a worthy cause so you just keep plugging along no matter how tired you are. I'm just thankful to be able to be home with them. It's been a good experience for me. ~Anj

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Isn't it the truth? My DIL quit her job too when the baby was born so she could be home with GD--I told her that my biggest regrets are having had to miss so many things my son did and said while I was at work! I know it can be a sacrifice of material things, but you can always get those later--but the little ones won't be little very long! Glad you are able to be there with your four too. Luvs

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